By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

New vaccine programs have been developing daily, depending on where you go to get vaccinations for your dog or cat. You can find the latest recommendations on vaccine programs by going to the American Animal Hospital Association website. They have proven that vaccines in both dogs and cats will last for a minimum, if not longer, than 3 years after the initial puppy and kitten vaccines were administered. However it should be necessary to check the protective antibody levels to make sure your pet is protected no matter what the literature recommends.

If you decide the cost of the protective antibody is too much then it is OK to vaccinate your pet yearly to make sure your pet is protected. It is most important to realize that the vaccine manufacturers recommend a full cc of vaccine to a very large dog, and a full cc vaccine to a 2 pound dog. Do not allow this to be done and you can definitely avoid a horrible allergic reaction. Definitely check with your veterinarian to determine safe levels for your pet.

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