The Time Has Come When You Must Check Which Countries Supplements Originate From

Posted on June 20th, 2016


The time has come, when those of you that know a better way, need to realize that our supplements are being invaded, by other countries.

America has become an income center for other countries, because what they are selling to America, they would often never sell, to their own country.

This obviously is a time for Americans, to pay attention.

America is trying to be taken over by foreign countries that know we Americans have fought, for hundreds of years, and yet these countries could care less.

There seems, to be more than ISSIS that we need to worry about.

Please consider all the melamine, contaminated Chinese pet foods that killed felines, with kidney malfunction.

That seems to be OK, because our pet food manufactures thought they had found a better way to make profits at the expense of your cat.

Much of the rice that is being sent to America, is coming out of rice soils that are high in arsenic

The rest of the world knows, if they send products to America, they will make more money than selling their product in their own country, even if their products are harmful.


The problem is that the agencies that that know the harms that these products are causing, are trying to help the world to know, but they are so over whelmed, even though the World Health Organization is trying to inform the world, that genetically modified foods  (GMO) products, are carcinogenic, which means these food products, can cause cancer.

Please realize that many health food supplements, are concentrates often, from different plants that may be GMO.

If you are considering feeding pet foods that list corn, corn gluten, and any form of corn, you may be feeding your pet GMO corn.

Please remember, 90 % of all diets that are listed, the first three ingredients.

The longer the ingredient label, the worse the diet, because good nutrition is simple. Realizing this, I have spent many years trying real supplements, and the ones I have suggested, are the ones that have worked for my patients, the best, for over 50 years,

If you speak with the manufacturer, and you are told the products that they use, are from foreign countries, are cheaper, definitely move on.

The supplement industry should be interested in helping their patient, as opposed to only helping their wallet.

For a list of this supplements, please go to and Food Supplements, or go to the internet, with Foods and Supplements, with my name.

Hopefully this will help you pick the proper supplement and proper food, in order to avoid this prostitution of America and our pets.

The time has come, to never let this happen again.

Hopefully this will help you to make better decisions, because after all, we are all Americans, which also includes our pets.

I promise you, if you take care of America, America will take care of yiu,


Dr. AL Plechner