The Real Truth About Eating GMO Vegetables

Posted on October 30th, 2016

Your time is here to be concerned.

There are proven commercial interests, plus commercial industrial corporations that have politicians and other chemical manufactures interesting in selling products that may make billions of dollars every year, but her hurting you, your family, your family pets and the environments we have left for our offspring including what we have also left for the world..

Europe has already decided that GMO products are harmful and they do not want then produced in their country.

But why is it OK to produce GMO products in our country?

How long does it take to realize making our world “GREEN” with GMO food products will soon kill those people that are eating GMO products, and those that GMO proponents that have led the way will make out earth turn “Brown“ with the remains of those that believed in making the world , once again green with the production of GMO’s.

Canada has realized that GMO’s are very harmful and at least in British Canada, many Canadians have decide to raise their vegetables in green houses so GMO seeds can’t be transplanted by the winds, in their vegetable gardens.

The Russians are concerned enough with feeding soybean milk, which is being sold to the parents of newborn infants and their mothers that are concerned with the use of GMO soybean milk that has created disastrous results, when fed to the their infants that caused all these problems in guinea pig infants.

The Russians were concerned about the adverse effects the GMO soy milk might affect their infants, so the Russians first did and experiment feeding a family of guinea pigs, the enfant GMO soy bean milk.

Once you see the actual factual results as to what happened to these guinea pigs once they were fed this infant soybean formula for GMO soy beans, it is diffinently time to listen.

Other reports discuss GMO crops depleting the soils of trace minerals.

For further information on the adverse effects that GMO cause in humans and in animals, please Google, The Effects of GMO’s for you and Your Pet with Dr. Plechner.

Please remember, do not believe corporate chemical advertisements, because they are only there to sell chemicals and make money!

The FDA has their own problems deciding what they will sanction for safe household use, and what is dangerous.

Politics should never govern the life of you, your family and your pet.    

The creation of the “GMO Green World” has become a nemesis for the real world.

The idea of producing excess agricultural products makes great sense, especially for the third world countries, but the big question is, are GMO products there, to fill the stomachs of all the third world countries and those that are impoverished, and yet ending their lives early because they modified foods may have created an excess of foods, yet caused an early death in those that eat GMO food products.

For your own information, while also helping you to try to understand the damage that GMO products can do, I would like to share with you some excerpts from many organizations that are also concerned with the production of GMO food products.

Note: Hi Paula possibly add here your thoughts and the experts by the FDA saying testing glycosides is too expensive even if these glycoside are toxic.

I wonder if there might be something added at this point, on the USDA Pesticide report.

Excerpts from the Russian study is of value.

How about the FDA and USDA verbiage on farm pesticide.

It is interesting trying to figure what toxic chemicals might hurt a pet, because looking at the ingredients on the label, many labels list one fairly non-toxic chemical at .05 % and list the other 99.05 % as Other ingredients.

Because of this, I find it often impossible to determine how to properly treat a pet that has ingested a pesticide, as a veterinarian.

The rest of the world has recognized the dangers of GMO foods and yet, based upon big corporations and government agencies in the United States and their politics, we will be exposed to these chemically treated GMO food products until enough deaths have occurred in the United States, to finally have big pesticide corporations and government agencies realize the damage they are causing, based on only their economic needs.

They should be liable for the deaths they cause, based upon misinformation and their financial, political aspirations!

It is a very sad state of affairs, but you can force the honesty by going to the food sources that the farmers raise and merchandize in the markets throughout the United States, and NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS.

We need to push for honest food labelling and only buy non-GMO food products.

If we hit their pocket book with their “American Dream”, I guarantee you can make a change.

GMO damage is the responsibility for all of us in making sure what we eat, feed our families and our family pets, will not cause diseases..


These are only my thought for you, my family and my patients.


Dr. AL Plechner