Thoughts About Chronic Diseases in Humans and Animals

Posted on June 14th, 2016

Humans and animals, were never designed to develop chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases have developed over time, from gene pools becoming too close,

environmental toxins and acquired, through natural aging.

Humans and animals, were designed to have a normal endocrine system that regulates their immune system.

When improper genetics, environmental toxins and aging occur, changes also occur with the endocrine regulation of the immune system.

Because of these changes in the endocrine system, the immune system becomes deregulated and cannot protect humans or animals, from chronic diseases.

Today’s medical practices, for the most part, are trying to find ways to treat the effects of these chronic diseases, without actually identifying the endocrine immune imbalances that are causing these chronic diseases.

There seems to be a diffinent lack of understanding, that the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

For the most part, the immune system is regulated and does not function on its own, causing chronic diseases

For the sake of discussion, let’s examine what is involved, with a normal endocrine system.

Let’s begin with what I believe to be, the most important, regulatory hormone in the body, for humans and for animals.

That hormone is called Cortisol, which must be produced every day, in active amounts, from the middle layer adrenal cortex.

This natural Cortisol works in conjunction with the hypothalamic- pituitary axis, involving the production of their hormones.

Once the normal Cortisol is produced, and it helps regulate the function of the immune system, it is then broken down in the liver and the Cortisol break down products, are excreted by the kidneys.

When this occurs, and the normal Cortisol level drops, the hypothalamus responds with its hormone, referred to as Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF) which in turn, causes the pituitary gland to release its hormone, referred to as Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH).

When these glands release their hormones, it causes the middle layer adrenal cortex, to release its hormone, referred to as Cortisol.

When this negative feedback mechanism, between the middle layer adrenal cortex, the hypothalamus, and the pituitary gland are normal, they allow for the normal regulation of the immune system to occur, and chronic diseases will not develop.

This is also taking into consideration that the thyroid gland is also functioning, normally.

When there is a disruption of this negative feedback mechanism, this is when chronic diseases can develop.

I personally believe, the factor that initiates the domino effect that leads to chronic diseases, begins with Cortisol.

When improper genetics, environmental toxins, and aging, alters the natural production of Cortisol or alters the Cortisol itself rendering non-functional, the domino effect for chronic diseases, will begin.

When a Cortisol level has been identified as being normal by any laboratory, unless that level of Cortisol is compared to the hypothalamic- pituitary axis and adrenal estrogen is measured, there is no way to indicate if that Cortisol is functional, or non-functional

I believe, today’s Achilles tendon, relates to all the different unnecessary, health invasions that negatively affect the middle layer, adrenal cortex and its production of normal amounts of Cortisol.

To read more about these various health invasions on the Cortisol producing layer, please go or the internet with my name, and read an article titled, Today’s Achilles Tendon May be Better Applied to the Adrenal Cortex and Its Production of Adrenal Estrogen, Then with the Tendon to the Back of the Heel.

What happens when the middle layer adrenal production of the Cortisol, becomes deficient or non-functional?

The Cortisol will not allow the negative feedback mechanism to function normally, and the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, will keep producing their hormone, without a viable response, from the middle layer adrenal cortex, involving its production of normal amounts, of Cortisol.

The hypothalamus and pituitary glands will keep producing their hormones, and the inner layer adrenal cortex will respond, by producing excessive amounts of adrenals estrogen and androgen.

NOTE: This article will only deal with the excessive amounts of adrenal estrogen.

Before continuing on, did you realize that adrenal estrogen has not been recognized or measured yet?

Apparently in the late 1940’s, some of the human laboratories decided that there were only three types of estrogen being produced in the body, mainly from the ovaries.

They are estradiol, estrone and estriole, but no adrenal estrogen.

However, there are small amounts of those three ovarian estrogens, thought to be produced by the brain, skin and fatty tissue.

Adrenal estrogen and the damage it can cause, has not be recognized, except in my publications and in the 90,000 animal blood test results, including 2,000 human blood tests, that I was fortunately, involved with.

The significance of elevated adrenal estrogen, will lead to chronic diseases like allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

What does elevated adrenal estrogen do?

1) It will neutralize the effects of thyroid hormone.

2) It will deregulate the immune system. When this happens, the following will occur;

   A. The immune cells, B and T Lymphocytes are deregulated and will not perform

        their protective duties for the body.

   B. These immune cells will lose recognition of self-tissue and that is what causes

        autoimmunity and cancer


  C. The elevated adrenal estrogen will reduce the B-lymphocytes production of

      antibody and in animals, when the reduction of the mucous membrane

      antibody, referred to IgA, is below 58mg/dL, malabsorption of many oral

      supplements and steroids will occur. In humans, that level is 68mg/dL.

      A prime example of this, is when a patient is hospitalized and given

      intravenous or intramuscular antibiotics, without first checking the patient’s

      IgA level.

      The patient is then sent home on the same oral antibiotic, and must return to

      the hospital once again, because of a low IgA and malabsorption of the oral


D. The elevated adrenal estrogen causes inflammation of the endothelial

     cells that line all the arteries, in the body.

     You can begin to realize all the damaging, chronic diseases that can occur to

     animals and to humans, when there is Cortisol imbalance causing the

     production of elevated amounts, of adrenal estrogen.

     This can cause idiopathic epilepsy in animals, and when women have this

     imbalance, when their ovaries begin to produce elevated amounts of ovarian

     estrogen during menstruation, the combination of excess adrenal estrogen and

     their ovarian estrogen may cause migraine headaches and epileptic seizures.

     With the inflammation, that a cortisol imbalance can cause, by allowing for the

     production, of elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen, you can begin to

     imagine the possibilities of various chronic diseases, and why adrenal estrogen,

     should be measured and identified.

   The following are suspect diseases;

      . Allergies

      . Autoimmunity

      . Cancer

      . MS

      . MD

      . Any inflammatory disease of the brain, like Alzheimer’s syndrome,

      . Parkinson’s syndrome, Dementia etc.

      . Chronic viral diseases like HIV, Feline Leukemia and FIV

      . Chronic bacterial infections

      . Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome

      . Chronic Lyme’s disease.

      . PMS

      . Autism

      . Vascular occlusion

It is not to say, all of these diseases are due to elevated adrenal estrogen, but I think it is very important to test these levels, in order to make sure, the Cortisol Domino effect, has not begun.

For information on the proper tests needed to identify a Cortisol imbalance with elevated adrenal estrogen, and the Domino effect, please go to either to or the internet with my name, and Animal Protocol and the Human Protocol.

Many human laboratories can perform these tests, but for animals at this time, there is only one veterinary laboratory that can perform these tests, for you.

They are the National Veterinary Diagnostic Services, and you can find more information about them, by going to their website, on the internet.

This article will hopefully, make you think about chronic diseases, in a new light, and realize that there is a measurable mechanism, that can identify an endocrine immune imbalance, and at the same time provide a way, to treat the imbalance, and correct the chronic disease.

Hopefully the day will come, when this Protocol can be checked and corrected in humans and in animals as a preventative test, in order to correct any imbalances that are present, before they cause chronic diseases.

These are just my thoughts, and I hope will help you make a difference for both yourself and for your pet.


Dr. AL Plechner