By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Having to deal with a chronic fungus, mold and or yeast infection is very frightening when you consider that the medications that are designed to treat their effects may have much worse side effects than the original problem that the medication was used for originally!

You need to realize that most chronic fungal, mold and yeast infections are due to a damaged endocrine immune system that cannot effectively protect the body due to either damaged genetics or due to various, environmental inputs. Because of this very simple hormone antibody imbalance that can be identified through your health care professional.

However this test needs to be sent to a qualified laboratory that is listed here, that I have no financial involvement with.

The facts that my findings have never been taught in human or veterinary schools of medicine, do not mean they are not present and do not exist.

Your frustrations are indicated by the number of times you have had to seek information from the internet because you could not get the necessary information from your health care professional and had to go to the internet.

Possibly this has happened, because just possibly, your health care professional may has never been introduce to my findings in their school of higher learning.

The test for this syndrome, referred to as the Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner’s Syndrome, is a very simple blood test that handled correctly, will identify the cause and will help provide your health care professional and yourself with a better way to correct this problem for both you and your pet.

The test and subsequent replacement therapy has given the patient a way to heal their disease based upon factual results that need to be properly tested and identify the cause and not merely the effects.

Please go to my website and on one of the lectures to the Broda Barnes MD Research Foundation, you will be able to read about the results of a dog treated I treated for an internal fungus called “farmers lung” or in the medical profession called it cocciodioidomycosis imitis.

Why isn’t everyone subject to this fungus?

Is there a common denominator?

Personally I believe there is a common denominator that I have used before that does work.

The common denominator comes from an endocrine immune imbalance that causes the T lymphocyte to lose its ability to function and protect the patient from invading fungi, mold and yeast.

The day has come when you need to look at the cause of the chronic diseases in a patient, and not just their effects.

The world of medicine seems to have concentrated on treating only the medical effects of a chronic disease and not on their cause.

A pill for the chronic effect will rarely be the answer to correct the cause but may satisfy your health care professional and the drug company they use.

The only healing that needs to be done is for the patient and not the wallet!

These are just a few on my thoughts that I hope will identify, and correct the cause of chronic fungal, mold and yeasts infestations.

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