Some Necessary Facts to Know in Order to Successfully Treat and Endocrine Immune Imbalance, in Humans and Animals

Posted on February 13th, 2017

The initial endocrine immune imbalance begins with the production of a deficient or defective cortisol, originating from the middle layer adrenal cortex, referred to as the Zona Fasciculata.

A cortisol imbalance cannot fund the negative feedback mechanism to the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

Because of this negative feedback deficit in cortisol, the hypothalamic gland will continue producing and releasing its hormone CRF, which will cause the pituitary gland to release its hormone, ACTH.

The purpose of the release of the hypothalamic-pituitary hormones is to cause the release of more cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex.

Because the cortisol is deficient or damaged and not recognized by the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, the inner layer adrenal cortex, referred to as the Zona Reticularis, responds in a direct, feedback mechanism, which causes the release of elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen and adrenal androgen.

NOTE: A this time, my clinical studies have only dealt with elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen and not elevated amounts of adrenal androgen. It has been recognized that the enzyme which occurs in the fatty tissue of the patient, referred to as aromatase, can transform certain androgenic hormones, into a form estrogen, known as estrone.

Testosterone, including testosterone supplements can also be transformed into a form of estrogen, referred to as estradiol, by the enzyme, aromatase.

The endocrine immune imbalance and elevated adrenal estrogen will invalidation the use of thyroid hormones and will also deregulate the immune system that will now not protect the patient, and will also cause the immune system, to lose recognition of self tissue and may possibly cause an autoimmune disease to occur.

By performing the following simple blood tests, it will help your health care professional determine if a human or an animal, has an endocrine immune imbalance.

These tests are as follows:

. Cortisol

. Total (adrenal) estrogen

. T3

. T4

. IgG

. IgM

. IgA

However, if Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) or Thyroid Bind Globulin (TBG) are also performed, they will often be elevated, caused by an elevated amount of adrenal estrogen even with the production of normal thyroid hormones.

If a Reverse T3 is also preformed, prescribing a Thyroxin (T4) supplement for a patient with an elevated Reverse T3, will often cause the production of more Reverse T3 and not properly fund the thyroid hormonal imbalance.

Measuring the B-Lymphocyte production of immunoglobulins is also very important, because if the immunoglobulins are deficient, their deficiency can definitely be modified by using cortisol, thyroid supplements.

In both humans and animals, I have found clinically, by normalizing the B-Lymphocyte production of their immunoglobulins, the T- lymphocyte activity will follow and will also become normal.

NOTE: These are clinical observations based on patients that have had a disease attributed to a T-Lymphocyte imbalance, which will no longer occur once the B-Lymphocyte production of immunoglobulins, returns to normal.

However, my clinical studies have indicated that if the B-Lymphocyte production of the mucous membrane Immunoglobulin, referred to as Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in humans is below 68 mg/dL and in canines and felines is below 58 mg/dL, malabsorption of oral steroids and many other supplements, will occur.

In this instance, in order to help reduce the elevated adrenal estrogen and allow the IgA level to reach a point which will allow absorption of an oral steroid, injections of a steroid will help correct this situation.

Often, Depomedrol seems to be the choice of most health care professions and the amount and frequency of the Depomedrol injection will be determined by the weight of the patient and the level of the IgA deficiency.

For very acute cases of an endocrine immune imbalance, Kenalog is often included with the injection of Depomedrol, because the Kenalog will begin working almost immediately and only last a short period of time, while it may take the Depomedrol,  5 to 7 days to actually begin to work.

An important finding with correcting an endocrine immune imbalance for a patient is that this endocrine immune imbalance can be quickly corrected, within a matter of a few weeks, without having to wait 3 to 6 months for a recheck.

At the time of the last injection of Depomedrol, either a complete endocrine immune blood panel can be repeated, or merely the IgA repeated, in order to make sure the IgA has reached a level that will allow for oral, steroid absorption.

The oral steroids in a canine or feline patient can be started 10 days after the last injection of Depomedrol.

The health care professional will decide on the correct time frame, when it will be best for their human patient, to begin oral steroids.

This is a very simple syndrome and test, that may be responsible for a causing a number of different, very serious diseases, in humans and in animals.

A simple endocrine immune blood test may be the answer to identifying the CAUSE of many different, catastrophic diseases, as opposed to merely trying to treat their EFFECTS.

These are just a few of my thoughts and I do hope they will help.


Dr. AL Plechner