By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

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Epilepsy is an effect occurring due to many causes. It can manifest itself in various degrees of severity. Often an epileptic dog will sense something is coming and seek out its owner, to nestle by their side, in hopes that the signs of the seizure, might not progress. Often an epileptic human will begin to realize the onset of a seizure, by hearing music.

The area of the brain, where the seizure activity will occur, will decide its effect on the body. The seizure, if mild is referred to as a Petite Mal, and if more severe, will be called a Grand Mal. If the motor areas of the brain are effected, the seizure my result in a mild shaking or tremor of the head, to a full out, tonic, colic, uncontrolled muscle spasms, rendering the patient helpless, in a seizure on the floor. The duration of the seizure may be for a few minutes to a few hours, which is often not the usual case.

There can be several causes for seizures including head trauma, brain tumors, low blood sugar due to insulin shock or merely due to a genetic hypoglycemia or an inability of the patients liver to store and release glycogen in a timely manner.

However, my research studies have allowed me to discover a syndrome involving elevated adrenal estrogen, causing an inflammation of all the endothelial cells that line the arteries of the body. When this elevated level of adrenal estrogen, including ovarian estrogen, causes inflammation of the cerebral arteries, a migraine headache or epileptic seizure can occur.

This is a recognized syndrome in women, but what is not yet realized, is this occurs in women that are estrogen prominent, due to elevated adrenal estrogen and when their ovarian estrogen is produced during their menstruation, the summation of this estrogen, causes the increased inflammation of the cerebral arteries and seizures and migraine headaches can happen.

In animals that have had their ovaries removed and in males with no ovaries, this same elevated adrenal estrogen can occur, causing the majority of epileptic seizures in animals and other catastrophic diseases.

Why has this occurred?

This condition of adrenal estrogen dominance has developed through breeding practices that have allowed the gene pool to get to close due to structure breeding and not function breeding. Any time a breeder is trying to create a color, head and body shape, and gait, it is often accomplished through line breeding. It is somewhat of a fallacy to think you are doing an out cross by going to the same breed from a different country, because the breeders in that country, often, have created the same inbreeding problems that you are trying to avoid.

What are you actually trying to avoid?

You are trying to avoid an endocrine immune imbalance that not only will not allow epilepsy to occur, but also allergy, autoimmunity and cancer, not to occur. You now are going to the actual cause of catastrophic disease and not just their medical effects. Treating the medical effects will always be important, but also treating the cause will stop the disease from reoccurring.

What is really happening with an endocrine immune imbalance?

The genetic imbalance has occurred, causing a deficiency, binding or a defective cortisol, to be produced by the middle layer adrenal cortex. This causes the negative feedback to the pituitary, not be funded correctly, so the pituitary keeps releasing its hormone ACTH in hopes the middle layer adrenal cortex will respond, which it can't. In turn, the inner layer adrenal cortex responds with excess total estrogen and a male hormone called androgen.

NOTE: This is why many female dogs will lift their leg like a male to urinate and will hump other animals, including their owners. Also with this condition, female cats may spray the wall marking their territory.

The production of the excess estrogen does three things. First, it will bind the thyroid hormone and make normal thyroid hormone production not available for use in the body. In people, the mechanism that allows for this is the production of a reverse T3 hormone.

Second, the excess estrogen will cause the B lymphocyte to reduce its production of antibody and when the antibody in the mucous membranes of the gut is below 58 units, malabsorption will occur, including, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, vaccine reactions and stinging insect sensitivity.

Thirdly, the excess estrogen deregulates both the B and T lymphocytes, which causes them to lose recognition of self tissue, which will lead to autoimmunity. It has already been recognized, that if normal cells are exposed to elevated amounts of estrogen, increased cellular growth occurs and is probably the cause of cancer in people and animals.

I have created a simple blood test which will not only help you decide which parents should be involved with creating offspring but also how to control many of the diseases that are being treated for the effects and not the cause. Hopefully one day this test will be standard, to help prevent medical diseases due to a patient that has a damaged endocrine immune system, whether a puppy, kitten or child.

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