Why Are We Seeing an Increase in Cancer in Humans and in Animals?

Posted on July 7th, 2016

It appears, that there is a definite increase in the number of cancer patients, in the world, affecting both humans and animals.

In my 50 years of clinical, veterinary practice, I have found that most the cancer patients I have been involved with, whether animal or human, all have elevated inner layer, Zona Reticularis, adrenal estrogen, that is rarely measured in modern medicine.

Before even considering any of this, you must have an updated education that prepares you for the fact that the endocrine system regulates the immune system and normally the immune system does NOT, function individually.

Once you realize this, as a health care professional, much of your future diagnosis and treatment of your patients, may change.

Unfortunately, medical specialization has provided so much information in specific areas that most of the specialists have the tree, but not the forest.

It is recognized medically that elevated estrogen will cause inflammation of all the endothelial cells that line the arteries in the body.

The elevated estrogen can cause inflammation of any impact area, based upon genetics and genetic mutations. However, adrenal estrogen is rarely measured along with E1, E2, and E3 in females and estradiol in males.

The medical profession knows that if a drop of estrogen is exposed to normal tissue, the tissue may grow at an uncontrolled rate. However, total estrogen is simply not being measured.

I have been involved with many pet owners that had their canines and themselves involved with many different types of cancer, including breast cancer.

They all had elevated total estrogen, which included adrenal estrogen, which again. is usually NOT measured.

Once this situation of elevated total estrogen is identified and corrected, the further production of uncontrolled tissue growth will end. However, even after correcting this imbalance, many times a specific type of radiation may be indicated in order to destroy the tumor that the elevated total estrogen initiated or potentiated.

Sometimes the suggested chemotherapy may further cause damage to not only the middle layer adrenal cortex and its production of active cortisol, which will allow the adrenal estrogen to increase, and may further the damage that has already been done to the deregulated, immune system.

Elevated adrenal estrogen occurs due to a middle layer imbalance in functional cortisol.

Animals and humans need to produce 30 to 35 ug/dL of functional cortisol daily.

For further factual, information regarding normal cortisol production, please see the book, The Safe Uses of Cortisol by Dr. William McK. Jefferies.

Dr. Mck. Jeffries attended my lectures in 2002 at the Broda O. Barnes MD Research Foundation in Connecticut, and agreed with my findings as does Dr. Johnathan Collins, publisher of The Townsend Letter.

Dr. John Lee discussed my clinical findings,

David Horrobin, past editor of Medical Hypothesis, published my findings, and was also a great believer of what I have found, as a veterinarian, which also relates to humans.

You can read their comments on the home page at www.drplechner.com.

My personal belief suggest that the Achilles’ tendon of the body of humans and animals is the middle layer of the adrenal cortex and its production of active, regulatory, cortisol.

In my opinion, cortisol is NOT the stress hormone! The stress hormone is adrenaline and in its production from DOPA Amine to epinephrine, it uses cortisol as a catalyst, and once the middle layer adrenal cortex is deficient (exhausted), my syndrome, which includes elevated adrenal estrogen, begins with the deregulation of the immune system.

NOTE: Please go to my website, and under ABOUT and early publications, see the 1978 endocrine immune cycles, indicating that active cortisol is decreased when stress occurs, including the effects that are also caused by genetics, anesthesia, pesticides, vaccines, damaging heavy metals, radiation, various toxins, GMO foods, etc.    

If the production of functional cortisol is deficient, or defective, the cortisol will not be recognized by the negative feedback mechanism to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary axis, and the ACTH production from the pituitary gland will continue.

This imbalance definitely affects both humans and animals.

When this functional cortisol imbalance occurs, and the Hypothalamus continues its production of CRF, and the pituitary production of ACTH continues, and the inner layer adrenal cortex will respond in a direct feedback mechanism, and cause the production of excess adrenal estrogen.

When this occurs, what happens?

  • The elevated total estrogen, deregulates the immune system, so not only does the immune system not function to provide its various protective duties for the patient, but the elevated estrogen causes the immune system to lose recognition of self-tissue and this is when allergies, autoimmunity and cancer can begin.

When this imbalance, and the production of total estrogen occurs, the immune system will not perform its normal functions. The deregulated, non-protective, T lymphocyte will allow for the development of various viruses and fungi like candida, herpes virus, and shingles to occur, including the HIV virus to move from a positive HIV status, into the AIDS disease in the affected patient.

NOTE: Much of today’s cancer theories revolve around a virus or bacteria that is the cause of cancer, but my question is even if there is a cancer causing virus, will it be allowed to manifest itself without an endocrine immune imbalance that deregulates the T lymphocyte?

Many years ago, I had a physician in Chicago do my endocrine immune blood test on six of his AIDS patients, and they ALL had elevated total estrogen with a deregulated T-lymphocyte, that allowed the HIV virus to continue into the AIDS disease. Once their endocrine immune imbalance was corrected and the elevated total estrogen was reduced, and the T- lymphocyte function returned to normal, and their disease was controlled.

