What is the Importance of Silica?

Posted on April 14th, 2017

For many years it has been realized that you and your pet absorb not only the silica from calcium bentonite but also the silica from organic micronutrients that are contained in plants and certain specific micro organisms.

Silica happens to be the second most available element on our planet earth.

It is believed that people have a problem transforming mineral silica into organic silica so the body can assimilate it.

It has also been said that mammals can absorb mineral silica from plants and micro organisms that have been transformed from mineral silica to organic silica.

I have found that the chelated silica in calcium bentonite will be absorbed only as the bodies needs dictate.

It has been shown that silica is excreted daily from the body and ingestion replacement will always be necessary.

Silica was discovered by Berzelius in 1810.

Silica happens to make up 25% of the earth’s crust and is the principle ingredient used in making glass.

Silica has been used medically to correct and avoid many health problems in people and in animals.

Its primary use is to help correct and avoid an elasticity of blood vessels which helps stop the development of aneurisms (abnormal ballooning of a blood vessel which might lead to a possible rupture).

Silica also is highly important in helping to stop osteoporosis and in helping increase bone strength.

It also has been shown to transfer calcium and other essential micronutrients necessary for proper bone formation.

Silica has also enhanced the strength of other anatomical structures that contain calcium including skin, connective tissue, nails, hair, teeth and gingiva (gums).

With my own personal veterinary studies, I have used calcium montmorillinite with silica with great success without being concerned that the silica was in an organic form.

To find more information about calcium montmorillinite please go to nutricula.com and drplechner.com.

I found that by using calcium bentonite with silica I observed an increase in hair growth and color, an increase in rigidity and thickness of the egg shell of all birds including a reduction of arthritis and loss of bone density in dogs, cats, horses and most mammals.

The calcium montmorillinite also contains one of the most significant negative ions of all the different types of clays.

What does this mean?

It means that this special clay will actually help transport other supplements like vitamins, nutraceuticals and micronutrients actually through the cell membrane and make these other nutritional products more available to the cellular factories with in the actual cell itself.

These cellular factories are called mitochondria and create improved energy and oxygen in the cell and in the body of the patient.

Silica does not remain in the body and you can enhance its loss from the body for both you and your pet through the ingestion of large amounts of white bread, refined sugar, and peeled fruits and vegetables.

It is my own personal opinion, that with the use of calcium bentonite with silica, I have seen enhanced health for all my patients.

Obviously more research needs to be done, however I am more than satisfied to know that all of my veterinary patients have enjoyed better health due to the use of calcium bentonite including silica.

For many years I have recommended using the calcium bentonite from Earth’s Natural Clay which I also recommend in my articles entitled Foods and Supplements on my website www.drplechner.com.

The comments and opinions are only mine and are based upon successful clinical results for my patients..


Dr. AL Plechner