By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Addison’s Disease was named after Dr. Thomas Addison in 1849.

He was British physician that discovered this adrenal cortex abnormality.

At that time and even now, an Addison patient, whether human or animal, Addison’s Disease was thought to be caused by a two layer adrenal cortex imbalance or adrenal exhaustion.

In reality, true Addison Disease comes from a deficiency of the hormone production of Aldosterone which is produced from the first layer of the adrenal cortex.

When this occurs there is an imbalance causing high potassium and low sodium among other problems.

This lack of aldosterone can also cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness and a microcardia (small heart).

Often this hormone imbalance will cause the patient’s heart to stop in contraction and cause death if not corrected immediately.

The correction lies not only with proper testing  and identification of this hormone imbalance but also funding that imbalance with synthetic Florinef Acetate taken orally twice daily if the patient can absorb oral medication or a monthly injection of Percorten which both have mineral corticoid activity, in order to control this hormone deficiency.

More often, it appears that a middle layer adrenal cortex imbalance may also occur that also has mineral corticoid functions even though its glucocorticoid functions extend further into the actual regulation of the immune system.

Cushing Syndrome involved 6 cases that Dr. Edward Cushing found with his human patients that had pituitary tumors that over produced its hormone and stimulated excess amounts of ACTH which the middle layer adrenal cortex responded to by producing excess adrenal cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex.

This was the elevated, active cortisol that was Cushing Syndrome which caused the patient to gain weight, drink and urinate excessively, increased sodium levels with increased thinning of the skin and opened the patient up to infections and many other problems.

I believe Dr. Cushing made these observations on his patients in the late 1930’s.

Most of these his thoughts are believed and used today in the practice of medicine without the realization that many of these important thoughts have been modified because of other present day findings.

It makes me wonder why so many medical vectors seem to determine our medical directions and treatments of today that are based upon old findings and thoughts, and not updated, new facts?

Addison’s Disease is caused by a first layer adrenal cortex deficiency in Aldosterone.

Cushing syndrome caused by an overproduction of active cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex due to an over production of pituitary ACTH which Dr. Cushing found to be caused by pituitary tumors.

Schools of higher medical learning are calling any over production of cortisol production, Cushing Syndrome.

They believe there may be an adrenal tumor or other reasons for this excess production of active cortisol.

They are all called this Cushing Syndrome.

If a steroid supplement is utilized in a patient and there is an elevated increase in the amount of middle layer adrenal cortisol produced, it is referred to as Iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome which means the steroid supplement caused this problem and the health care professional may be at fault.

What is also happening, is that there are amounts of elevated cortisol that are being produced from the middle layer adrenal cortex that are referred to as Atypical Cushing Syndrome even though the elevated cortisol may not be working.

This is Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner’s Syndrome.

Plechner’s Syndrome involves only the production of middle layer adrenal cortisol called glucocorticoid which may be deficient, bound or defective.

For some reason, after the medical group in the 1940’s labeled cortisone replacement as being harmful because they over prescribed and over treated their patients, this has led the world to think cortisol is a very bad substance.

This is just another example of how a medical vector has survived and set the world back many years.

When will you realize that if you and your animals do not produce 30 to 35 units of active cortisol daily from your middle layer adrenal cortex, you will expose yourself and your pet to allergies, autoimmunity and cancer?

There still is very little realization that the cortisol production is probably one of the most important hormones produced by the body to regulate the immune system in order to avoid catastrophic diseases.

The fact that the cortisol is present in normal or high amounts does not guarantee that the body can utilize the hormone.

The cortisol produced in Plechner’s Syndrome is bound or defective.

Plechner’s Syndrome relates to a cortisol imbalance that is not related to Cushing Syndrome or Addison’s Disease.

This imbalance in Plechner’ Syndrome leads to an inability of the pituitary to recognize the bound or defective elevated levels of cortisol, and over stimulates the inner layer adrenal cortex which will now respond in a direct feedback to the pituitary ACTH and produce excess adrenal estrogen which has many, many bad side effects.

The medical world is concerned about the damage excess estrogen may cause and this may be one of the reasons why this is happening.

The excess adrenal estrogen causes the immune cells to no longer provide their protection for the body.

Now that the immune cells are deregulated, they lose recognition of self-tissue and produce antiantibodies.

The regions of the body that may be affected will usually be determined by genetics referred to as “genetic impact areas”.

The elevated adrenal estrogen also binds thyroid receptor sites and also causes antibody production by the B cell to be deficient.

This deficiency not only reduces the absorption of nutrients and supplements through the intestines, but with the deficiency of the IgA, the mucous membrane antibody, throughout the body including the gut, will cause the patient to develop not only food sensitivities, but improper production of anti-antibodies after being vaccinated, and also, over reacting to insect sensitivities.

This cortisol imbalance causing the adrenal estrogen to be elevated is the cause of allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

Please remember, today’s estrogen levels are not totally measured.

In females only the 3 ovarian estrogens are measured and in males, only estradiol is measured.

Why wasn’t adrenal estrogen included in a total estrogen measurement?

This is Plechner’s Syndrome.

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These are only my thoughts and I hope they help you, your family and your pets.

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