This is a similar disease that I have controlled with retroviruses in felines with Feline Leukemia, FIV, which is similar to HIV and Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

All feline retroviruses, which will never manifest themselves, unless there is a deficient or defective cortisol that is being produced, including an elevated adrenal estrogen and a deregulated T- lymphocyte that will no longer protect the feline from viruses.

FIV in felines, is similar to HIV in humans. similar disease in felines, and can also be controlled.

When the B- lymphocyte is deregulated, bacterial infections are common including, an inability to provide proper immunity for the patient, against foreign invaders and diseases that responds to vaccines.

  • The elevated total estrogen invalidates the use of thyroid hormones and creates a metabolic hypothyroidism, even with normal T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxin) levels.

     For further information on this subject. please go to the internet with my

     name, and Metabolic Hypothyroidism.

  • The elevated total estrogen will also cause the B-lymphocyte to reduce its production of immunoglobulins and when the mucous membrane antibody, referred to as immunoglobulin A, is below a certain level in animals (58mg/dL in canines and felines and 68mg/dL in humans), malabsorption will occur. A classic example of this is when a patient, whether animal or human, is hospitalized and given parenteral antibiotics (IV or IM) and they respond well, and are sent home with the same antibiotic that is oral, many times the patient will relapse, because no one measured their IgA levels in the hospital, in order to make sure their IgA level is elevated enough, so that the patient can absorb oral antibiotics.

NOTE: Hopefully the day will come when an IgA level will be included with the standard CBC and Blood Chemistry tests for all patients, in order to make sure what is prescribed by their health care professional, the patient will be able to be absorb, orally.

  • Total estrogen causes major inflammation in the body to all the Endothelial

Cells that line the patient’s arteries. As a veterinarian or a physician, please think about all the different inflammatory diseases that will affect your patient and realize, testing TOTAL ESTROGEN, may give you the answer you need to help your patient.

NOTE: It has been reported in the medical literature, that a women that is “estrogen dominant”, when she menstruates and her ovarian estrogen is added to her adrenal estrogen, she may have migraine headaches and epileptic seizures. I have already shown that idiopathic epileptic seizures in animals, comes from elevated adrenal estrogen, causing inflammation of their cerebral arteries. This should make you think about Alzheimer’s syndrome, Dementia and many other mental disorders including Autism, that may come from elevated total estrogen, including strokes and coronary and carotid occlusion.

It is your duty as a medical healer to check total estrogen, in order to make sure your patient does not have an endocrine immune imbalance that has caused an inflammatory disease.

Last but not least, in your endeavor to help any patient with an allergy, auto-immunity, or cancer, please realize that empirically, measured levels of hormones may not indicate the reason for the patient’s disease.

The fact that the hormone level is within normal levels of what that particular laboratory says is normal, does not indicate if that hormone can be used by the body, unless you measure what that hormone actually regulates in the body.

It is not to say don’t do salivary tests and 24 hour urine samples, but what it does say, is that because there may be normal amounts of  “free” hormone available, there is NO indication that the body can use these free hormones, unless you also measure what that particular hormone regulates in the patient’s body!

Hopefully some of what I have shared with you, in my 50 years of searching for the CAUSE of allergies, autoimmunity and cancer, including breast cancer, may be of value to you.

For those physicians and veterinarians that might be interested in checking certain specific, endocrine immune levels and total estrogen, please check with the laboratories you use, and if they do not offer a total estrogen test.

At this time, Quest Laboratory or Lab Corp do offer this test.

Veterinarians can have these tests done at National Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

For both veterinarians and physicians that may be interested, the tests that need to be done can be found on the internet with my name and either Human Protocol, or Animal Protocol.

NOTE: In humans, the physician may want to measure Reverse T3, in order to help determine the type of thyroid replacement that is necessary. Because if the Reverse T3 is elevated, giving the patient a T4 supplement will be turned into more Reverse T3 and using a T3 supplement like Cytomel will work much better for the patient.

The importance of doing these endocrine immune, serum tests is to be able to correctly identify and fund the patient’s measurable imbalances and help correct the elevated estrogenic input, whether their disease is an allergy, autoimmunity or cancer.

The importance of measuring this endocrine immune imbalance is not just to fund the patient’s hormonal imbalances, but it is to correct the individual patient’s immune imbalances only enough, in order to normalize the B lymphocytes production of their immunoglobulins.

Once this occurs, the normal function of the T lymphocyte will also return.

I refer to the disease, in my clinical studies, as Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS). The public refers to my syndrome as Plechner’s Syndrome, which I had nothing to do with!

My opinion is that most cancers, come from elevated total estrogen which includes adrenal estrogen, even though the findings of a veterinarian have not been accepted by the medical profession.

It is time to think outside the box, because the life you save, may be your own, your family or your family pet.


Dr. Al Plechner DVM