Necessary Thoughts For You And Your Pet

Posted on December 23rd, 2013

My website and blogs are about my thoughts and clinical findings about the cause of diseases that I want to share with you but what may be even more important, is to hear from you about your thoughts, your feelings, your findings and your suggestions.

I would love for you to send a simple e-mail or blog that I can share with other informed and concerned pet owners, because the purpose of this website is to share everyone’s findings and experiences that will help people and animals survive our ever changing world.

I too have those members of my family that are animals that I dearly love. They have taught me more about "real" life than you will ever know.

The medical world has researched mainly the effects of disease, but the time has come for them to research the cause of disease and that is what all my findings, papers and blogs are all about.

My goals have always been to have a healthy patient as opposed to a statistic.

The world of disease for patients is changing and hopefully the medical profession will be able to keep up, but by only treating the effects of disease and not just their effect, the medical profession may no longer function to help a sick patient whether human or animal.

Knowledge will always help answer our needs and frustrations and that is why you must speak up for what you believe in as I do; because we may not have an answer now, but there is an answer that we have not found yet!

Please remember, looking costs very little.

The world needs to know your thoughts and your recommendations etc., and hopefully in one small way, this website will help!

Thanks you for your consideration and I will look forward to your responses.


Dr. AL Plechner

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