Why are Synthetic Hormones Usually Recommended by Dr. Plechner?

Posted on July 1st, 2016

I asked Dr. Plechner this question:

Why do you usually recommend the use of synthetic hormones for replacement, as opposed to natural substances for the hormone replacement?

Dr. Plechner related this to me.

During my 50 years of practice I have tried and studied, natural substances for use as replacement hormones.

I am in total favor of always, using a natural supplement, whenever possible.

Over the years, I have tried natural substances like Isocort, made from sheep adrenal cortex, which worked well in many different cases, however Isocort is no longer available.

I spent several years, using Hydrocortisone as a cortisol replacement, and found that before I could reach clinical management, side effects occurred.

Because of this, I had many veterinary practitioners that believed in only the use of natural replacement hormones, still continue to use low dose hydrocortisone in combination, with a synthetic steroid.

Dr. Plechner further indicated, if a patient has an acute allergy, autoimmune disease. or cancer, whose blood test results indicate ACEIS is the cause, with the accompanying endocrine immune imbalances, Dr. Plechner will always recommend the use of synthetic hormone, supplements first, for immediate care and relief, for the patient.

Dr. Plechner also believes that once the patient has recovered, if their veterinarian would like to try a more natural replacement, now would be the time.

The importance of Dr. Plechner discovering and providing his endocrine immune blood test, which is the cause ACEIS, it identifies a baseline imbalance that can be used with natural replacement substances, in order to indicate if those natural substances are actually working.

I also asked Dr. Plechner, which oral synthetic, cortisol synthetics, he found that worked the best for his different patients?

The following is the list that he shared with me.;


  • Medrol or its generic, methylprednisolone.
  • If side effects occur, like increased appetite, or increased thirst, or panting at night, Prednisolone or Vetalog, can be tried, as a replacement steroid.


  • Prednisolone
  • If side effects occur, Medrol or Vetalog can be used, as a substitute.

Dr. Plechner also indicated the following, which I would like to share with you.

He said, the following.

I worry about the use of Prednisone as a synthetic hormone, because there is a general concern about the effects that steroid can have, on the liver.

Please realize that Prednisone must be transformed by the liver into Prednisolone, and that is why I always prescribe Prednisolone.

Even if Prednisone is prescribed as a replacement steroid in a patient, and the patient already has a liver disease, the liver be stressed to convert the Prednisone into Prednisolone, and use of the steroid might not work, and even cause a side effect.

We hope this will help explain some of Dr. Plechner’s thoughts about steroid use, and why he chooses to use synthetic hormone replacements.


Team P and Gucci.