Thoughts About Radiation

Posted on July 11th, 2016

By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

For many years, the literature has related to the protective qualities of many types of nutritional clay that can neutralize and detoxify exposure to radiation. It has also been recognized that these forms of nutritional clay can be taken internally and applied externally through baths and poultices, which is the fastest and most efficient way to remove radiation from the body quickly. The application of nutritional clay is recommended most frequently during times of extreme radiation exposure, like now with the melt down in Fukushima Japan.

Giving out iodine tablets to those Japanese that have undergone or will be undergoing extreme radiation exposure, will not save their lives unless the nutritional clay can be given to help them detoxify and shed the radiation from their body and the body of their pets, before permanent radiation damage occurs.

It is recognized that iodine does not protect or help detoxify radiation exposure from uranium, cesium or plutonium! The nutritional clay not only detoxifies the radiation but also detoxifies most damaging heavy metals and toxins that we are all exposed to daily.

At the time of the Fukushima meltdown, I was working as a consultant for a nutritional clay company, and asked them to send a letter to the Japanese government acknowledging the fact, that they should treat all their people and animals with nutritional clay.

I understand, the government has provided the people and animals of Fukushima with a nutritional clay called zeolite.

Have we learned much since the Chernobyl meltdown? I really do not think so. We have accepted the fact that melt downs occur, so we need to build safer structures to avoid a manmade radiation meltdown, but what about a natural disaster meltdown that occurred in Japan? That which we cannot stop, and we only hope it never happens to us.

What should we have learned from the Russians and the Chernobyl meltdown?

1. When the first responders go into this lethal radiation, they first rub nutritional clay all over their bodies even before they put on their radiation armament.

2. The next step was to quickly bury the damaged nuclear reactor with nutritional clay cement to reduce the amount of uncontrolled radiation seeping out of the damaged nuclear reactor.

3. All the exposed people to this radiation were asked to include the nutritional clay when they showered or bathed.

4. The nutritional clay was included as an ingredient in the commercial chocolate bars and also added to all the animal feeds for the animals that were raised for human consumption.

In general, the end products of radiation contamination can hopefully be mixed with nutritional clay to reduce the radiation exposure to all living plants and animals once accumulated in dump sites in most countries including our own. I personally believe that radioactive materials would be more receptive to the negative ions found in nutritional clay that contains montmorillinite that seems to be the best of the nutritional clay. This however is only my opinion.

This and other clays set up an electromagnetic polarity in the body that causes those radiation, heavy metal and toxic molecules to bind to the negative ions and are neutralized, which I would think would be more effective using this special calcium montmorillinite with its negative ion, and once neutralized and denatured, the molecules are excreted from the body through the urine and feces. It has well been documented that radiation and electromagnetic fields definitely change the hormone and immune modulation through the pineal body, which is the computer chip of the body causing major disruptive changes in the body.

Hopefully this article will help you realize what the world is facing now and will be facing in the future. Now is the time, while this is happening, for you, your family and your pets to take this special calcium montmorillinite ("living clay") to help insure your future as I do for myself, my family and my pets, because I do worry about the environment we all live in.

I did research other forms of this special calcium montmorillinite for my family and for myself, based upon what the Russians are doing to continue the cleansing of all their people that have been and are still being exposed to daily radioactive leakage from the Chernobyl meltdown. One scientist reports that certain types of radioactive compounds that are still being released from the Chernobyl meltdown may have a half-life of 2500 years! This is very, very, scary!

In looking at man and what man has created for energy, using radiation as a resource, it has all of the living inhabitants of the world whether animals or plants, very endangered, and we need to worry about what will happen to our families with future exposure from radiation meltdowns that will occur. If we return to the lessons learned from Chernobyl and what the Russians have learned to do for their people with their continued exposure to radiation, this will definitely help us with our future when dealing with radiation exposure.

We must listen and learn, "because before us, go they". Hopefully all the Japanese people that have been exposed to radiation can also learn from the Russians, because the radiation exposure from the meltdown in Japan may go on for many centuries, but I certainly hope not.

Unfortunately many items that were exposed to the Fukushima meltdown have floated across the Pacific Ocean and have landed on the shores of the United States, West coast.

There are reports of increased radiation exposure up to 8 parts per million, which is well over the acceptable legal limit for radiation exposure at this time, along the coastline of California. At Big Sur.

I have found that nutritional clay that contains montmorillinite comes in many different forms and uses, especially for detoxification of radiation but also for damaging heavy metal and environmental toxin neutralization that we are exposed to daily from our foods and from our environment.

I personally have all my family, take the nutritional clay once a day, not only for ourselves but also for our many pets that range from dogs, cats, birds, fish and our wildlife, which is so outstanding where we live, in North Idaho.

I certainly hope my thoughts on radiation exposure will help you, your family and your family pets, because we are living in an altered environment, which we and our families need to exist in, but at the same time also leave a better world for our grandchildren especially with less radiation. If you are looking for more information on radiation, you can search for radiation and Dr. Plechner in your preferred search engine for more information.

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