What is the Medical Ice Age?

Posted on February 2nd, 2016

The Medical Ice Age refers to the rapid progression of genetic and chemical alterations that have occurred with humans and animals.

Unfortunately, medical and veterinary professions that are being taught only evidence-based medicine, have not been able to keep up with the advanced needs of the patients.

This is why you are seeing the development of other medical disciplines that have seen the need for medical care immediately, even if evidence-based medicine has not approved of some of the alternative procedures.

Our world of patients has changed.

With the influx of more stress, environmental pollutants, vaccines, anesthetics, medicines, improper supplements, GMO foods, poor nutrition and exercise, we as patients, whether human or animal, have changed and may have progressed with our needs beyond what evidence-based medical practices may offer at this time.

To die by the book will never take the place of living by something the medical profession does not understand, just yet. Why should you or your pet become a medical statistic?

The study of medicine has not kept up with the changes in the patients and their medical needs.

Part of the problem stems from the argument between Evidence-Based Medicine and Alternative or Complementary Medicine.

There are two views which apply to you, without respect to the other group.

You have been asked to either accept Eastern medicine or Western medicine.

There is a major fight between Evidence-Based medicine and Alternative medicine.

All of what they know is valuable and important, but what they know is only what they will consider and have been educated to consider.

This is not your fault, but it is the fault of the various health care facilities and disciplines and where they were educated.

Many of the new graduates have been educated by those professional medical educators that believe that testing before diagnosing is the only answer, which most people cannot afford or do not have the time to spare healthwise.

Many of the older practitioners can look at a healthcare record before even seeing the patient and know what condition that patient has.

Other “up to date” medical practitioners are taught not to diagnose upon the first exam, but rather do a borage of medical testing in hopes of finding a diagnosis.

Yes, we are in a Medical Ice Age.

It is hard to pay for medical procedures when our insurance is limited, and especially when the medical procedures don’t even work!

The day of the family practitioner seems to be long gone and the HMOs, their CEOs and the attorneys seem to have taken over medical practice.

This is another reason why healthcare professionals are not able to practice the best they can, because of lawsuits and being told by a hospital coordinator what they can and can’t do.

The day of the private practitioner seems to becoming a thing of the past.

This is another major reason why we are in a Medical Ice Age.

Many of the caring healthcare professionals have given up practice, because they could not afford the cost of malpractice created by the law professionals.

There seems to be only the specialists and the HMOs now, and not private general practitioners, which are becoming a thing of the past.

I know there are human healthcare professionals for people and animals that still really care, but it is sometimes very difficult to find a health care professional that is more interested in healing their patient, than their wallet.

Forgetting the fact that we can no longer afford healthcare, the Medical Ice Age continues.

The world of medicine, for many years, has usually only looked at the effects of disease and not their cause.

Many researchers know that with many diseases, antioxidants, binding free damaging radicals, chelating out damaging heavy metals and neutralizing toxins and radiation is vital, and will often really help. The supplement world is alive, but is it only treating the effects?

Alternative medicine suggests the use of many different supplements in order to help reduce oxidation, damaging free radicals and inflammation, which may be an answer to achieve a medical success.

But another answer does exist, that takes into consideration the cause of much of the excessive oxidation and the production of damaging free radicals and inflammation.

My clinical findings relate to the production of elevated amounts of total estrogen, which causes inflammation throughout the body, including the development of excess oxygenation and damaging free radicals.

I personally believe we are in a Medical Ice Age, because present day medicine has not kept up with environmental and disease changes, and has spent much, if not all its efforts, studying and treating the effects of disease and not their cause.

I also personally believe that the medical profession needs to respect the various different, medical disciplines, and realize the use of Eastern and Western must come together as “Wholistic” Medicine and give their patient a better chance to conquer their disease, and to live a longer, happier life.

For further information on the cause of allergies, autoimmunity and cancer in pets and their owners, please go to www.drplechner.com.

Hopefully my thoughts make sense, and will help you and your family, and your family pet, find a better medical direction for longer, happier and heathier lives.


Dr. AL Plechner