The Results of an International Convention

Posted on August 15th, 2016

Dr. AL Plechner has been researching severe allergies, autoimmune diseases and cancer in animals and humans, for the past 50 years.

He has found in animals and humans, that the endocrine system regulates the immune system, and normally the immune system, does not function on its own,

His endocrine immune blood studies, have been researched in over 90,000 animal, blood studies, and in over 2,000 human, blood studies.

In humans, his studies have identified an endocrine immune imbalance that occurs from a cortisol imbalance, resulting in elevated adrenal estrogen, tested for, as Total estrogen.

His studies in humans, have identified an elevated total estrogen (adrenal), imbalance, in the following chronic diseases;

. Many different types of cancer.

. Many different types of autoimmune, diseases, including Autoimmune


. MS


. Post-traumatic stress syndrome.

. Epstein Barr virus.

. Fibro myalgia

. Chronic Lyme’s disease



Recently. Dr. Plechner has been collaborating with a noted integrative MD oncologist, by the name of Dr. Richard Pooley, regarding some of his autoimmune, cancer and MS patients.

Dr. Pooley, recently lectured to an international convention, for MD integrative oncologists, in San Diego, California, which included Dr. Plechner’s endocrine immune discoveries.

Dr. Pooley’s Case Reports, indicate the importance of measuring total estrogen, and not just the three ovarian estrogens, which include a very small amount of these three estrogens, that are thought to be produced, in the brain, fat and skin.

Dr. Pooley noted that Dr. Plechner had been involved with five, human male patients that all had prostate cancer.

All five males had normal estradiol, which is usually, the only measured estrogen, however their total estrogen was over 500pg/ml. Normal total estrogen values in a human male, may vary from 80 to 115pg/ml.

Once it was identified that each male was either deficient, or was producing a defective cortisol, cortisol replacement with a thyroid supplement, reduced the total estrogen, and reduced the growth of their prostatic tumors.

Dr. Pooley presented the following Cases.

CASE # 1

This was a 44 years old female, with breast cancer.

Two years ago, she was diagnosed with an extensive ductal, mammary carcinoma that occurred in her left breast and left axillary, lymph node.

A PET scan, revealed numerous metastatic lesions in her liver, and in multiple lymph nodes in her mediastinum, axillae and neck.

She was placed on Tomoxifen and underwent a complete ovario-hysterectomy.

No chemotherapy was prescribed.

She was referred to Dr. Pooley, who determined that she was hypothyroid and hypo adrenal.

Dr. Pooley placed the patient on appropriate amounts of Hydrocortisone, and NP Thyroid.

For 4 years, the patient did very well, until 3 months ago, when her quiescent, pulmonary metastases, began rapid growth, significantly.

At this time, Dr. Pooley collaborated with Dr. Plechner and his ACEIS, which stands for Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome, which many times, the general public finds hard to remember, so they call it Plechner’s Syndrome.

Dr. Plechner found with his ACEIS, the following endocrine immune imbalances, in the patients that he tested;

!) Deficient or defective cortisol

2) Increased amounts of total estrogen.

3) Thyroid hormones that were either deficient, or bound.

4) Decreased immunoglobulins.

Dr. Pooley, along Dr. Plechner, decided to check Dr. Pooley’s patients, for total estrogen and immunoglobulins.

Up until this point in medical practice, only estradiol, estrone and estriole are measured, and not, Total estrogen.

Dr. Pooley has found that half of his patients so far, that range from 17 to 84 years, all have uncomplicated thyroid and cortisol deficiencies, that led to severe allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

He also found that his patient’s total estrogen, normalized routinely, as the hydrocortisone dose, was normalized.

In his own words, Dr. Pooley said the following.

“It behooves us to measure Total estrogen for our patient’s, which have allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

Although the level of estradiol may be low, the level of Total estrogen may be high, because excessive amounts of total estrogen production presumably, caused by continued ACTH stimulation of all layers, of the adrenal cortex, by the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

The pituitary gland, unsuccessfully, tries to stimulate production of more cortisol,

by increasing the hormone binding globulin, this excess of estrogen, results in the suppression of thyroid function, which suppresses immune function, causing a depression of the immunoglobulins.”

