By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Did you know, cancer occurs from an imbalanced ratio from active cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex and total estrogen?

This can be genetic with a family history or occur do to all the environmental inputs that can alter this endocrine immune imbalance.

Has anyone indicated to you if you have this imbalance?

Many people with the lateral 3rds of their eyebrows are thin or not present have an estrogen thyroid imbalance.

Those people that also have black rings under their eyes have an adrenal exhaustion and are further evidence that they have Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner’s Syndrome.

The effects of the cancer may be treated, however with this imbalance the cancer may reappear and definitely can be measured and avoided before it happens.

Has anyone indicated to you that chemotherapy, anesthetic and radiation may further the imbalance between active cortisol and total estrogen even though it may be indicated?

This ratio needs to be definitely measured while doing invasive procedures.

Did you realize that cancer is preventable and also can be controlled by performing a simple endocrine immune blood test that measures cortisol, total estrogen, T3, T4 and IgA, IgM and IgG before the uncontrolled event happens?

Did you realize that your hormones regulate your immune system?

Did you realize that the blood test that may be done may not be the test that really does not indicate an imbalance and will not necessarily identify the reason why the cancer has occurred?

It is time to realize that cancer or uncontrolled tissue growth, occurs with elevated total estrogen due to a cortisol imbalance whether due to a deficiency, binding or a defective hormone.

Please remember, it does not matter if any of the hormones are with in normal limits, what matters is if your body can use them.

Comparative hormone antibody blood tests will confirm this.

If your hormones levels are normal and you still feel sick, please do not accept it.

At this point in time, adrenal estrogen is not measured and not included in the estrogens that the laboratories measure.

Experiments show that introducing estrogen to normal tissue causes that tissue to grow out of control.

Did you realize that for the most part, laboratories for both people and animals, never measure total estrogen?

In veterinary laboratories, at best, only measures estradiol which is only partial estrogen.

Human laboratories for males, measure only estradiol.

With males with different kinds of cancer including prostate cancer, often the estradiol’s are normal, but when their male patients are measured for total estrogen, their levels should have been 80 pg/ mg to 120 mg/pg yet these male patients had total estrogen of over 500 pg/ml. plus.

Hopefully this indicates something to you that maybe the blood tests that are being done are not sufficient to indicate what the imbalance is and why the patient has cancer.

Even with the best treatment, given with the best odds, why do you show no more signs of cancer, yet the cancer can reoccur based upon this unrecognized hormone antibody imbalance.

Why not check this imbalance to make sure you really are really a cancer survivor!

Once you have “beat” the cancer, please check your endocrine immune panel so that the cause of the cancer does not reoccur!

The two human MS patients I have been involved with, both had this hormone antibody, imbalances.

The one patient that had Lou Gehrig’s Syndrome did have a hormone antibody deficiency in his gut, referred to an IgA deficiency, which would not allow oral replacement for his hormone antibody imbalance to be absorbed.

He refused to take injections to bypass his gut and create homeostasis of his endocrine immune imbalance.

The few cases that I have been involved with post-tramatic stress all had this endocrine immune imbalance that no one will recognize medically and blame on stress and chemical warfare which may have caused this imbalance which you see with many veterans from many different wars that have allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

This is testable and treatable, but apparently no one is interested in correcting this problem and if they are interested, all they need to do is contact me here.

Why not do my simple test?

No one needs to act upon it unless there is an imbalance and if you are concerned that the imbalance may be present and needs to be corrected before an unhappy medical effect occurs.

If there is an imbalance and your health care professional will not act upon it, then the time has come to move on.

For the health of you, your family and your pet, please realize that the testing that is done may be highly inaccurate and it definitely may miss your actual diseases or predisposition to these various catastrophic diseases.

It is your responsibility to make sure these test are done accurately for you, your family and your pet!

Does it seem unreasonable to identify a syndrome that allows for chronic diseases to occur in a normal patient?

Whether occurring in animals or in humans, the time has come to realize there is a reason and cause why these catastrophic diseases are continuing and increasing in frequency because of the imbalance, and also because of the exposure to our altered environment.

I can show you a better way, but because I am a “plain wrap, veterinary healer”, my findings have not been recognized or accepted for people or for animals.

Unfortunately being educationally preprogrammed and academically impaired, does not allow a so called “Healer” to think outside the box.

No matter how many benefits or organized walks occur to help treat the effects of cancer, there is no realization yet, that there is a cause of cancer that can help thousands of patients whether human or animals.

Cancer, allergies and auto immunities come from an imbalance between active cortisol and total estrogen.

I have designed a very simple hormone antibody test that will indicate the imbalance that needs to be corrected before allergies, autoimmunity and cancer occur.

The test measures cortisol, total estrogen. T3, T4. And 3 antibodies produced by the B lymphocyte called IgA, IgG and IgM.

Once this hormone antibody imbalance has been corrected, the cancer will stop growing and after excision, chemo and radiation the cancer should be very slow to return, if at all.

The best prevention for cancer lies with doing this blood test before the cancer occurs and preventing it.

Prevention has always been and will always be the best way to avoid disease.

Family studies prove that there is a genetic predisposition for cancer to occur or not occur, however if any of the parents or offspring have inherited this endocrine immune imbalance, prevention will definitely help but without proper hormone antibody regulation, the cancer will occur.

Doing this endocrine immune test has made a huge difference to families that have a history of the imbalance and can control their imbalance before the cancer or other endocrine immune imbalances cause them to have chronic, catastrophic disorders.

Please remember, if your family has a history of any kind of chronic disease including allergies, auto immunity and cancer, please, do my endocrine immune panel.

I am sorry this has not been discovered before, but I am happy to make suggestions even if your health care professional decides they have a better way.

If it works, please do it.

If it does not make work, move on or realize that you may have a food or supplement that you are ingesting that is binding the hormone replacements.

Please realize even though it is a simple blood test, most labs are not either doing the test correctly or letting the sample heat up to room temperature.

Even if the laboratory keeps the samples cool in a refrigerated area, please make sure the rubber corks are not removed from the test tube because that will allow for evaporation and invalid and concentrated test results.

My website will indicate the proper procedure and the proper laboratory where to send the blood sample, because many laboratories to not have proper staff or equipment to do these blood tests correctly.

What yet is not realized is that the blood sample needs to be taken on an empty stomach, cooled immediately, and upon spinning down, the blood sample needs to be kept cool, sent cool and run cool, otherwise the blood sample results will be invalid and high.

Unfortunately, most national veterinary laboratories send out the samples to various Universities that do partial tests including estradiol and not total estrogens.

The more the transferring of the blood sample, the better the chance of having the sample heated and causing inaccurate test results.

Most human laboratories only do estradiol in males and the 3 ovarian hormones in female humans not including adrenal estrogen with total estrogen.

Unfortunately if total estrogen is not done, the cancer can continue and come back even after their effects have been treated as oppose to their cause.

Please realize I am not saying to not treat the cancer in you or your animal, but what I am saying is, why not go to the cause of the cancer, so it does not occur in the first place or does not reoccur after its effect has been treated!

These are only my thoughts and I hope they help you and your pet.

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