Total Estrogen is the Answer to Many Inflammatory Diseases in Humans and in Animals, Yet it is Rarely Measured

Posted on August 18th, 2015

The time has arrived when the world of medicine, whether for humans or for animals, needs to measure total estrogen, which includes not only ovarian estrogen but also adrenal estrogen.

The belief that female humans only produce ovarian estradiol, estrone and estriole, should be a thing of the past. Postmenopausal human women, human males, and both sexes of canines and felines, are thought to produce only estradiol, which is very wrong.

This is why supplementing an ovarian estrogen imbalance may cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer if total estrogen is not measured. No wonder so many of these chronic diseases in humans and animals seem to have no treatment.

When a cortisol imbalance occurs from the middle layer adrenal cortex and when the hypothalamic-pituitary axis cannot recognize a deregulated cortisol, which causes the pituitary gland to continue producing its hormone, ACTH, elevated adrenal estrogen is produced but seldom measured. When this happens, the inner layer adrenal cortex responds with an over production of adrenal estrogen.

My past articles indicate that when this happens, the elevated adrenal estrogen not only binds the receptor sites for both T3 and T4, but also deregulate the immune system that will no longer protect the patients. This will also cause loss of recognition of self-tissue, which will cause allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

The publication, Townsend Letter, this month is publishing my article on cancer and soon will publish my article on my Theory of Cancer and the Cortisol Connection.

There seems to be a lack of knowledge that normal amounts of cortisol must be produced every day by ALL mammals, if the regulation of the immune system is going to protect the patient.

I have reported so many times, indicating that in humans and animals, total estrogen is involved with all these diseases but unfortunately, being a non- boarded DVM, I am not believed.

A major roll that total estrogen plays in the body, is in its regulation of the negative feedback to the pituitary and thyroid, and the immune system. The medical profession recognizes the fact that when estrogen is exposed to normal tissue, that normal tissue grows. Why not realize, that total estrogen might be involved with allergies, autoimmunity and cancer, in your pet or yourself.

My question for you is, has your heath care professional ever tested you for total estrogen?

Please realize, that excess total estrogen causes inflammation of all the endothelial cells that line the arteries in the body.

The medical literature admits that when an estrogen dominate, human female menstruates and her ovarian estrogen is added to her adrenal estrogen, she may have migraine headaches and also epileptic seizures.

If the world of medicine is so concerned with inflammation, why is total estrogen not measured? Please consider all the diseases that the medical profession believes are caused by inflammation.

I have had the opportunity to blood test patients, but only through their MD’s, and all their allergies, autoimmune diseases including, MS patients, ALS, AIDS and cancer patients, all had elevated total estrogen, based upon an imbalanced cortisol.

If inflammation is involved with Autism, Ahlzeihermers syndrome, Parkinsonians, etc., why NOT have total estrogen checked?

You and your pets and your children may all be involved with total estrogen imbalances, so why not check this possible, elevated estrogen level?

My frustration comes from the fact that people and pet owners never consider the effects that total estrogen causes.

Please imagine the pain that comes from intolerable migraine headaches, due to elevated estrogen and then realize why these poor autistic children often beat their heads against the wall, because they cannot stand the pain of their migraines.

What will it take for you to try a different direction that has worked? Please remember, you are deciding the future for your pet, your child and yourself.

These are only my thoughts, but they have worked and will continue to do so, if only, you will have your health care specialist measure total estrogen levels.

All you need to do is ask your health care professional to check elevated estrogen, and if they won’t, definitely find someone else that is interesting in learning and I will be more than happy to help.

For further information, please read other articles on this site.

Please remember, life is precious and where there is life, there will always be hope.


Dr. AL Plechner