New Thoughts About Autoimmunity and Cancer in Animals and in Humans

Posted on October 15th, 2015

Before we even get started, there needs to be a realization in medicine that the endocrine system regulates the immune system.

Elevated estrogen has always been an important concern for MD’s and less of a concern for DVM’s, even if the same catastrophic diseases seem to be related to elevated total estrogen. Unfortunately, only ovarian estrogen is measured in female humans and in female animals with MD’s and with DVM’s. Only estradiol is measured in male humans and in male animals.

This is what has been taught in schools of higher medical learning, but may not be applicable to the changes that have happened to our patients, because of genetics and our altered environment. There seems to be little recognition that when there is a cortisol imbalance, the adrenal estrogen will be elevated and alter the ability for not only protecting the patients, but with this imbalance, causing catastrophic, undiagnosed diseases.

Several scientific studies assume that the production of adrenal estrogen will only produce estradiol, estrone and estriole. My studies in canines, felines and equines have identified an elevated amount of adrenal estrogen that occurs with no ovarian tissue present. Recent limited human studies have indicated that elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen are being produced in female and male patients with no ovaries. This has not been realized by the medical profession at this time.

With this one case that a MD has measured, the three ovarian estrogens were almost non-existent, and yet the adrenal estrogen was elevated.

The big question still remains, what does a total estrogen test really measure?

One reason for missing an elevated adrenal estrogen comes from the fact that empirical levels of cortisol, when they fall within the normal range, are assumed are active in the body, and regulate the immune system. This is definitely not true.

24 hour salivary and urine tests may identify the presence of normal amounts of free cortisol and other free hormones, but the tests DO NOT indicate if the body can use these free hormones. This is why it is important to not only measure cortisol, total estrogen, total T3 and T4, but also what they regulate as far as the B-lymphocyte production of immunoglobulins and the T-lymphocyte ability to protect the patient’s body.

Can you imagine the possible catastrophic effects of injecting a vaccine into a child with Autism?

Forgetting the vaccine adjuvants and mercury, please think about the untested endocrine immune imbalances that an untested child may have, trying to detox a vaccine. There seems to be no interest even with the Autism foundations in my studies, even though I have contacted them and offered my services for nothing, because I am a healer and very frustrated, and it seems like all their research is going in the wrong direction. There does seem to be a species variation between humans and between canines, felines, and equines, but in many instances, the variations are similar.

In animals, a cortisol imbalance will lead to an elevated adrenal estrogen that will clinically bind the receptor sites of working T3 and T4 and at the same time, also deregulate the B and T lymphocytes function. When this happens, the functions of these lymphocytes are not only altered, so they will no longer protect the patient, but will also lose their recognition of self-tissue and cause early aging, allergies, autoimmunity and cancer in animals. I have proven this in over 85,000 canines, felines, and equines and 2,000 human patients.

However, there does seem to be variations between species that has been pointed out to me, by a very qualified MD that has found my clinical studies to be of interest. He has stated that the MD profession believes that the only estrogen being produced in the body of a human patient is estradiol, estriole and estrone, and yet when these levels are measured in a female with no ovaries and cancer, he has found that his patient’s adrenal estrogen was elevated.

I have found in animal patients, that when there is a cortisol, adrenal estrogen, thyroid imbalance, the B-cell production of immunoglobulins is decreased. This may not be the case with all human patients.

In humans with allergies or autoimmunity, the immunoglobulins and total estrogen is very important, but the B-lymphocyte production of immunoglobulins may remain normal. I have found that chemicals that are estrogen mimickers, referred to as xenoestrogens, are NOT measured with total estrogen because of their chemical makeup.

If an animal or a human patient has a normal or low cortisol, and normal or low estrogen and low immunoglobulins with clinical signs of allergy, autoimmunity or cancer, please consider the fact that your patient may have been exposed to xenoestrogens which are not measured on estrogen blood tests but can cause the same diseases that elevated adrenal estrogen can cause. In this instance, a patient can have an estrogen imbalance even based upon normal estrogen, and can still have allergies, autoimmunity and cancer.

I think the question that should also be raised medically is that does the allergy, autoimmunity, or cancer patient still have an imbalance from an endocrine immune dysfunction from xenoestrogens? Elevated adrenal estrogen seems to be involved with many of these catastrophic diseases in humans and in animals, and still is not measured.

The question also still remains why uncontrolled tissue growth with cancer still comes from a deregulated B-lymphocyte or from a T- lymphocyte deregulation. If the deregulated T-lymphocyte is the culprit, obviously measuring the T-lymphocyte imbalance that accompanies the cortisol, adrenal estrogen imbalance, may also add some answers.

When anti-antibodies are measured in animals to identify the fact that they may have B-lymphocyte protective antibodies, even if their antibody titers are low, it does not indicate if they are still protected by the cellar immunity that their T-lymphocyte produces.

Please realize, I am only a “plain wrap” veterinarian, only trying to make a difference for my patients, and I have never had a grant or any financial support, even if my thousands of clinical findings and successes for my patients have worked and are not believed by the medical profession. Please only judge me on my clinical merits and why my clinical results have helped you, your family, and your family pets.

Yes, ask questions involving the endocrine immune imbalances that cause catastrophic diseases in animals and in humans, and if you do not receive any worthwhile answers, please move on and try to find a professional healer that knows there is a better way. After all, you are dealing with and determining the life of you, your family and your family pet.

I personally think it is more important to live by something that has not been found yet, than dying by the book, and becoming a medical statistic.

Dr. AL Plechner