What the World Needs to Know About Cancer

Posted on August 15th, 2016


There are a number of different theories that are thought to be the cause of cancer.

The Metabolic Theory of Cancer recognizes the fact that cancer originates from cellular damage, due to their oxidative energy production, with a concurrent energy generation, without oxygenation.

Those that support this theory also believe that cancer is NOT caused by genetics, but rather from a disease of metabolism.

The Genetic Theory for the cause of cancer is no longer believed, even if it occurs as a gene mutation or seems not to be found in families. My research has suggested a definite genetic, endocrine immune imbalance that creates predisposition, necessary for the development of cancer.

The Theory of Viral Induced Cancer has been accepted by many in the human medical profession, as the cause of cancer, and has also been recognized and awarded by the Noble Foundation to a French researcher who found the HIV virus causing cancer occasionally in humans, but not always.

The Nobel Foundation also awarded a German researcher for identifying a human papilloma virus (HPV) that was implicated in certain cervical cancers.

My clinical studies, in both animals and humans, indicate the fact that there is a genetic base in reference to why certain families develop cancer.

My studies further indicate that a virus can be involved if the genetic damage that has occurred deregulates the T lymphocytes ability to protect the patient against various viruses.

This all seems to occur, when the natural production of normal cortisol becomes deficient or defective and is not recognized by the negative feedback mechanism to the hypothalamic pituitary axis.

I believe the Achilles tendon of the body in humans and in animals is the middle layer cortisol producing layer.

This is adversely effected by stress, vaccines, toxins, damaging heavy metals, anesthetics, radiation, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and on and on!

When this occurs, the inner layer adrenal cortex, the Zona Reticularis, produces huge amounts of damaging estrogen.

The world of medicine is concerned about elevated estrogen that is thought to cause cancer in humans.

The medical community realizes that when estrogen is applied to normal tissue, that tissue will begin to grow.

The medical literature also reports that when a woman is estrogen dominant and begins to menstruate with an increase of ovarian estrogen, many times that woman will have migraine headaches and can have epileptic seizures due to the inflammation that the elevated estrogen causes all the endothelial cells that line the cerebral arteries.

This should make you wonder about Alzheimers and possibly Autism.

If a human female is postmenopausal with low estradiol and is adrenal estrogen dominant and is asked to use transdermal estrogen, allergies, autoimmunity and cancer may occur.

The measuring of total estrogen is not currently recognized by the medical profession as having any value.

There seems to be NO recognition that a large amount of estrogen is being produced by the inner layer, adrenal cortex.

In male and female animals and human males, only estradiol is being measured.

In human females only estradiol, estriole and estrone are being measured.

Why not measure total estrogen? Why has this been missed?

The medical profession is concerned about inflammation that might cause autoimmunity, cancer, Autism, Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS and all those diseases that involve elevated amounts of estrogen, and yet, total estrogen is not being measured.

This fear of the use of cortisol began in the Mayo Clinic in 1948, when human arthritis patients were given huge amounts of cortisone acetate, which may have helped in all fairness, but caused many undesirable side effects.

Because of these side effects, which were based upon the use of these elevated amounts of cortisol, the cortisol was referred to as the X-substance, while it was not realized that cortisol is a natural hormone that needs to be secreted every day of a human’s and animal’s life, if they are to remain healthy and cancer free.

Because of these published results, the medical community still believes that the use of a cortisol supplement is not good and should only be used for a short period of time, even though it is helpful.

This definitely is not true, and many times, based upon endocrine blood tests, using a thyroid hormone in conjunction with a cortisol supplement, will guarantee that the cortisol supplement will be broken down in 24 hours and not build up like the Premarin did, for all those unfortunate human females that never had their endocrine immune imbalance tested for total estrogen before they began the estrogen supplement.

NEVER take any estrogen supplement until you have first tested your total estrogen!

If you are postmenopausal, you can test your total estrogen anytime and it should be 40pg/ml or less.

If you are still menstruating, then your total estrogen should be tested on the 7th day of your menstrual cycle when your ovaries are producing the least estrogen, and once again on your 23rd or 24th day, when your ovaries are producing the most estrogen.

The difference is adrenal estrogen.

This is something men can do at any time, and please realize that only measuring estradiol will never be the answer.

You must ask your physician to measure your total estrogen.

I have had the opportunity to work with over the years, six males with prostate cancer that all had normal estradiol levels. However, when their total estrogen levels were tested, which should have been 80 to 115pg/ml., their total estrogens were all over 500!

This is something you need to really think about, because this imbalance is not being recognized, and the life you save may be your own.

Please realize why the cause of cancer, including allergies, and autoimmune diseases, has not been diagnosed and treated correctly, because the medical profession is NOT testing for total estrogen.

There seems to be no recognition, that the inner layer adrenal cortex has the ability to produce a tremendous amount of adrenal estrogen and cause many of these different related diseases that are only treated for their effects, and not their cause.

Why does this happen?

It happens because the middle layer adrenal cortex normally produces 30 to 35 ng/dL of natural cortisol every day in order to protect human and animal life.

Otherwise the estrogen from the adrenal cortex will begin to elevate and cause many different medical diseases, including cancer, based upon the loss of control of the immune system.

The effects of cancer are easily identified in animals by your veterinarian, but you as a person, if you are concerned either for you, or your family, even before any cancer occurs, there may be good reason to do this blood test.

Please look to yourself and your family for physical evidence.

Please look in the mirror, and if the lateral 3rd of your eyebrows are thin or missing, this indicates an estrogen, thyroid imbalance.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you may have a middle layer and adrenal imbalance with your cortisol.

The medical profession calls this adrenal fatigue, but realistically it is only an exhaustion of the middle layer adrenal cortex.

The other two layers and adrenal medulla are able to function in a normal manner.

For better information on TRUE adrenal fatigue, please consult my drplechner.com website.

Please ask your health care professional to do a simple endocrine immune blood test in order to make sure you do not have the endocrine immune imbalance I am describing here.

The test for animals and humans is listed on my website, under GET HELP.

Please remember, the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

Single laboratory values for hormones, may mean nothing, unless what that hormone regulates in the body is also measured.

Let’s finally consider all the theories that are thought to be the cause of cancer.

I think all the theories of cancer are valid, as far as the effect they may create, however the cause of cancer still needs to be addressed.

Let’s discuss the abandoned Genetic Theory of Cancer.

My family studies, for both humans and animals, do have a genetic basis evidenced by endocrine immune imbalance, which does cause cancer.

The Viral Theory of Cancer can be viral induced, however there must be an endocrine immune imbalance in place, in order for the T lymphocyte to be deregulated and not protect the patient against various viruses, which then can cause cancer.

The Metabolic Theory of Cancer seems to relate to metabolic oxidation which does happen with elevated amounts of total estrogen, which causes inflammation and cancer.

Please remember that the effects and treatment of most diseases come from mainstream medical teachings, but the day is upon us when the cause of that disease may not be being taught.

As a Healer, I would rather have my patient live by something that has not been taught or understood in schools of higher medical learning, than die by the book.

Dr. AL Plechner