By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Hopefully the prospective female will be completely mature herself and is in good enough health to successfully create and carry to term, a healthy litter.

Many times this may not be the case because the perspective female has hormone antibody imbalances that seem to surface at the time of procreation and pregnancy.

This hidden imbalance often disallows the female to accept the male.

Often the external signs of heat do not correspond to the internal signs of heat.

Once this is realized, hormonal management often will allow both signs of external and internal heat to occur at the same time.

This imbalance is very common and has led to an increase artificial insemination procedures.

This same hormonal antibody imbalance may also cause a reduced size of a litter including no litter at all.

This same imbalance may lead to early abortion.

False pregnancy due to an ovarian cyst may also be a sign of this hormone antibody imbalance.

If your perspective female seems to demonstrate any of the above fertility problems, you may want to consider first doing a simple blood test that will identify a hormone antibody imbalance that may be the cause of your female’s infertility problems and get them corrected before the actual breeding occurs.

The actual cause of this imbalance comes from the middle layer adrenal cortex and its production of a deficient, or bound or defective cortisol.

This imbalance allows for the pituitary gland to over stimulate the inner layer adrenal cortex to produce an excess of adrenal estrogen.

This excess estrogen binds the thyroid receptor sites causing a metabolic hypothyroidism.

The excess estrogen also deregulates the main immune cells referred to as the B and T lymphocytes.

When this happens, the B and T lymphocytes no longer will carry out their protective function for the female, and also lose recognition of self tissue which causes autoimmunity.

The excess adrenal estrogen causes the B lymphocyte to reduce its antibody production and the antibody protection throughout the body.

The deficiency in the mucous membrane antibody called IgA, definitely affects the uterine lining and makes it susceptible to uterine infections due to this deficiency.

Of interest, when an improper breeding occurs, and you want to reduce the possibility of the fertilized egg from implanting in the mucous membranes of the uterus, an injection of estrogen is given to stop the implantation from occurring.

The same thing will happen with a normal breeding if the adrenal estrogen is in excess.

This is a major reason why in vitro fertilization often fails in woman even if the procedure is done when their ovaries are producing the least amounts of estrogen.

Further information is available in an article published in Endocrine Immune Imbalances in Animals and Human Health Implications compendium. The article is entitled,” Reproductive Failure and Adrenal Thyroid Dysfunction”, Plechner, pages 29 to 31, 2003.

The article was originally published in Townsend Letter.

Many other clinical signs may be included with infertility with this hormone antibody imbalance including allergy, autoimmunity and cancer.

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