Updated Article on Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted on January 23rd, 2017

It is believed by many well-known researches that Alzheimer’s disease, is caused by inflammation.

William A. Banks, MD discusses this in two different publications.

His studies suggest that inflammation is the actual cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

He states, “Inflammation, which is part of the body’s natural immune response occurs when the body activates white blood cells and produces chemicals to fight infection and invading foreign substances”.

Another abstract in PubMed indicates that “inflammation clearly occurs in pathologically vulnerable regions of the AD diseased brain and does so with the full complexity of local periphery inflammatory responses”.

Animal models and clinical studies, although still in their infancy, strongly suggest that AD inflammation significantly contributes to AD pathogenesis.

By better understanding AD inflammatory and immune-regulatory processes, it should be possible to develop anti- inflammatory approaches that may not cure AD but will likely help slow down the progression or delay the onset of this devastating disorder.

According to the literature, the role of estrogen is really unknown.

Part of the literature indicates that estrogen therapy might help or might hurt AD.

The literature either way is not definitive.

Of interest, in the mid 1940’s a prominent human laboratory made the decision for the medical community, that the human body only produced estradiol, estrone and estriole. There was never any mention about the human body producing adrenal estrogen.

Unfortunately, excess estrogen that is produced in the inner layer adrenal cortex is not measured in standard estrogen tests.

If the concern that AD is caused by an inflammatory response and it has been indicated in the literature that elevated estrogen can cause an inflammation of those endothelial cells lining the arteries throughout the body, you might think that checking total estrogen, which includes adrenal estrogen, may be a large part of why AD primarily occurs.

It has been proven that some woman, when they experience an increase in ovarian estrogen, often suffer from migraine headaches and epileptic seizures.

The majority of the estrogen being produced in the body while the ovaries are quiescent comes from the inner layer adrenal cortex, however in woman only ovarian estrogen is presently measured and in men only estradiol is measured and this may be a reason for not totally understanding the pathogenesis of AD.

By merely doing a simple blood test this can all be determined. The test will indicate if the hormones measured are actually active and used by the body by comparing their levels with immunoglobulin levels produced by the B lymphocyte.

It must be first realized that the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

The day has come when only treating the effects of a disorder will not be enough and now the time has come to identify the cause of catastrophic diseases like AD and not merely try to treat their effects.

For more information about the actual test and ACEIS, please go to www.drplechner.com and under GET HELP and Test information/Info, read the Human Protocol and ACEIS.

Hopefully one day, a total or adrenal estrogen test will be included an all blood test workups that are done for Alzheimer patients.


Dr. AL Plechner

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