What Really is The Cause of Post Traumatic Stress?

Posted on July 11th, 2016

Post- traumatic Stress Syndrome can be identified with a specific blood test that can be seen on the internet, under the Human Protocol, with my name.

Combat stress causes the production of adrenaline, which uses cortisol has a catalyst, and when this happens, huge amounts of adrenal estrogen are produced, that can cause depression and thoughts of suicide.

I have contacted Walter Reed Medical Center and several PTSS units in Australia, to no avail.

If you have Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and I might help make suggestions, you are certainly welcome to contact me at my website, at drplechner.com.

There is an available endocrine immune imbalance. that can be helped, once identified.

These are just my thoughts, which I hope may help.


Dr. AL Plechner

Wikipedia says post-traumatic stress may develop after a person is exposed to traumatic events like war and being abused by others sexually, including death threats.

Their actual stress creates chronic adrenaline production that uses cortisol as a catalyst and this is where the term Adrenal Exhaustion came from.  In reality, it is only a fatigue of the middle layer adrenal cortex and its production of cortisol.

However, many humans go through traumatic events, but never go through post-traumatic stress.

Is there a difference? I personally believe there is a difference.

Our American troops are exposed to all kinds of chemicals in war, in addition to stress.

Militaryspot.Com refers to this as the Gulf War Syndrome, which causes the development of a variety of psychological and physical symptoms suffered by the veterans of the Gulf War.

They have listed the following as possible causes for the Gulf War Syndrome:

1) Depleted uranium poisoning.

2) The side effects of drugs given to protect our troops against invasive nerve agents.

3) Autoimmune diseases induced by squalene, an adjuvant in the Anthrax vaccine given to our troops to help speed up the immunity from the Anthrax vaccine.

4) Parasites.

5) Biological chemical weapons which have not been discovered or proven.

6) Fumes from all the oil fires.

7) Aspartame. Our Gulf War troops were supplied with thousands and thousands of soft drinks that contained the sweetener Aspartame.  Unfortunately this sweetener at 85 degrees Fahrenheit breaks down into Methanol, Formaldehyde, Diketopiperazine and Formic acid.

These are actually some of the symptoms that may occur from these breakdown products;

  • Methanol:

. Breathing difficulty

. Blurred vision, dilated pupils or blindness.

. Seizures, convulsion and low blood pressure.

. Abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

. Fatigue, weakness or leg cramps.

  • Formaldehyde:

. Respiratory distress

. Eye, nose and throat irritation.

. Ingestion leads to mouth, esophageal and stomach ulcers.

. Research studies indicate Formaldehyde causes lung and nasal cancer.

. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers Formaldehyde to be a carcinogen (cancer causing).

  • Diketopiperazine:

. This breakdown product is still scientifically controversial as to its adverse effects on the body, however it must be avoided by humans that have the genetic disease Phenylketonuria (PKU).

  • Formic acid is the simplest of the carboxylic acid that in the presence of Formaldehyde will create Methanol (a vicious circle) and in the presence of an Alkenes, can create Sulfuric and Hydrofluoric acids. The health effects are:

. Optic nerve damage and blindness.

. Kidney disease.

. Skin allergies.

Hopefully you can see how damaging all the above causes may be, including the hormone regulation of the immune system which relates an endocrine immune surveillance. For further information on this subject, please go to a video on this website or on YouTube titled, Endocrine Immune Surveillance.   

I have friends that fought in Vietnam that have no hair and have endocrine immune disorders because of exposure to Agent Orange that was used to defoliate the habitat.

Medically, it is well known that when excessive stress occurs or when there is exposure to metabolic chemicals and neurotoxic gases, problems will definitely occur to the natural production of cortisol, which then may lead to an elevated adrenal estrogen which may cause post-traumatic stress.

I have had only one opportunity to do my syndrome blood test on one post traumatic syndrome soldier from the Gulf War and his cortisol production was imbalanced and his total estrogen was elevated with all the other imbalances in my syndrome.

A simple thought for those PTSD veterans is why not have your physician at least check your endocrine immune levels, to make sure that nothing has changed or needs to be corrected?

Under GET HELP on my website at drplechner.com, you will find the Human Protocol which lists the required endocrine immune tests to determine if you were exposed to anything toxic while being in the service.

An Air Force nurse reported to me that on the flight home that a General had seizures from the Gulf War. Why?

Please realize our armed forces have been exposed to all kinds of chemical warfare, even if the news media has not reported this.

I would love to offer my services to all the returning troops that have post- traumatic stress, because I think that more than just stress is involved.

My hope one day, is that an organization that truly cares about our troops coming home with traumatic stress is willing to look in a new medical direction, and will do this simple, endocrine immune blood test that will identify what toxins and stress have done to our troops and unfairly compromised their mental health.

Regarding Post-traumatic stress, I have always wondered for many years, if PSTD was merely an EFFECT without identifying the CAUSE.

The only patient I was allowed to have their MD treat for PSTD, had my endocrine imbalance, and when corrected, became MUCH BETTER.

If you are suffering from post-traumatic syndrome please have your total estrogen checked (both men and women) and if your total estrogen is elevated, please contact me.

There is no charge for working with you and your physician.

This is my only way that I can thank you for your service to our country.


Dr. AL Plechner