Why Is The World of Medicine Not Measuring Total Estrogen

Posted on October 3rd, 2014

Elevated estrogen has been a concern of the medical profession for many years.

Elevated estrogen has been incriminated in casing inflammatory diseases like allergies, autoimmunity and tumor growth in both humans and animals.

Please consider all the inflammatory diseases that affect animals and humans, and please realize, these diseases extend far beyond the pet, and can affect the pet owners and humans that do not have pets.

At this point in time, estrogen tests include ovarian estrogens in female humans, which are only estradiol, estrone and estriole. There seems to be no recognition that adrenal estrogen is even produced.

Currently, for human males and canines, felines and equines, the request for estrogen includes only estradiol.

So far, the world seems to have not recognized the fact that an abnormal relationship between the middle layer adrenal cortex and its necessary production of cortisol, with the hypothalamus and the pituitary, can lead to the production of excessive amounts of adrenal estrogen, from the outer layer of the adrenal cortex, referred to as the zona reticularis.

It seems of interest, that the medical profession realizes that the male hormone called androgen, can cause problems in a female, which is also produced in the outer layer adrenal cortex, but the medical professions seems not to recognize the fact, that this is also where the excess adrenal estrogen is produced.

As a patient, for you or your pet, please realize total estrogen can deregulate your immune system, and when this happens, the elevated, total estrogen will deregulate the B lymphocyte, which will not protect you and your pet, and will not produce proper amounts of antibody.

When this happens, you and your pet will not be protected from bacteria, food sensitivities, vaccine reactions, and insect sensitivities. The elevated total estrogen will cause the B lymphocyte to reduce its production of protective antibodies, referred to as immunoglobulins.

When the T lymphocyte is deregulated by the elevated total estrogen, the patient will suffer from viral diseases and many mold and fungal diseases, like candida.

The elevated total estrogen will also cause the immune system and their cells to lose recognition of self-tissue and begin to cause autoimmunity.

Total estrogen also binds the receptor sites for T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxin). This will lead to a metabolic hypothyroidism unless recognized by doing a total estrogen test. For more information on this subject, please see the article titled Metabolic Hypothyroidism.

In humans, the same estrogenic thyroid, receptor binding, can also occur, but often when the total estrogen is elevated, it causes the production of a Reverse T3, and if the human patient is placed on a T4 supplement like Synthroid, the total estrogen will turn that T4 supplement into more Reverse T3 and worsen the condition for the hypothyroid patient.

The veterinary and human medical professions are all looking mainly at treating the effects of disease and not their cause.

The medical professions worry about the various diseases that are occurring because of elevated estrogen and inflammation, which may be the cause of ALS, Alzheimer’s syndrome, idiopathic epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and uncontrolled tumor growth (cancer), however total estrogen is not being measured!

For more information on total estrogen and its undiagnosed effects, please see the following articles:

Under GET HELP, please see the Animal Protocol and Human Protocol, to properly diagnose why your total estrogen is elevated and how to correct it.

As a human or a pet owner, please never accept a diagnosis for any chronic disease, without first requesting your DVM or MD, to measure your total estrogen. Most human laboratories can do a total estrogen and there is one veterinary laboratory that is listed under GET HELP, on this website that can also do a total estrogen test.

Yes, our world and environment are changing, as are humans and animals.

These changes, whether due to stress, environmental toxins, poor nutrition or present day nutrition that comes from genetically modified food crops, vaccines, anesthesia, radiation etc., all can damage the middle layer adrenal cortex and its production of normal, daily amounts of regulatory adrenal cortisol, causing an increased production of deficient or defective adrenal estrogen. This can lead to excessive amounts of total estrogen that will cause lethal effects for you and your pet if not measured and corrected.

If nothing more, even on a normal health exam, please ask your veterinarian or MD to test your total estrogen, and if they won’t, it may be time to find someone else that will do the test.

These are only my thoughts as a frustrated healer, trying to make a difference for my patients and their owners.


Dr. AL Plechner