Extinction is Forever

My son and I created this painting and had it finished by Michael Meeker from the Museum of Natural History in LA, probably 30 years ago. It is 7 feet wide and 5 feet tall. It hung on the wall of my hospital for 30 years and it was to remind people that they should be thankful, as I am, to have the presence of an animal and be given the privilege of loving and caring for that animal.

Dr. Plechner

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Purpose of this Site

This website has been designed as an informational, medical website for PET OWNERS. The purpose of this website is to provide the PET OWNER with up-to-date, understandable, medical information and to share every PET OWNER'S discoveries and experiences that will help other PET OWNERS and their pets survive our ever changing world.

The information that is shared on this website for PET OWNERS, in no way, pre-empts the information the PET OWNER receives from their veterinary medical professionals. Hopefully this website will provide the PET OWNERS with a better understanding and insight on how to help their pet live a longer, happier, healthier life. Please remember that I am peer reviewed by my patients, and NOT my profession.


Because of the changing genetics and the detrimental changes that are occurring to our fragile environment, it has become vitally important to try to avoid any subtle medical changes that may indicate the beginning of disease in ourselves and in our pets.

For those of you that are already aware of these changes, and have found a better way with dealing with these changes, the time has come to share your health care successes with the rest of world, in hopes of helping the rest of the world avoid some of the subtle medical diseases that may occur in the future.

For those of you that I have helped make a difference for both you and or your pet over the past many years, I would appreciate it if you would share your success stories with the social media and the internet.

My reason for asking this, is that your stories and experiences will let people know there are better diagnostics and better medical treatments, for both themselves and for their pets.

As we have found out, merely treating the effects of disease and not the cause of disease, should never be the final answer.

Hopefully this is something you can do, because sharing your stories and experiences with the social media and the internet, will make an important difference for those that are looking for better way to remain heathy for both themselves and for their pets.

What’s New

Junior the Redtail Hawk

Posted on May 23rd, 2016

Al was licensed by the California Fish and Game and Commission and the federal government to create a bird of prey center at the preserve. He received many birds for their relocation use and also offered care, at his hospital, to many damaged or young birds that had either been abandoned or had fallen out […]

The Importance of Identifying and Correctly Measuring Total (Adrenal) Estrogen

Posted on May 23rd, 2016

In the late 1940’s, one of the prominent human laboratories made the decision, that the body of the patient, will only produce three types of estrogen, which were estradiol, estrone and estriole. These estrogens were produced mainly by the ovaries, and a small amount of these estrogens, were also produced by the brain, skin and […]

An Anonymous Pet Owner’s Thoughts About Dr. Plechner’s Treatment for SARDS, as Opposed to the Treatment by Carolyn Levin

Posted on May 23rd, 2016

There has been many questions as to whether Dr. Plechner’s syndrome is the syndrome that should be used, but his treatment is definitely not the same treatment that veterinarians refer to nurse, Caroline Levin. I do know, what Dr. Plechner has discovered for my veterinarian, but it works very well, because my dog has her […]

A SARDS Pet Owners Thoughts About the Difference Between Dr. Plechner’s Protocol and Levin’s Protocol

Posted on May 23rd, 2016

I recently read an exchange at SARDS Dogs Adrenal Exhaustion (a Yahoo group) and would like to share it here. Paula’s SARDS dog was treated with my protocol, which resulted in eyesight return for Butter P. To achieve the best results using Plechner’s syndrome the following must be taken into consideration: 1) How well the […]

What Can Be Done that is Different for a Patient that has Cancer or an Autoimmune Disease; Besides Treating the Effects of Their Disease with Standard Therapy?

Posted on May 18th, 2016

WHAT CAN BE DONE THAT IS DIFFERENT FOR A PATIENT THAT HAS CANCER OR AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, BESIDES TREATING THE EFFECTS OF THEIR DISEASE, WITH STANDARD THRAPY? The CAUSE of their cancer and autoimmunity, can be identified and treated while also treating the EFFECTS of their cancer and autoimmunity. Standard therapy is of value, but […]

The Value of Being Alive

Posted on May 17th, 2016

She is A Benefit To Herself   The Value of Being Alive by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson My dog, like many of us, is starting to show signs of advancing age. Her front half is still youthful, almost puppy. But her hips are tormented with pretty severe arthritis, making it hard for her to get […]

The Cause of Metabolic Hypothyroidism in Humans and Animals

Posted on May 17th, 2016

THE CAUSE OF METABOLIC HYPOTHYROIDISIM IN HUMANS AND ANIMALS Have you and your animals been overweight and no matter how you both diet and exercise, it makes very little difference? Often doing the standard thyroid panel tests, they will be normal however as a person you may be overweight as your pet may also be […]

Estrogen’s Vicious Cycle

Posted on May 17th, 2016

ADRENAL ESTROGEN’S VICIOUS CYCLE The medical world is concerned with the medical effects that occur with elevated levels of estrogen and the catastrophic effects that elevated estrogen, will cause. However, standard medical practices only measure three ovarian estrogens in woman, which includes, estradiol, estrone, and estriole, while in men and animals, they usually only measure […]

Dr. Plechner’s Power Point Lectures

Posted on May 17th, 2016

POWER POINT LECTURES, PRESENTED TO THE BRODA O. BARNES M.D. RESEARCH FOUNDATION CONVENTION, IN 2003, BY DR. AL PLECHNER. I thought many of you might find these lectures of interest, including pictures of some of Dr. Plechner’s early patients, even though Dr. Plechner presented these lectures, over 13 years ago. -Welcome to the Genetic Ice […]