The Positive Value our Pets Bring, is Irreplaceable

Posted on September 23rd, 2013

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In our altered environment, it seems like there are very few things that remain that we can dwell upon, that will bring us as much happiness, innocence, companionship and unquestionable loyalty, than the pleasure we receive from our pets.

Our lives and the world we live in are stressful, as we make our way through them, trying to design the perfect existence. When a pet joins our family, the quality of time we spend with this animal seems to justify all of those stressful situations that are endured throughout the day while we navigate our way through this modern, altered environment.

You might find that the true “bright light” in your life is your pet.

It is often your pet that encourages you to take those long walks that you would not have done without them, which also provides you with the satisfaction of providing your beloved pet with the care that they desire and need.

The entire family benefits from your pet’s presence, through the enjoyment of communicating with them and sharing the variety of jobs associated with caring for your pet. Pet jobs can be divided and communally divided among family member, thus creating a sense of respect and unity. Job might include:

  • Providing the daily feed and water.
  • Monitoring your pet’s comfort and veterinarian health.
  • Bathing and grooming.
  • Daily exercises and playtime; if you are able to combine these activities by taking your pet to a park, this socializes them and also allows you to socialize with other pet-owners.

You will often find other pet owners to be kind and considerate, and the experience of sharing stories is fun for all.

Studies show that people with pets are often less stressed; this is probably because it allows them restitution from one’s own worries, their work and their everyday surroundings.

Living with and the having the responsibility of caring for a pet is ultimately a wonderful form of education for children; socially, practically, emotionally and physically.

It seems to teach them many different values, through the mere act of loving and caring for their pets.

Researching and choosing on the correct diet for your pet will often mean that the family discovers new nutritional concepts that they can also apply to themselves.

Watching the weight of a pet often encourages the owner often owner to reflect upon, think about and take action regarding one’s own weight issues.

Throughout my years of being a trained veterinarian, I have directed my efforts to help families and their pets. I assist them in providing the best husbandry possible, whilst also educating the family on how to create a schedule of healthy nutrition, reduced stress and proper exercise in order to help prevent diseases.

Educating families about their pet’s health requirements also creates the opportunity for the family to reflect and consider the application of similar health programs for their own lives. They too can enjoy better nutrition, less stress, proper amounts of exercise and adopt a wholesome attitude toward healthier wellbeing.

For those of you that have missed out by not having a wonderful pet, it may be time to consider adopting one; this will influence your lifestyle in becoming healthier, happier and decrease stress-levels.

There are so many homeless pets that remain in Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations, waiting for a home like yours, and could really make a difference to your life and wellbeing. You can make a difference in an animal’s life, and at the same time make a healthy difference to your own.

Please remember, as you proceed through life, a pet just might be that “bright light” you need to survive our altered environment.

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