Safe Insect Repellants For Your Pets

Posted on September 8th, 2014

Today’s manufacturing and sales of chemical insect repellents for pets has become a business giant. The sale of chemical insect repellents has become a mega, million dollar business.

The recent reports about using these commercial chemical insect repellents are indicating that these chemicals may be more harmful to pets than once thought.

The concern of veterinarians and pet owners is that without their use, many different types of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks may cause a number of life threatening diseases unless chemical insect repellents are used.

Veterinarians have been presented with many different choices as to which chemical insect repellent is the safest and most effective to use without causing a chemical incurred disease. Veterinarians have been given information by the manufacturers’ representatives that these different chemical insect repellents are safe to use, with no long-term chemical side effects.

Unfortunately, I have found this not to be the case.

Many of my clients have found the need to change to new chemical insect repellents because the insects, after being exposed to that particular chemical for a while, are becoming resistant! For further information from people that are reporting on the damage these chemical insect repellents are causing, please read my article Chemical Insect Repellents.

The most recently used insect repellents are those that are topical and applied to the skin of the pet monthly. Many people are finding this type of chemical is no longer as effective as it was when first used.

I am not only concerned about the fact that these chemicals are no longer effective for repelling insects but am more concerned about the many side effects they may cause, including damage to the liver. NOTE: The liver is responsible for the monthly breakdown of chemical insect repellents and if the damage to the liver has occurred because of the chemical or because of some other disease, causing liver failure, there will be an accumulative effect of the chemical which may lead to other disorders in the pet.

Please make sure you as a pet owner read the small print that indicates on some of these topically applied chemical products that if you as the pet owner touch this product you must call Poison Center immediately because of the toxic effects to humans that may occur from contact with their product.

The question I ask my clients that insist on using this product is, “If this product is this toxic for you and your family, why would you want to apply it to your pet?”

Many of these topically applied chemicals seem to have helped develop resistant strains of insects. This should make you wonder if the same thing that is beginning to happen with insects, may be similar to the development of strains of resistant bacteria called MRSA that may have developed due to the overuse of antibiotics.

Because of the insect resistance and lack of efficiency produced by the application of a topical chemical insect repellent, many people have begun using oral, monthly, chemical insect repellents.

These oral chemicals are also causing resistant strains of insects as well as causing chemically induced diseases in pets. For your own edification, please go to the internet and read about what the various pet owners and organizations who are reporting about their own personal experiences, are saying about the damage these chemical insect repellents are causing pets.

What then is the answer to protecting your pet from these damaging chemicals and from these damaging insects?

Over the past 50 years I have found a few products that seem to work very well, without causing any chemical effects, and would like to share my findings with you.

NOTE: Please realize I have no vested interest in any of these manufactured products. My only vested interest is in the health of my patients.

The following products are what I use and what I only suggest:

  1. I have found Head and Shoulders with Conditioner to be a safe, effective way of ridding your pet of fleas. The important reason for using this product with a conditioner is so you can bath your pet as often as needed, without worrying about drying out your pet’s skin.
  2. has an all-natural cedar spray called EVOLV that can be used weekly to kill fleas, ticks, and repel mosquitos.
  3. has many different types of all-natural products, including one product called HWF, which not only helps prevent heartworm disease but is also helpful in the treatment of heartworm disease in your pet.

NOTE: Please be cautious when applying any new insect repellent or shampoo, even if it is all natural.

It is always best, to first, mark a small circle on the skin of the abdomen of your pet and then apply the product only to that area. If after one hour, there is no sign of irritation, then it is probably safe to apply the product to your pet's entire body.

If the product is a spray and it appears to be safe, you may want to apply it to your pet just before mealtime because as your pet is eating, it will give the spray a chance to dry and hopefully this will cause less problems. If your pet finds the need to lick their coat, you may find what works well on the skin and hair coat may cause problems when ingested, if excess licking occurs.

Please remember, many of today’s pets are inbred and more sensitive to products even if they are natural. So please proceed very carefully with any new product you have not used before on your pet.

These are only my opinions and suggestions and I am sure your veterinarian will also help and guide you to find an insect repellent which is safe to use around your family and with your pet.

These are only my thoughts and I hope they might help make a difference for your pet.