The MEDICAL ICE AGE relates to the gradual breakdown of ourselves, our animals, and our earth. As this gradual breakdown is occurring, a concentration of predisposing factors of poor health are being created. Not only are we seeing entire families of people developing allergies, auto-immunity, and cancer, but we are also seeing even a faster progression of diseases in our animals due to indiscriminant breeding, and breeding without function.

The lack of concern for our earth has further allowed for environmental breakdown, contamination of our soils and waters, and the development of an unstable atmosphere. We are potentially destroying our own life line. With this present day destruction, a potentially dangerous cortisol deficiency is being created in our bodies which allows the immune system not to protect people and animals, but instead allows the loss of recognition of the body's own tissue by these cells, resulting in allergies, auto-immunity, and cancer. This is called, Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS), however the general public has renamed this syndrome as PLECHNER'S SYNDROME. The identification and control of this syndrome may slow down the MEDICAL ICE AGE which threatens our existence.

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by Dr. Alfred J. Plechner, DVM

Large numbers of pets and people die or become sick before their time despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals. In order to change this, there must be a realization that we are in a, "Medical Ice Age" possibly caused by Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS), also known as "Plechner's Syndrome". From my forty-five years plus of medical experience, I believe much of this has to do with hormonal imbalances that have possibly deregulated (lowered) animal and human immune systems, and thereby has undermined their natural protection against illness and disease which has unfortunately robbed them of good health and longevity.

Many "end of the line animals" had been referred to me when I had my clinical practice, and their owners had been told that euthanasia was the only option left. In some very advanced cases with permanent damage, that was true, but in a vast majority of cases there was still hope because there was a new form of treatment that I had developed for them. Many years ago as a young practitioner, I tried to understand why so many patients were becoming ill and diseased and not responding to standard treatments. My own independent research, combined with my clinical work, led me to the discovery of a major hormonal immune system imbalance, what I have referred to as an, "Endocrine-Immune Imbalance", also known as "Plechner's Syndrome", that begins in the adrenal glands (middle layer) and goes on to create a ripple effect throughout the body's physiology, making them susceptible to conditions ranging from, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Common Allergies, and Reproductive Failure. By identifying and correcting this problem, known also as "Plechner's Syndrome", I have created a successful treatment program that has helped approximately 150,000 dogs, cats, horses and people. These were patients, not only at my hospital, but in healthcare facilities throughout the world. I am happy to also point out that I was able to do this financially on my own without having been financed by grants of any kind.

The Endocrine-Immune Imbalances (Plechner's Syndrome) that I have seen have resulted from an unsuspected cortisol (a hormone produced in the middle layer of the adrenal glands) deficiency, and defective and/or bound up cortisol. The medical world, and the general public, has not realized that they and their animals must absolutely produce a certain amount of natural cortisol to be able to live, and to prevent these horrible diseases that the Endocrine-Immune Imbalance (Plechner's Syndrome) will bring. It must further be realized that the medical world, in general, has been treating only the medical effects and has not been addressing the possibility of Plechner's Syndrome as the actual cause of the illness or disease. The cause needs to be identified, and the effects need to be treated, yet to keep the effect from returning the cause must be identified and treated correctly in order to reregulate the immune system. It must also be recognized that adrenal and thyroid hormones act together in order to reregulate the immune system and get it back into balance. Without this reregulation, immune cells lose their regulation due to the Endocrine-Immune Imbalance (Plechner's Syndrome) due to elevated levels of Total Estrogen, and deficient or defective levels of cortisol. Immune cells not only lose their protective abilities to fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi but may also lose their ability to make antibodies against vaccines.

The immune system may also lose its recognition of self tissue and may begin to view the body's tissue as foreign, known as "Autoimmunity" or "Auto-Immune Disease". Auto-Immune Disease occurs when the immune system attacks and kills the body, whether red cells, white cells, clotting cells, muscle or nerve tissue, and even skin tissue.

