By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Marching and benefits are certainly necessary to fund those researchers that are still looking at treating the effects of cancer including the pharmaceutical companies that are also looking for a pill to do the same.

Realistically, neither are looking for the cause.

Yes, there is an answer, and there is something easily measured, to not only identify the cause of the cancer but to also prevent the cause of cancer, but because this cause has never been identified before or ever taught in a professional medical or veterinary facilities, does not mean that the cause still does not exist.

The time has come to realize that there are answers and ways to better treat allergies, autoimmunity and cancer by going to their cause and not merely treating their effects.

Unfortunately this is where modern day medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have decided to go and this is why people are flooding the internet because they cannot pay or trust the heath care professionals whether for themselves or for their animal.

Why hasn’t the cause been considered before?

Treating their effects will be important, but treating their cause is much more important.

I have been hesitant to show this better way only because I have been so battered so badly by my peers over the years as a veterinarian, but realize that what I have found not only related to animals but also to their owners.

My studies have included over 200,000 patients worldwide for people and animals.

I would hope at some time my profession would listen, but seems not to be the case.

But please realize, I have only done clinical studies financed by myself to help my patients, which has worked very well for 50 years.

I have never had a grant, but I do have live patients as opposed to statistics.

Please realize when you have spent your entire life trying to make a difference and share your findings with your peers, and only have them criticize you when you are only trying to share and help them learn, it sometimes becomes a difficult lesson to learn.

My first article I excitedly published in a magazine called Modern Veterinary Practice.

At that time, it was OK for an average veterinary practitioner to write an article on his clinical experiences.

Trust me that chance no longer exists.

I unfortunately was horrified when the Allergy Academy reviewed my article which still stands today as correct.

Their Critics Corner Anonymous compared me to a 9th grader and a science fiction writer and said I represented contamination from the astronauts as they came back from the moon.

This is how the academia judged me!

All I was trying to do was share with my profession what I had found and only thought there were people out there that would enhance what I had found, based upon the fact that they were much better educated then I was.

Good luck! After 46 years of trying to make a difference, do you really think my profession cares?

This was November 6, 1976 and my profession has hated me ever since.

I still wonder what they are about and their egos as opposed to being there for their patient?

I can only look at them as ignorance with an attitude.

I created the first vegetarian commercial food in the world and went on to create lamb and rice.

With Nature’s Recipe, I created Limited Antigen diets, like duck and potato, fish and potato and so on.

The pet food industry followed only because if they did not, it would have hit them in the pocket book.

Unfortunately their experts have decided to make some changes to interest the owners of pets to look at their new diet that would contain sweet potatoes.

Unfortunately sweet potato is higher in estrogen than is white potato and is definitely contraindicated with any allergy patient.

In any event, there is a better way, yet the medical profession is limited by their education.

You and I are dealing with a family member that needs to live by something your professionals do not know but something a “plain wrap” veterinarian might be able to offer.

There should always be a better way, and there is, because today’s medicine for you and your pet, only deal with medical effects and not the medical causes.

Please read my articles and I will show you a better way for both you and your pet.

Fact: Did you know that estrogen exposed to normal tissue causes increased growth?

Did you know that only estrogen is measured from the ovaries and only estradiol is measured in males and not total estrogen?

Did you know that because of a cortisol imbalance, that adrenal estrogen included in total estrogen can be very high, but is not being measured, because most laboratories do not measure total estrogen which includes adrenal estrogen.

If the world is concerned about cancer and elevated estrogen, why are not the laboratories measuring total estrogen?

On my articles page, I have a list of foods that do contain estrogen, but what about adrenal estrogen?

Yes, there is a better way to identify the cause of cancer in people and in animals as opposed to marching and doing benefits to fund those that are only looking at the effects of cancer.

I do have a way to identify catastrophic diseases in children, people and animals, but I do need people to listen because my medical profession usually will not!

There is a better way and there is an answer to so many catastrophic diseases that really have a cause.

Please do not die or have your child or pet die because today’s medicine only has statistics based upon their education.

I will show you a better way based upon a simple test that no health care professional needs to act upon the results, but if the patient has my syndrome you need to find a health care professional that is looking at thinking out of the box, and I will show them a better way to help you or your pet to survive, based upon testing the cause and not just treating the effects.

Trust me there will always be a better way and if there is any thing I can do, to help you, your family or your pet, it would be more than happy to show you a better way.

Please do not be frustrated, because I would be happy to speak with you and make suggestions if you are interested.

These are only my thoughts as a healer, and I know there is a better way as you also know.

I am thankful for the opportunity to spend my life as a veterinarian.

My name is Al, and I would love to find a better way for you, your family and your pet, so please talk to me.

Your input will only help me help you and please know I will always be listening to you and learning from you.

These are only my thoughts and I hope they make sense to you because we both know there is a better way and I hope I can learn from you and also provide for you.

I will never have all the answers, but just maybe between you and I, we can find an answer that really makes a difference.

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