Extinction is Forever

My son and I created this painting and had it finished by Michael Meeker from the Museum of Natural History in LA, probably 30 years ago. It is 7 feet wide and 5 feet tall. It hung on the wall of my hospital for 30 years and it was to remind people that they should be thankful, as I am, to have the presence of an animal and be given the privilege of loving and caring for that animal.

Dr. Plechner

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Purpose of this Site

This website has been designed as an informational, medical website for PET OWNERS. The purpose of this website is to provide the PET OWNER with up-to-date, understandable, medical information and to share every PET OWNER'S discoveries and experiences that will help other PET OWNERS and their pets survive our ever changing world.

The information that is shared on this website for PET OWNERS, in no way, pre-empts the information the PET OWNER receives from their veterinary medical professionals. Hopefully this website will provide the PET OWNERS with a better understanding and insight on how to help their pet live a longer, happier, healthier life. Please remember that I am peer reviewed by my patients, and NOT my profession.


Because of the changing genetics and the detrimental changes that are occurring to our fragile environment, it has become vitally important to try to avoid any subtle medical changes that may indicate the beginning of disease in ourselves and in our pets.

For those of you that are already aware of these changes, and have found a better way with dealing with these changes, the time has come to share your health care successes with the rest of world, in hopes of helping the rest of the world avoid some of the subtle medical diseases that may occur in the future.

For those of you that I have helped make a difference for both you and or your pet over the past many years, I would appreciate it if you would share your success stories with the social media and the internet.

My reason for asking this, is that your stories and experiences will let people know there are better diagnostics and better medical treatments, for both themselves and for their pets.

As we have found out, merely treating the effects of disease and not the cause of disease, should never be the final answer.

Hopefully this is something you can do, because sharing your stories and experiences with the social media and the internet, will make an important difference for those that are looking for better way to remain heathy for both themselves and for their pets.

What’s New

The Relationship Between Oxidation, Free Radicals and Inflammation

Posted on February 3rd, 2016

It is important to understand why oxidation, free radicals and inflammation play such an important role in providing good health and helping to avoid disease. Hopefully the following article, which is designed for the pet owner and patient, will help you understand how these three conditions function, and how they are related, and what these […]

Do You Realize We are Also in a Chemical Ice Age?

Posted on February 3rd, 2016

In 2004, I published a paper in the Journal of Toxicology, called Adrenal Toxicity and Hormonal and Immune Deregulation in Animals. Since then and even before then, many articles have been published on the dangers to humans and animals when exposed to manmade chemicals. We realize today that these chemicals can cause unhealthy genetic alterations, […]

Are We Beginning to Experience a Genetic Ice Age?

Posted on February 3rd, 2016

For many years, I have clinically viewed the creation of what I have called the Genetic Ice Age. The Genetic Ice Age may occur for many different reasons. In animals, the reason the Genetic Ice Age mainly occurs is due to inbreeding that feral populations of animals and humans have created. This was noted many […]

What is the Medical Ice Age?

Posted on February 2nd, 2016

The Medical Ice Age refers to the rapid progression of genetic and chemical alterations that have occurred with humans and animals. Unfortunately, medical and veterinary professions that are being taught only evidence-based medicine, have not been able to keep up with the advanced needs of the patients. This is why you are seeing the development […]

How Can I Determine if What I am Feeding My Dog is an Environmentally Complete Diet?

Posted on February 1st, 2016

It is important to realize that our environment has changed, not only for ourselves, but also for our pets. The day when any and all types of foods can be eaten by ourselves and our pets, no longer exists. With the fear of eating and feeding contaminated food products, we worry about foods that contain […]

Treating Unrecognized Cortisol-Based Imbalances Offers Major Healing Benefits for Multiple Disorders

Posted on February 1st, 2016

From Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association – January–March 2004, Volume 22, Number 4 During more than three decades of clinical practice involving many thousands of cases, I have repeatedly identified an unrecognized endocrine-immune disturbance as a major trigger of multiple problems in canines and felines, including allergies, viral and other infectious diseases, […]

Todays Achilles Tendon May Be Better Applied To The Adrenal Cortex And Its Production Of Adrenal Estrogen, Than The Tendon In The Back Of The Leg

Posted on January 20th, 2016

Wikipedia indicates that “The Achilles’s Tendon” is known as the calcaneal tissue at the back of the leg that is the thickest tendon in the human body. It serves to attach the calf to the heel. Achilles’s heel relates to the mythical story of Achilles, who was slain during the Trojan War by a poison […]

Elevated Adrenal Estrogen, the Cause of Many Diseases in Humans and Animals

Posted on January 8th, 2016

During my 50 years of clinical, veterinary practice, I have been given the opportunity to complete over 90,000 endocrine immune tests in animals and more than 2,000 endocrine immune blood tests in humans I have found that most chronic, catastrophic diseases in animals and humans, originate from an imbalanced adrenal cortisol that leads to an […]

The Health Importance of Identifying and Measuring Both Ovarian Estrogen and Adrenal Estrogen

Posted on December 9th, 2015

There are two major organs in an animal and in a human that produce significant amounts of estrogen. These estrogen producing organs are the ovaries and the adrenal cortex. The functions of the ovarian estrogens are well documented, while the estrogen that is being produced by the adrenal cortex is not. There is very little […]