By, Dr. Alfred J. Plechner, DVM

THE BEST MEDICINE POSSIBLE WILL ALWAYS BE THE IDENTIFICATION OF A FUTURE ILLNESS OR DISEASE WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED THROUGH PREVENTION. PREVENTION IS NOW BEING REALIZED AS THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE METHOD CONSIDERING THE RISING COSTS OF VET BILLS AND HUMAN HEALTH CARE COVERAGE. This is why it is very important to seriously consider taking either the ENDOCRINE-IMMUNE BLOOD PANEL ANIMAL TEST (E1-1 ANIMAL) or the ENDOCRINE-IMMUNE BLOOD PANEL HUMAN TEST (EI-1 HUMAN) in order to screen for the possibility of Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner’s Syndrome to make sure that your pet and that you may avoid possible catastrophic illnesses and diseases which may occur through PLECHNER'S SYNDROME. THESE BLOOD TESTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN PERFORMED IN THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS AND IN PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD, and as a result those patients have been fortunate enough to have successfully avoided catastrophic illnesses and diseases which otherwise would have led them toward acquiring high medical bills, or worst yet, losing their lives to those illnesses and diseases. Perhaps now you or your pet are currently facing the facts that you have a predisposition toward getting cancer or other catastrophic illnesses or diseases, but with a simple blood test that is very inexpensive as compared to catastrophic medical bills, you no longer need to wait for an illness or disease to occur before doing something about it. Once PLECHNER'S SYNDROME is diagnosed through the ENDOCRINE-IMMUNE BLOOD PANEL TEST (EI-1), either in animals or in humans, THESE CATASTROPHIC ILLNESSES AND DISEASES CAN BE AVOIDED THROUGH CORRECTING THE ENDOCRINE-IMMUNE IMBALANCE CAUSED BY PLECHNER'S SYNDROME.

AS A PRIVATE NOTE TO YOU: I have spent over forty-two years helping over 150,000 animals and people to live a much healthier, longer lives and avoiding catastrophic illnesses and diseases-and even death. THIS ALSO INCLUDED MY VERY OWN MOTHER WHO HAD BEEN SUFFERING UNKNOWINGLY FROM PLECHNER'S SYNDROME WHICH RESULTED IN MALIGNANT BREAST CANCER. While a student at UC Davis, I came home for Christmas vacation and found out that my Mom had a lump in her left breast that had been discovered by a mobile cancer unit. She was to be rechecked in one month. I immediately called our family physician and had Mom in surgery the next day. At this time, she was 52 years old with no family history of any kind of cancer.

The surgeons removed my Mom's left breast, including her left axillary lymph node. Frozen sections of the mass, at the time of surgery, revealed the presence of a malignant mammary tumor. At the time, my Mom's cousin was the Assistant Director of the City of Hope, and all work was done there. The surgeons then took out both adrenal glands and irradiated both ovaries, to reduce the risk of an "estrogenic effect," which may have caused the original tumor, but also might cause its spread. While I watched closely, I remembered her physician replacing two types of adrenal hormones, "glucorticoid" and "mineral corticoid". Afterwards, she did well for four years.

Soon thereafter, as I was working on the cortisol, thyroid, and estrogen connection in PLECHNER'S SYNDROME, my Mom began to seriously decalcify. She would be in bed, and cough or sneeze, and then fracture the bones in her spine and ribs. It was a horrible thing to witness! As her plight continued, I was researching the connection of thyroid imbalances that often, if not always, accompany a cortisol-estrogen imbalances. At this point in my research, I realized that her thyroid hormone was bound, and as the daily dose of adrenal steroids were given, there remained a residual of cortisol. So after a number of days, the regulatory amounts of controlling cortisol went from a physiological dose level to a harmful, pharmacological overdose! Besides the pathological fractures she sustained, Mom was cold all the time and began to lose her hair, too. Her axillary temperatures were subnormal, even though her thyroid hormone labs were normal, and she still continued to decalcify. I spoke to my mom's physician, who agreed that trying thyroid hormone on my Mom could not hurt. Mom felt better immediately upon taking the thyroid hormone. Her temperature started to rise and the decalcification stopped. Eventually, she began to recalcify. WITH THE COMBINATION OF ADRENAL AND THYROID REPLACEMENTS, my Mom lived until she was 88 years of age, CANCER FREE FOR THIRTY-SIX YEARS, and just "went to sleep" one day when she died.

It is no longer enough to say that my Veterinarian or Health Care Professional did the best that they could. There is another way. You as a pet owner or as a patient need to DECIDE FOR YOURSELF if you or your pet want to be just another statistic. PLECHNER'S SYNDROME ADDRESSES AND TREATS THE ROOT CAUSES OF CATASTROPHIC ILLNESSES AND NOT JUST THE MEDICAL EFFECTS. It has the potential to help millions of animal or human patients to realize their dreams of better health and greater longevity. If you are not satisfied with the your current treatment options, either for you or for your pet, then please consider taking the ENDOCRINE-IMMUNE BLOOD PANEL ANIMAL TEST (E1-1 ANIMAL) or the ENDOCRINE-IMMUNE BLOOD PANEL HUMAN TEST (EI-1 HUMAN) in order to screen for the possibility of PLECHNER'S SYNDROME AND DIFFERENT TRETAMENT PLAN FOR SUCCESS.

Dr. Alfred J. Plechner, Copyright 2008