The Use of a Cortisol Supplement to Help Heal a Bone Fracture in an Animal

Posted on April 3rd, 2013

The word osteoporosis apparently comes from the Greek word “porous bone”!

Osteoporosis seems to be more commonly found in people than animals however there are many conditions in animals and people that can lead to “porous bones”.

In my clinical veterinary experience, I have found that a lack of calcium in the diet may lead to osteoporosis as can a trypsin deficiency from the pancreas that may be genetic or acquired.

When a trypsin deficiency is present in animals, fat soluble vitamins like A, D and E will also bind calcium and disallow absorption of calcium for normal bone growth and maintenance.

I this case, a plant based digestive enzyme can be added to each meal to stop this problem from occurring.

Kidney disease can also cause osteoporosis merely by creating excess phosphorus in the body and then the body trying to keep a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio between calcium and phosphorus, will do this by removing calcium from the bones thus creating the proper ratio causing osteoporosis.

Elevated total estrogen will also cause bone loss.

I measure total estrogen in my animal patients, but do you realize in humans, woman have only ovarian estrogen measured which includes estradiol, estrone and estriole.

If elevated estrogen seems to be a major concern has possibly causing many catastrophic disease, yet only partial estrogen is measured in patients.

This may be why cancer and autoimmune diseases, including osteoporosis may happen and often reoccur.

Human males are thought to have only estradiol, which also has been missed.

In my animals and the patients I have helped work up for MD’s have found that total estrogen is very, very important to do, and if not done, this may be the reason why cancer, autoimmunity, heart attacks and strokes do occur!

Why does elevated total estrogen lead to osteoporosis if it is measured?

Elevated total estrogen, that does include the estrogen from the inner layer adrenal cortex, causes the B lymphocyte to decrease its production of antibodies referred to immunoglobulins, and when the mucous membrane antibody called IgA is below a certain level in the intestinal track, maladsorption occurs not only with certain oral supplements but also with calcium which may also lead to osteoporosis.

Disorders of the parathyroid gland can also lead to mobilization of calcium from the patients bones but is seen less frequent.

Hopefully the above discussion will give you an idea why osteoporosis can occur.

To get back to the subject of why a cortisol supplement may help an animal heal a fractured bone, please look at Plechner’s Syndrome to see if you or your animal may have this imbalance that causes osteoporosis.

The medical profession has always believed that the use of a steroid would definitely slow down the healing of any damaged tissue including bones.

What the world so far does not realize, is that there needs to be a daily amount of natural cortisol, produced from the middle layer adrenal cortex for proper control of the immune system and at the same time allow for maximum absorption of nutrients, medications and supplements including the absorption of calcium.

Identification of any one of these imbalances may be important for the health of you and your animal.

I would like to share with you an interesting case of a female spayed Maltese that had my syndrome and was on a replacement steroid and thyroid hormone for over 2 years.

She was doing very well until she fractured her thigh bone called the femur.

I had no idea that the surgeon she went to, was in the same hospital where practiced, however neither the surgeon nor the owner contacted me!

The patient had a cortisol imbalance that led to an elevated total estrogen which caused binding of her thyroid receptor sites and caused a lack of healing and malabsorption of calcium.

The surgeon said, you must stop the steroids because that will slow and stop healing even though blood test results indicated a steroid imbalance.

The owner did this and after 3 more surgeries for a non- healing fracture, I finally heard from the owner as to what was happening.

I immediately had the owner begin steroid and thyroid therapy and within 8 weeks the fracture had healed.

This is a prime example why normal steroid production is vital to bone healing and if normal steroid production of natural cortisol is deficient or defective, bone healing may not occur.

This is why steroid replacement in certain patients is vital for fracture healing.

Of interest, Mother Nature has created a type of living clay called montmorillinite that can be taken orally that will enhance calcium absorption.

I do use this with all my patients.

I do have an article on Pet Age from November 1985 discussing the values of trace minerals and if you will once again go to my website, I actually have facts showing that this type of natural product was researched by Cal Tech and from what I have read is used by the astronauts so as they walk in space in a negative gravity, they will not experience bone loss.

I also, I use a plant based digestive enzyme with each meal in my effected patients, to help them to absorb nutrients and supplements including calcium.

Finally, make sure you and your pet do not have food allergies otherwise the endocrine immune imbalance that causes a low IgA will guarantee malabsorption and there may be a much better chance of developing osteoporosis and as the Greek say, “porous bone disease”.

Please realize, that the world is so specialized that they all may have the “tree”, but most do not have the “forest”.

These are only my thoughts, and I hope they will make you think.