By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

There are so many "modern day" suggestions for lowering cholesterol plus improving the HDL-LDL ratio and improving the triglyceride level. We understand increased exercise, weight lose, avoiding those foods that contain higher levels of cholesterol, eating those foods that tend to lower cholesterol levels, plus nutriceuticals that seem to help. All of these are very important and must be considered worth doing.

Are there other ramifications that also might help? My studies have shown in animals, that there are other considerations that need to be considered.

I have found in people and animals, that when there is a cortisone imbalance, the pituitary stimulation causes an increase of total estrogen in male and female patients from the inner layer of the adrenal cortex. This in turn binds the use of thyroid hormone, and reduces the metabolism of the liver where cholesterol utilization and breakdown occurs. Automatically you can see why cholesterol levels may remain high, even after you have done everything that had been recommended.


The test is often referred to as Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner's Syndrome. The syndrome, proper handling of the blood sample and the laboratory that is qualified to do these tests are listed on this web site. I have no affiliation with this laboratory. I use this lab due to its accuracy. Remember, when my syndrome is occurring, the antibody production in the gut may be deficient, and disallow absorption of any oral medication. If this is true, the only benefit you might get out of ingesting products will be of much less value. This is why patients in the hospital on IVs do well until they go home on the same oral medication that cannot work due to this decreased antibody level. Please think about this.


What if your total estrogen is high, but normal? You may not suffer from high cholesterol, but if you eat certain foods containing estrogen, you could be putting yourself at risk. Please check my articles for NATURAL ESTROGEN THAT OCCURS IN NUTRIENTS. Remember that plastics can contain a form of estrogen called Zeno-estrogens. Have your water pipes been replaced with plastic pipes? Do you drink well water? All the above can be checked for estrogen, including municipal water that may contain estrogen, do to the flushing of medication down the toilet, which may contain estrogen.


These are only my thoughts, but if my thoughts get you "thinking", then my thoughts may be of value. We all speak about our changing environment, but this might help you to measure the bad changes that may hurt you, your family and your pet.


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