What SARDS Corner Can Do For Your Pet

Posted on May 26th, 2016

The SARDS Corner was created, in order to help all patients and their owners, by providing information that will indicate how to successfully treat the medical condition referred to, as SARDS.

A large number of SARDS Corner, articles will provide you with, many clinical findings written by. Dr. Al Plechner, including many different SARDS cases, the thoughts of many owners involving their successes that they and their veterinarians have had, by treating SARDS with Dr. Plechner’s treatment protocol.

At this time, the veterinary profession and their veterinary ophthalmologists, do not believe there is a treatment for a patient with SARDS.

The diagnosis for SARDS at this time, should be made by a veterinary ophthalmologist.

The veterinary ophthalmologist will perform and electroretinogram, referred to as an ERG.

Unfortunately once the ERG indicates that the patient has SARDS, the owners are told there is no treatment for SARDS, “Go home and learn to live with a blind dog”

Some of the veterinary ophthalmologist are unsuccessfully trying to treat the EFFECTS of the SARDS, and not the CAUSE.

The veterinary profession believe that SARDS is an auto immune disease, but what they do not realize, because this is an autoimmune disease, without correcting the SARDS for the patient, other autoimmune diseases and cancer may occur.

It is very evident, that SARDS patient’s need to be corrected, even if vision does not return, because we do not want our pets developing other catastrophic diseases, because of a lack of proper therapy.

Dr. Plechner has been involved with the successful treatment of over 300 SARDS patient’s, worldwide.

He has found if proper diagnosis and treatment are performed within 2 to 3 weeks of the blindness, the success rate for vision return, is 90 %.

However he warns, that the successful treatment for SARDS, depends on the following;

!) How well their pet hides their blindness from their owner.

2) How soon the owner realizes that their pet is blind.

3) How soon the SARDS is diagnosed and properly treated.

Dr. Plechner has noted that all SARDS patient’s, seem to feel much better once their endocrine immune imbalances have been corrected, even if their vision does not return.

What Dr. Plechner does warn us about, is that since SARDS is an autoimmune disease, often other forms of autoimmune diseases and cancer can preempt the actual development of the SARDS, and may already be present, even if the vision is restored,

As far as my having to deal with SARDS, I did not take the advice of my veterinary ophthalmologist, who said, “Take your dog home and learn how to live with your blind dog.”

I went to the internet, and found Dr. Plechner and his SARDS protocol and treatment.

I was given a recommendation by National Veterinary Diagnostic Services, for a veterinarian that would follow Dr. Plechner’s suggestions, exactly.

I am happy to say, my Gucci has regained her eyesight and her health, following Dr. Plechner’s treatment protocol, for SARDS.

My concern for you and all your pets with SARDS, is that there is a very successful treatment available, for SARDS patient’s, even if you are told by the experts, that there is no treatment.

The veterinary ophthalmologists are aware of Dr. Plechner’s clinical successes, but because he treats each SARDS patient to the best of his ability and because he will not do double blind studies and let 50 % of his SARDS patients fail, the veterinary ophthalmologist consider his work , anecdotal, unscientific and definitely, not evidenced based.

I was speaking to Dr. Plechner about this, and he related to me, that during the earlier days of veterinary practice, a clinician like himself, could discover an important treatment for a disease, and the board certified specialists, would investigate his findings, in order to determine if his findings they were accurate or not.

Dr. Plechner indicated to me, that this situation no longer exists

In any event, I would like to share with you, the articles on SARDS Corner.

If you are interested, please go to drplechner.com, or the internet with his name, and SARDS Corner.

Hopefully you will also be able to help your SARDS pet regain their sight, as I did, with my Gucci.


TEAM P and Gucci.

At the end of the SARDS CORNER, there will be information on how and where to send a proper blood sample, which will indicate how to treat SARDS successfully.

These are just some of my thoughts, and I do hope they help.


Dr. AL Plechner