Why Are Steroids Commonly Prescribed Even If They Are Thought To Be Harmful?

Posted on January 13th, 2014

For the most part, most people and even their health care professionals, do not realize that normal steroid production in the form of cortisol, needs to be produced daily from the middle layer adrenal cortex if diseases like allergies, autoimmunity and cancer are to be avoided. Many of the people and health care practitioners seem not to realize that the cortisol produced by the middle layer adrenal cortex may be one of the most important hormones produced in the body for you, your family, and your family pet, if they are going to remain in good health.

Unfortunately in 1948, cortisone was painted as a harmful substance that might cause all kinds of damage to the body, and since then, cortisol has been considered the X-substance that should never be used even though it is a vital, natural hormone the body must produce, if good health is to be maintained! Many medical vectors may come and go but unfortunately this wrong cortisol vector has remained and has created the cause of many catastrophic diseases that are prominent in today’s medical world.

I published my first medical paper in 1976 in Modern Veterinary Practice on this subject and was nationally admonished by the Veterinary Allergy Academy. Soon thereafter, Dr. William Mck Jefferies published his book on The Safe Uses of Cortisone for people. I contacted Dr. Mck Jefferies soon thereafter and he had me call the Broda Barns MD Research Foundation who looked upon his research favorably and spoke with their head person, Patricia Puglia, who invited me to speak at their foundation in 2003. I do have those Power Point presentations on my website for your consideration.

Please look at the articles on my website regarding cortisol and please go to www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/safe-uses to read about Dr. Mck Jefferies and what he has discovered for humans.

There is still little recognition that cortisol production and its use is so important for the control of modern day chronic, catastrophic diseases, even though it is often used and misunderstood. Any allergy, autoimmune disease and cancer, all have a cortisol imbalance whether it is deficient, bound or defective, but unfortunately due to this medical vector, the importance of cortisol has not yet been recognized by the medical profession!

If cortisol is measured and it is normal, it means very little! How often are you told that you and/or your pet are completely normal according to the blood test results, even though you and/or your pet still do not feel well? Without testing what the effects of cortisol are doing, means very little. This is why when only doing free hormones for cortisol, T3 and T4 and free cortisol may seem important, but their importance lies with the fact of whether the body can use them or not!

If the cortisol production is low, normal or high, there still will be no indication of how the body will be able to utilize this level of cortisol unless you also measure the effects it needs to make in the body.

Just so you understand this, natural, normal cortisol is produced by the middle layer adrenal cortex. It works as a negative feedback to the pituitary gland. The cortisol, when being produced in proper amounts, provides its necessary functions, but its main function is to regulate the immune system and then it is broken down by the liver.

When this occurs, and the cortisol falls below a certain level, the pituitary gland responds to this decreased amount of cortisol by producing its hormone called ACTH. This production of ACTH causes the middle layer adrenal cortex to release its hormone called cortisol.

Please think about this! IF the cortisol is deficient, defect or bound, the negative feedback mechanism to the pituitary is damaged. If this occurs, the pituitary gland will continue to produce its hormone ACTH, because the cortisol producing layer is damaged. When this occurs, the inner layer adrenal cortex will respond with a direct feedback, producing both estrogen and androgen. There are many scientific papers discussing what over production of androgen can do to the body, but my main interest lies with the excess production of adrenal estrogen and the catastrophic diseases it can cause.

For pet owners that have pets with a cortisol imbalance without measuring androgen, often they will observe their female dog humping another dog, or a female cat marking their walls spraying urine. Many times they will find their pets being attacked by other pets, because of passing androgen in their urine and hormonally smelling like they have not been neutered.

The world of medicine seems to be concerned with the excess estrogen that comes from phytoestrogens that we eat and xenoestrogens that occur in manufactured products that contain estrogen mimickers that we may use daily, however the medical profession has not yet realized that with a cortisol imbalance, huge amounts of very damaging adrenal estrogen is the cause of most chronic, catastrophic diseases we experience with people and animals.

Considering human beings, women are usually only tested for the three ovarian hormones call estradiol, estrone and estrin and not total estrogen that includes adrenal estrogen. In men, only estradiol is measured as it also is, but less often measured, in male and female dogs and cats. I believe the medical profession recognizes that high levels of most types of estrogen can cause uncontrolled tissue growth even if all forms of estrogen are not being measured!

Before we even get started, the world of medicine and you, need to realize, that the endocrine system regulates the immune system and usually the immune system does not function on its own unless hormonally deregulated.

What does elevated natural estrogen really do?

It will deregulate the immune system so it will not perform its functions to protect the body. It will also cause the B-lymphocyte to decrease its antibody production, and when this happens and the mucous membrane antibody called IgA is below a certain level, oral nutrients, supplements and even hormonal replacement therapy will be of little value based upon the patient’s ability to absorb. Please read the Blog on this website called The Vicious Estrogenic Cycle for a better understanding.

The elevated total estrogen will also cause the immune system to lose recognition of self-tissue and will allow for the destruction and lack of maintenance of that specific tissue, which can range from red blood cells, white blood cells, thrombocytes, connective tissue, nervous tissue etc. and on to many other types of tissue that are referred to as being the target organ tissue for autoimmunity and or cancer! When this occurs, often an immune deregulator may help stop the immune destruction that occurs to the specific tissue, however what it has done is to create two nonfunctional systems including the endocrine system, which is already damaged and has allowed for this out-of-control immune system to further compromise the patient.

Hopefully, now you can realize that the medical and veterinary professions that are still using steroids in their patients and have found that it works, but at the same time, they have been funding a cortisol imbalance that their medical vector has called the damaging X-Substance!

Please also realize that there is a species difference with the use of replacement steroid.

Humans and canines normally need to take a T4 thyroid hormone with their daily steroid to guarantee that the specific amount of replacement steroid they are taking is broken down in 24 hours and is excreted by the kidneys, unless the steroid replacement that is being used, is short acting and does not last for 24 hours.

In humans, a Reverse T3 test is imperative to check if their total estrogen is elevated because if they are put only on a T4 supplement, the reverse T3 will turn the T4 into more Reverse T4 and allow the replacement thyroid hormone not to work.

Felines, in 90% of their steroid imbalances, will need to take only the steroid and no thyroid unless they are suffering from a retrovirus like FIP.

Horses normally will take thyroid hormone only in the face of a cortisol imbalance, because the replacement thyroid hormone seems to help the metabolism of the middle layer adrenal cortex to increase its amounts of cortisol production. Sometimes this cortisol imbalance will happen due to the elevated amounts of phytoestrogen in the hay in their food supply. There seems to be a huge difference in phytoestrogens in hay from different parts of the country. This was a research project I suggested to one of the Veterinary Universities that fell through!

Please go to Get Help section on this website for the test you and your pet will need, that will definitely provide the information that will help you and your pet survive many of these imbalanced catastrophic endocrine immune diseases.

Please realize the life you may save may be yours, your family or your child including your pet.

The time has come to think outside the box and please remember if you or anyone you know becomes a statistic, this is wrong because from a HEALERS standpoint, there is a better way.