Case # 1 developed a persistent cough and demonstrated a definite increase in her pulmonary metastasis.

Dr. Pooley measured her estradiol, estrone and estriole, and all were very low.

Her Total estrogen was 181 and the normal levels in a postmenopausal woman, or a woman with no ovaries, should be 40 or less.

Her elevated Total estrogen was causing the growth of her pulmonary tumors.

Dr. Pooley increased her hydrocortisone until her total estrogen dropped to 37, and her Cortisol Binding Globulin, became normal.

Her tumor markers became normal and her PET scan revealed significant decrease in size, and metabolic activity and prominence of all pulmonary metastasis, with no evidence of extra pulmonary activity

The patient is feeling fine and no longer coughing, Her Total estrogen will be monitored very carefully.

CASE # 2

A 67 year old, female patient, was seen in November of 2015, for an autoimmune thyroiditis.

She was taking 3 grains of a natural thyroid supplement that was given to her, by another practitioner.

She was still having major fatigue and brain fog.

DR. Pooley included Dr. Plechner’s Total estrogen and immunoglobulins.

Before beginning any medication, this is what he found.

Total estrogen = 113 Normal = 40 or less

Estradiol = 18 normal = 6 to 54

Immunoglobulin G = 657 Normal = 700 to 1600

Dr. Pooley began the patient on 20 mgs, of hydrocortisone, with divided doses.

One week later all the patients, prior clinical symptoms, disappeared.

At two weeks after beginning the hydrocortisone, these were the blood test results.

Total estrogen = which was 113 > 57

Immunoglobulin G = 657 > 667

Dr. Pooley increased her hydrocortisone to 25 mgs, with divided doses, and 4 weeks later, these were the blood test results.

Total estrogen = 113 >57 >38

Immunoglobulin G – 657 > 667 > 782.

“This is the exact, dramatic change that Dr. Plechner has found in thousands of animals with severe allergies, autoimmunity and cancer”.

CASE # 3

An 84 year old hypertensive female, with a severe bronchiectasis, and is legally blind with pigmentosa retinitis, underwent a surgery for a hemicolectomy, which was malignant.

She was given Gleevec, 40 mgs on March 15th and it was discontinued on July 20th, when a CT scan indicated that there was a residual tumor.

An October CT scan, indicated a left adnexal tumor in her abdomen, and two months later, a CT scan showed another adnexal tumor on the right side of her abdomen, and a tumor in her posterior pelvis.

The patient was referred to Dr. Pooley in November 2015

Dr. Pooley diagnosed her with an adrenal, thyroid deficiency, causing a very elevated Total estrogen, and a very low IgA.

Dr. Plechner has discovered that the IgA in a human must be at 68mg/dL or higher for absorption of a steroid to occur. In canines and felines, their IgA level, must be at 58mg/dL or higher for their steroid absorption to occur,

Since the patients IgA was below 68mg/dL, 20 mgs. of intramuscular Depomedrol was given, to bypass her gut and reduce the her Total estrogen, and increase her IgA.

Dr. Pooley worked the patient up to 3 grains of NP Thyroid and 40 mgs, of hydrocortisone, with divided doses, in order to normalize her endocrine immune imbalance.

A PET scan was performed 3 months later, and indicated resolution of all the lesions, with no residual evidence of any lesions in her abdomen or her lungs.

What Dr. Plechner has found is very significant, and hopefully you will include a total estrogen and immunoglobulins, when you are testing for severe allergies, autoimmunity and cancer

Dr. Plechner does have a list of tests that can be included with other tests that might be indicated.

His recommended tests are as follows;

Total estrogen











Reverse T3




Hopefully Dr. Plechner’s discoveries will help many, many humans and animals with their allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

It also should be applied to any and all diseases that are caused by inflammation, due to an elevated, total estrogen.

Please have a very happy, healthy future.