One real possibility as to why Allergies, Auto-immune Disease, and Cancer are so prevalent is because the majority of the healthcare laboratories have only measured, "Partial Estrogen" and not "Total Estrogen". Without measuring, "Total Estrogen", Plechner's Syndrome cannot be properly diagnosed and treated. Also, it is IMPERATIVE TO MEASURE "TOTAL ESTROGEN", INSTEAD OF JUST, "PARTIAL ESTROGEN". "Partial Estrogen" measures only estrogen from the ovaries. "Total Estrogen" measures ovarian estrogen; estrogen being produced by the middle layer of the adrenal glands, "Phytoestrogens", also known as "Dietary Estrogens", that are being ingested from plants such as soy; and "Xenoestrogens" which are man-made compounds that mimic estrogen and can be found in plastics and in contaminated waters from discarded prescriptions.

A second possibility is that the long-term physiological replacement, that is, only enough replacement hormone therapy to fill in the difference between natural hormonal secretion and what is not being produced by the body, of the cortisol deficiency may not have been treated properly and will lead to an eventual overdose. It cannot be overemphasized enough that in both animals and in people that one MUST ALWAYS USE THYROID HORMONES IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE CORTISOL REPLACEMENT THERAPY. Without the use of a thyroid hormone, the cortisol replacement will remain in the body for 24 hours, and after a few weeks of cortisol replacement without thyroid hormone, that physiologic daily dose will soon become a pharmacological, harmful over-dose. This is why the medical profession has only used cortisol replacements and then has half-dosed them so that the patient will not develop an over-dose or cause the patient to develop, "Cushing's Syndrome." Cushing's Syndrome is the stimulation of the middle layer of the adrenal glands to produce too much active cortisol causing both dogs and people harm. I would also like to take this time to mention yet another common adrenal hormone deficiency syndrome, called "Addison's Syndrome". Addison's Syndrome is due to a deficiency of the hormone that regulates sodium and potassium, called a "mineral corticoid". Its production is thought to come from the first layer of the adrenal glands. Plechner's Syndrome has not been recognized as a different syndrome, even though many have suffered from its ill effects. Plechner's Syndrome may be caused by genetics, exposure to toxins, stress, aging, lack of sleep, or in combinations thereof.

In my practice, I have successfully treated Plechner's Syndrome for a number of years BY USING VERY LOW DOSES OF CORTISOL REPLACEMENT THERAPY-THE PHARMACEUTICAL EQUIVALENT THE BODY'S NATURALLY OCCURRING CORTISOL ON A LONG-TERM BASIS IN CONJUNCTION WITH THYROID HORMONE, having adjusted appropriately for the particular species being treated. I also prefer to use natural replacement therapies over synthetic replacement therapies whenever possible, unless the patient is in critical condition. If the patient is in severe or critical condition, then my preferred treatment is synthetic replacement therapy because oftentimes natural replacement therapy does not respond fast enough in a critical situation and the patient may then die. As soon as the patient begins to recover, though I will slowly begin to replace the synthetic replacement therapy with natural replacement therapy as the patient responds favorably to the change.

Good "Wholelistic "medical practice should treat the whole needs of the patient which should also include proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep. The Animal and Human Protocols that I have developed to treat Plechner's Syndrome have been extremely effective when followed as directed on a long-term basis by healthcare professionals throughout the world, and have rapidly improved even very ill and diseased animals and humans.

My patients' health concerns are always my primary interest, and for that reason, it should be noted here that I have NOT conducted controlled studies where one group of patients received proper therapy and the other group received a placebo. By over-whelming request, I have now come out of retirement and I am back in full-time practice in Los Angeles, California. I am now also offering consultations for the general public as well as for healthcare professionals interested in exploring the possible role of Plechner's Syndrome in various diseases.

Please take the time to view my website, and I hope the information will be of value to both you and to your healthcare professional. I am thankful to be back in practice again, doing what I was created to do, and always striving to be what others have said of me to be, "the doctor who never stops caring."

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