Total Estrogen – Part 1: Cancer

Posted on February 18th, 2014

If you or your pet has allergies, autoimmunity or cancer, have you ever asked your health care professional why total estrogen was never measured?

There is an important realization in today’s medical world, that elevated serum estrogen levels not only cause oxidative imbalances, increased inflammation and damaging free radicals, but there is a concern that it will cause many other catastrophic diseases that involve allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

If this seems to be the medical concern, than why are people only tested for ovarian hormones and only estradiol in males and animal species?

Why have I found elevated total estrogen in female animals that have had their ovaries removed and in male animals with no ovaries? Hopefully this will be a question you ask your physician and your veterinarian.

Why is total estrogen not being measured, especially when there is a medical concern about the production of elevated amounts of estrogen and the diseases they can cause?

There seems to be a lack of realization by the medical profession, whether for humans or for animals, that elevated total estrogen will occur when the middle layer adrenal cortex is compromised by genetics, stress, alcohol, drugs, improper nutrition and exercise, radiation, anesthesia, medical supplements, vaccines, estrogen mimickers etc. or just acquired with age. You might ask yourself, what is compromised, that allows for this elevated, total estrogen to occur?

Elevated total estrogen occurs when there is a middle layer adrenal cortex imbalance in its production of normal amounts of daily, natural cortisol. This may manifest itself as being deficient, defective or a bound cortisol. However in the late 1940’s, a well-known medical clinic used a form of cortisol in overdose amounts, to treat human patients that had arthritis and created successful results, but with severe side effects. At that time, they may not have realized that cortisol is a natural, daily hormonal secretion, that when not identified and supplemented, can cause major side effects. This was the “bad wrap” that caused this supplemented cortisol to be called the “X Substance”, which has carried over in the minds of the medical practitioners.

The carryover of this X-Substance has led to the fear of using a cortisol replacement medically, even though there was little recognition at that time, that humans and animals must produce a certain amount of natural cortisol daily from their middle layer adrenal cortex, if they are to remain healthy and avoid allergies, autoimmunity and cancer. Over the years, the use of a cortisol replacement supplement has been taboo, even in a patient showing absolute signs of a cortisol imbalance.

All kinds of alternative hormone therapy are still being used today in order to avoid the use of a true cortisol replacement from pregnenolone, to DHEA and progesterone etc., in order to be able to say as a medical practitioner, “I am not using a true cortisol replacement”! The shame of this issue is that this lack of recognition of the use of a real cortisol replacement may lead to the use of a supplement that cannot be transferred into a useable cortisol replacement that the patient needs.

It takes five separate enzymatic cycles to take the precursor of cortisol to the useable hormone products the body needs. For further information on these enzymatic cycles, please read the article entitled, "An Animal Model Similar to PCOS and CAH".

Did you realize that the precursor of cortisol is cholesterol? Probably not!

The five enzymatic cycles that must be working in your body will take cholesterol to pregnenolone, to progesterone, to prednisolone and to cortisol. Hopefully you might now understand, if these enzymatic cycles are not working, why your progesterone whether oral, injectable or transdermal, did not work! Please also think about using a cholesterol lowering supplement which might interfere with your actual production of necessary cortisol to maintain good health.

I also have found that a natural cortisol imbalance will lead to an inability of the pituitary gland to create more production of natural cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex. When this occurs, the inner layer adrenal cortex will respond with an elevated production of adrenal estrogen, which is not included in your normal estrogen test! Today’s medical tests do not measure adrenal estrogen, which is not included with the ovarian estrogens in women and the estradiol measured in men and animals!

The medical profession does realize that subjecting estrogen to normal tissue will cause uncontrolled tissue growth. This is a fact and since this is the case, why is total estrogen not being measured?

The medical profession realizes that elevated estrogen will cause inflammation of all the endothelial cells that line the arteries in the body. When this occurs, there can be early fibrin laydown, which will open the patient’s vascular system up to coronary occlusion, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes etc., however total estrogen is still not being measured!!!

