What the World Needs to Know About Cancer

Posted on August 14th, 2014

Cancer, or uncontrolled tissue growth, comes from an endocrine immune imbalance that starts with elevated total estrogen.

The medical profession is concerned about and realizes that when an estrogen substance is introduced to normal tissue, the normal tissue will begin to increase in size and grow. However the medical profession is not measuring total estrogen.

In human females, only the three ovarian estrogens are measured. Adrenal estrogen is never included, which in combination with ovarian estrogen, will cause uncontrolled tissue growth, referred to as cancer.

Since only the three ovarian estrogens are usually measured in human females, when their ovaries reach a state of menopause, many times, one of the ovarian estrogens, referred to estradiol, may become deficient. Often an estrogen patch is prescribed.

This may all be good and fine but if the human female that is prescribed the estrogen patch already has elevated adrenal estrogen, this estrogen replacement, will increase the amount of total estrogen and may cause uncontrolled tissue growth, referred to as cancer.

Let’s think about male estrogen that is only partially measured as estradiol. What about total estrogen? This seems to be something that is not recognized and has never been considered before.

I have been professionally asked to view the blood test results of men that had normal estradiol levels, yet had prostate cancer. Once the adrenal estrogen was included in their estradiol measurement, the total estrogen was elevated, causing the uncontrolled tissue growth in their prostates.

As a practicing, clinical veterinarian, I have been involved with several thousand animal cancer patients that all had elevated total estrogen.

As a human patient with allergies, autoimmunity and cancer, wouldn’t you like to know what your total estrogen levels really are?

This is a very simple test that can be included along with any blood test that your physician does for a physical exam or for other reasons.

The next question you may ask yourself is why is my total estrogen elevated?

The elevated estrogen is produced by the inner layer adrenal cortex when the middle layer adrenal cortex production of cortisol is either deficient, bound or defective.

Cortisol is produced by the middle layer adrenal cortex and works in a negative feedback mechanism with the pituitary gland, in a relationship referred to as a negative feedback.

What does this mean? It means when the cortisol is produced, it fulfills its presence by regulating the immune system and its other functions, and then is broken down by the liver and excreted by the kidneys.

Note: Humans and animals normally produce 30 to 35 units of natural cortisol every day, if they are to remain normal and disease free.

When the pituitary gland realizes the cortisol production has decreased, it produces its own hormone, referred to as ACTH, which causes the middle layer adrenal cortex to produce more cortisol. If the middle layer adrenal cortex is suppressed or damaged, its production of cortisol is reduced and cannot properly fund the negative feedback mechanism to the pituitary gland.

What can cause this suppression or damage to occur to the middle layer adrenal cortex production of cortisol?

Hopefully you are familiar with adrenal exhaustion, which can be caused by stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, vaccines, anesthetics, toxins, chemicals, genetics, radiation and many more environmental insults. Adrenal exhaustion only refers to a suppression of the ability of the middle layer adrenal cortex to produce proper amounts of cortisol.

Note: The other adrenal cortical layers usually function in a normal manner.

Please realize, cortisol production may be normal but it may also occur in an altered state that may not be recognized by the pituitary gland and cannot fund the negative feedback mechanism to the pituitary.

Something to also realize is that the most sensitive organ for regulation of systemic functions in the body seems to originate from the middle layer adrenal cortex and its production of cortisol. Many, many studies and measurements have been performed on identifying levels of cortisol. Unfortunately, no matter how sophisticated their studies are, whether with serum, salivary tests or 24 hour urine sample, even if a normal amount of cortisol is present, without comparing the cortisol to its function, there is no way of determining if that cortisol is active or bound without measuring what that cortisol is controlling!

When this condition has been created, what really does happen to cause cancer?

When the cortisol production is deficient or damaged, the negative feedback mechanism to the pituitary cannot be funded correctly. When this happens, the pituitary gland keeps producing its hormone, ACTH, and since there is no cortisol funding or recognition of this cortisol, the inner layer adrenal cortex will respond by creating excessive amounts of adrenal estrogen which is not included in most estrogen survey tests!

I really do not think the various veterinary and human medical professions really realize the damage that the excess total estrogen can really do.

When total estrogen is produced in excess, it will deregulate the immune system so that the lymphocytes in the immune system will not provide normal protection and the lymphocytes will lose recognition of self-tissue and cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

When the immune system is deregulated, the B lymphocyte will not protect the patient against bacteria and will not provide antibody production, and when given vaccines, because of the elevated total estrogen and deregulation, will cause the B lymphocyte to produce less protective antibodies and the patient will not be protected even though the patient received proper vaccinations.

When the B lymphocyte production of the mucous membrane antibody, referred to as IgA, is deficient, this causes food allergies, insect sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and many more unpleasant autoimmune diseases that frequent the gastrointestinal system.

When the T lymphocyte is deregulated, there will be less or no protection from viruses, fungi, and molds, including candida.

The total estrogen can bind the T3 and T4 thyroid receptor sites and even though the T3 and T4 levels may measure normal, they cannot be used by the body which can create a type of metabolic hypothyroidism. This is another example of a hormone being measured in the normal range that cannot be used by the body. For more information on this please read Metabolic Hypothyroidism in Humans and Animals.

The elevated total estrogen can also cause the creation of a hormone called a reverse T3. If both T3 and T4 are deficient, taking a T4 supplement with an elevated reverse T3 will turn the T4 supplement into more reverse T3 and cause the state of hypothyroidism to continue or even become worse.

Please be aware, even though a hormone level appears to be normal on any type of test, it is no indication that the body can use it!

It also is not recognized yet, that the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

I personally believe that medical specialization has given the various academies an ability to “know the tree” but not “know the forest”. Medicine must be “Wholistic”!

What then is the necessary testing that should be done with allergy, autoimmune and cancer patients?

Immediately an endocrine immune blood test should be done to identify this cortisol, estrogen imbalance and get the imbalance corrected immediately before beginning radiation, chemotherapy and excision.

Once all the various cancer treatments have been completed, it will be necessary to retest the patient’s endocrine imbalance to make sure the cancer therapy has not damaged the hormone regulation of the immune system.

NOTE: I am definitely not saying you should not do the radiation, chemotherapy and excision, but what I am saying is it would be better to correct the hormone imbalance first that caused the cancer and then treat the effects.

For more information on the test that indicates elevated estrogen and the imbalance that occurs with the endocrine regulation of the immune system, please read the Human Protocol.

Hopefully this article may create a better understanding and treatment of cancer patients, by first correcting the cause and then treating the effects.


Dr. A. J. Plechner