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“Large numbers of pets and people die or become sick before their time despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals. In order to change this, there must be a realization that we are in a, ‘Medical Ice Age’.” - Dr. Alfred J. Plechner DVM

How would you feel if you found out that they’ve discovered a cure for cancer but they’re not going to let anyone know about it? I’m sure you’re all responding to this question by attacking it. “Why would they do that?” “That makes no sense!” “What about the money they could make?”

I could answer all of your objections by stating a single fact. The profits that a cancer cure would accrue wouldn’t even come close to the profits made by all of the cancer treatment drugs and the associated services involved in treating cancer. Sad to say, the treatment of cancer has proven itself to be, a tremendously successful revenue builder. Why wouldn’t you keep a possible cure under wraps?

But of course, this is purely a hypothetical question. We couldn’t possibly believe that our medical institutions could be callously driven by the pursuit of profit. Why, they’re as ethical as our great financial institutions are and look at how successful they’ve been.

The frightening fact is that a cancer cure could prove to be financially disastrous to the pharmaceutical and all of the other dependent medical industries. The key word in the preceding sentence, being industries. In our corporately constructed society, the medical profession has become, an industry directed more by profits than by principal.

The ‘hands on’ noble vocation of healing the sick seems to have become just another job. Controlled and limited by corporate officers and regulatory agencies like the AMA and driven by the cold hard facts of student loans and malpractice insurance. . The current corporate medical paradigm’s methodology seems to be based on the principle that “there is more profit in treatment than there is in cure“.

Has the Hippocratic Oath become a semantic punch line by the juxtaposition of a single letter? The sad reality is that our medical and pharmacological institutions have become far more financially successful by treating maladies than they would be by actually curing them. More importantly, they seem to see no reason to upset the “status quo“.

How can you argue with success? Well that depends on what your primary goals are and how loyal you are to your principals. Not to mention any concern you might have for improving the human condition. Or the animal condition as the case may be.

Doctor Alfred J. Plechner is a Veterinarian who is concerned with both. He stands at the opposite end of the spectrum. He is the consummate medical professional whose devotion to duty reflects a true ‘calling to vocation‘. People who have sought his healing hands to help "end of the line animals" have called him, "the doctor who never stops caring."

He began his practice in 1966 in Los Angeles, A young but dedicated practitioner he soon became frustrated by the fact that many of his patients weren’t responding to standard treatments. As he puts it, “Large numbers of pets and people die or become sick before their time despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals. I believe much of this has to do with hormonal imbalances that have possibly deregulated (lowered) animal and human immune systems, and thereby has undermined their natural protection against illness and disease.”

Refusing to, just accept the inevitable. He decided to find another way to treat them. He has researched (on his own time and his own dime) for the past 40 years. That research, along with his clinical work, led to his discovery of an "Endocrine-Immune Imbalance" or the Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as “Plechner's Syndrome”.

It involves a defect in the middle layer of the adrenal glands, which are pair of ductless glands that sit astride the kidneys in the lower back. This defect causes a major hormonal immune system imbalance. Dr. Plechner believes, “…this creates a ripple effect throughout the body's physiology, making them susceptible to conditions ranging from, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Common Allergies, and Reproductive Failure.”

The defect keeps the glands from manufacturing enough cortical hormone (helps the body fight stress and infections) and can cause the cortisol to bind up (become inactive). In turn, too much estrogen can be produced and not enough thyroid hormones causing an imbalanced immune system.

Recent studies, which have led to increased awareness about hormonal balance and metabolism, suggest that the thyroid and the adrenal glands have a major influence on everything from allergies and immune function to energy production and in general, good health.

Due to the fact that standard blood tests did not determine the levels of certain thyroid and adrenal (cortical) hormones, Optimum, Silent Epidemic states that, “Dr. Plechner developed a special blood test one that would test for cortisol, total estrogen, thyroid hormones T-3 & T-4, and IgA, IgM and IgG antibodies. If the cortisol level is low, estrogen level high, thyroid hormones low and antibodies are low, there is a good chance that there is a hidden defect in the adrenal glands.”

” Dr. Plechner’s solution is a protocol of physiological (low dosage) injections (or oral medication) of cortisone to boost up the adrenal glands. He also found it necessary to give low doses of thyroid hormone to 90% of his dogs and 10% of his cats. Once the endocrine system is back in balance, the immune system kicks in and all the disease symptoms disappear. Unfortunately, the animal must stay on this low dose of hormone replacement protocol for life.”

“Dr. Plechner was able to treat autoimmune disease, cancer, kidney & liver disease, epilepsy, obesity and even behavioral problems in dogs. In cats, Dr. Plechner successfully treated FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and urinary tract disorders. One of the most prevalent but overlooked symptoms of the imbalance is malabsorption and digestive tract disorders (e.g., irritable bowel disease).”

“If the endocrine-immune imbalance is present, the IgA antibodies that normally operate in the mucus membranes of the gut go out of control and sometimes even attack the body itself. The walls of the gut then become inflamed and thicken for protection. With the gut’s defense system compromised, harmful bacteria and other bad microorganisms can attack. When this happens, nutrients, supplements, as well as medication to treat the disease are not absorbed by the body and exit the other end.”

“This is one reason why positive results may not be seen using the best holistic remedies and even medication. One must correct the endocrine-immune imbalance first, so that the mucus lining of the gut returns to normal and then the body can absorb nutrients again and heal itself.” [1]

Treatment results have shown that as adrenal estrogen production declines, it stops binding to thyroid hormones. Therefore thyroxin is allowed to increase the cell’s ATP production which normalizes body temperature and improves cell-regulated immune functions.

Dr. Plechner also found out that his protocol has a very pronounced effect on feline immunodeficiency virus. He has treated a large number of FIV afflicted cats by balancing their endocrine-immune systems with his protocol and has had a remarkable recovery rate of over 70%. FIV involves a retrovirus similar to HIV.

Is it possible that Dr Plechner’s protocol could be utilized in the fight against human HIV (AIDS)? Considering the fact that every animal that Dr. Plechner's treated for cancer has had this endocrine-immune system -imbalance, Could we possibly be able to treat or prevent cancer by identifying and healing this adrenal defect? These are questions that continue to be asked, due to the advanced stages of “status quo” which has so grievously afflicted the corporate medical establishment.

Even though he has received some criticism, for not conducting “controlled” studies using split groups of patients along with placebos. Dr Plechner is understandably proud to say, “I have created a successful treatment program that has helped approximately 150,000 dogs, cats, horses and people. These were patients, not only at my hospital, but in healthcare facilities throughout the world. I am happy to also point out that I was able to do this financially on my own without having been financed by grants of any kind.”

“The Animal and Human Protocols that I have developed to treat Plechner's Syndrome have been extremely effective when followed as directed on a long-term basis by healthcare professionals throughout the world, and have rapidly improved even very ill and diseased animals and humans.”

Due to “over-whelming request“, Dr. Plechner has come out of retirement and is currently in full-time practice in Los Angeles, California. “I am now also offering consultations for the general public as well as for healthcare professionals interested in exploring the possible role of Plechner's Syndrome in various diseases.”

Although Dr Plechner has established the existence of and a treatment for, “Plechner's Syndrome“, the actual cause is yet to be determined. Plechner says, “…it may be caused by genetics, exposure to toxins, stress, aging, lack of sleep, or in combinations thereof.”

For a more complete look at Plechner’s Syndrome and the protocol he has developed to treat it.


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