New Testimonial

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

The Testimonials page was updated with this new testimony.

I first became aware of Dr. Plechner and his work about 10 years ago. I just happened to hear him on a morning Internet radio show. My gut feeling was "this man really knows what he's talking about." I read his book as fast as possible and armed with a tremendous amount of conviction – even if new to Dr. Al’s EI protocol – I started calling local veterinarian offices to see if I could locate at least one with a somewhat open mind to other, shall we say “alternative,” information.

Long story short, the very first doctor agreed to give Dr. Plechner’s ideas a go. We ran the Endocrine-Immune tests created by Dr. Plechner, and sure enough the results showed that my beautiful, calico cat Jazzy’s hormones really needed some help.

We consulted with Dr. Plechner about treatment and the rest is thankfully, not history.

(I say not history because Jazzy is still with me, thanks to Dr. Plechner.)

She is now 16 or 17 years old (her background does not allow for an actual birth date) and I am grateful beyond words for every day I have with her.

Before closing, I need to recount a very significant event of about four years ago. Due to my own neglect, Jazzy hormones once again fell out of balance and she became terribly ill. Since it was next to impossible for me to get her to Dr. Al, I had to take her to a nearby emergency clinic. After running a myriad of tests (and running up a huge bill, since they over-charged for everything), they informed me Jazzy had a severe case of pancreatitis. They kept Jazzy for 3 days, put her on IV fluids and performed some other procedures, most of which I’ve forgotten.

On the day they released her they handed me some medication to be given to her and a few mundane words to “appease” me. However, what they did not give me was any follow-up plan or homecare plan.

Within about twelve hours of taking her home, she clearly was beginning to backslide. Given how quickly she was fading, I knew if left alone for too long she would die.

Fortunately, years prior to this Dr. Plechner and I had established a personal friendship and I called him at home to tell him what was happening to her and to get his opinion about what should be done.

Again, long story short: Dr. Plechner basically stood by Jazzy and me for the next eighteen hours or so. Emotionally, spiritually and psychologically he never left my side. Even though not physically present, he guided my head, my hands and my heart and gave me the strength to do what had to be done in order to give Jazzy a fighting chance.

Only one day later, Jazzy was bouncing back. Within a very few days she was her happy, healthy self once again and tears of joy streamed down my face; as they are at this moment.

Oh yes, and I never received an invoice from Dr. Plechner!

I can never thank Al enough for the depth of his wisdom, the breadth of his courage, and especially for the magnitude of his heart.

Dr. Al, Jazzy and I thank you a million times….to the tenth power.

Ken Collier