Many women, when they have their period and their ovaries produce more additive estrogen to their adrenal estrogen, may develop migraine headaches including epileptic seizures! One of the main causes of Idiopathic epilepsy in dogs and cats comes from a measurable amount of elevated total estrogen, probably causing an inflammation of their cerebral arteries, which in turn will cause the seizures. Please remember this is happening to dogs and cats with no ovaries!

What else occurs when the total estrogen is elevated?

The total elevated estrogen can cause the following imbalances to occur:

  1.  It will deregulate the immune system, so that the B and T lymphocytes will no longer provide their protective functions for the body. When this affects the T-lymphocyte, chronic viruses may develop including fungal infections like candida etc. This is the reason HIV virus can continue into AIDS. This is why chronic liver viruses seem to remain and sometimes prosper! When the B-lymphocyte is compromised, it may allow for chronic, bacterial infections that may occur including an inability to produce protective antibodies toward bacterial invaders and vaccinations.
  2. Total elevated estrogen will act to block the receptor sites for your thyroid hormone which means you or your pet can be overweight and still have normal, measurable, thyroid hormone production. For further information on this subject, please read the article entitled, "Metabolic Hypothyroidism in Humans and Animals". This may help you understand why vaccines, anesthetics, insect bites and many different supplementations and medications can become an overdose, based upon this elevated estrogenic block of the thyroid receptor sites. In humans with an elevated total estrogen, sometimes their Reverse T3 is also produced and when this happens, giving your patient a T4 supplement is absolutely the wrong thing to do, because the T4 supplement will only be turned into more reverse T3 which further blocks the thyroid receptor sites. If the Reverse T3 is elevated, a T3 supplement may be the only answer to correct this problem.
  3. Total elevated estrogen will cause the immune cells of the body to lose recognition of self-tissue and cause the production of anti-antibody and early aging to occur and is the reason for autoimmunity and why certain tissues in the body have been targeted not to carry out their normal function. This will include Hashimoto’s Syndrome, MS, Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia and Thrombocytopenia, as well as many more autoimmune diseases.
  4. The elevated total estrogen will cause the B-lymphocyte production of protective antibody to decline and when the mucous membrane antibody, referred to as IgA is too low, malabsorption of oral supplements may occur.
  5. This is why an IgA level should always be checked for you, your family members and your family pet, before a medication is dispensed. This is one reason why, if you or a family member including your family pet is hospitalized, an intravenous or intramuscular medication will work in the hospital but when the patient is sent home on the same oral medication, it does not work because their IgA level was too low for them to absorb. My clinical studies indicate that a canine and feline IgA needs to be at 58mg. % or higher to absorb oral medication and oral supplements and in a human, that level needs to be at 68mg. % or higher for absorption to also occur.

If the medical profession is concerned about the inflammation of the cerebral arteries causing Alzheimer’s Syndrome, please tell me why the medical profession is not measuring total estrogen?

Including allergies, autoimmunity and cancer, elevated total estrogen will be involved but not believed by the medical profession yet the day will come when total estrogen is determined if you ask for it!

A total estrogen elevation will occur before an uncontrolled tissue growth is identified. I have found this in dogs, cats and horses. Every human patient that has cancer that I have been involved with all had elevated total estrogen.

Why not do this kind of preventative blood serum test in humans? It might be the protective link that needs to be associated with a mammogram. This is not to say a mammogram is not indicated for women, but it is to say a total estrogen test might be more significant to identify and correct before any type of uncontrolled tissue growth occurs in mammary tissue.

Hopefully some Institution or Foundation that deals with Breast Cancer in woman, will see the value in first doing a simple total estrogen test which is easy and inexpensive and could be included in the regular blood test that are routinely done on humans when they have their yearly physical.

The life you save may be yours, or a member of your family, or your family pet and why not asked your health care professional to please measure total estrogen?

Please remember, any chronic disease that you, your family and your pet are faced with, just might be due to an endocrine immune imbalance that has caused an elevated total estrogen, that can be controlled and help correct that disease.

These are only my thoughts and I hope they make sense because they do happen to work.