By Dr. Plechner & David Spangenburg

Originally posted Dec. 15, 2009 on

An article from the University of Tennessee signals that my esteem fellow professionals are finally beginning to understand what this old Vet’s been saying for many years now. They are beginning to realize the dangers of excessive adrenal estrogen. They are close, but alas…no cigar.

It seems they are attempting to reduce the production of adrenal estrogen by using various chemicals to affect it’s source, the adrenal gland. This approach at least shows someone’s been listening to some of what this Animal Doctor’s been saying for quite some time.

However, They still are off track. They keep trying to affect the middle layer of the adrenal cortex but they’re barking up the wrong layer. They need to be studying the inner layer. That’s where the problem lies. Even so, when they finally get there they’re going to find that it’s not going to be affected by their chemical assault.

I can understand their dilemma. The middle layer adrenal production of cortisol hormone appears quite normal in their eyes. The problem is that they need to understand that the cortisol being produced is defective and is not being recognized by the pituitary gland which keeps churning out the ACTH hormone which can cause an increase in the production of estrogen and androgen (which can be converted into estrogen) due to an enzyme in the fatty tissue called aromatase.

Since the elevated estrogen binds (blocks) the receiver sites of thyroid. The bound thyroid reduces the activity of the liver and kidneys which further guarantees less breakdown and elimination of the estrogen and androgen. This allows the estrogen and androgen to remain excessive. The patient, unavoidably, is also bound to gain weight, which at the same time produces more aromatase due to the increase of fatty tissue which inadvertently increases the amount of estrogen present…and so, round we go, in a vicious cycle.

It’s just our luck! The corporate medical industry is finally realizing what I’ve been trying to tell them for years. That excess estrogen can cause real problems. Still it seems that they haven’t listened to all of what this old Vet’s been saying (they must have dozed off in the middle of the lecture).

The capper is that certain hormones like cortisol can be defective or bound (unable to get to the right receptors) The decreased or defective cortisol and the increased estrogen throws the immune system out of balance. When the immune system is imbalanced it may fall victim to a number of problems including; Aids, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, coronary occlusion, all types of auto-immunity, and even cancer.

Now, I understand that I am but a healer of ‘animals’. However, I think we can all agree that all the beings on this planet are very similar on the inside. What’s good for the Goose…well, I think you understand. I just hope that those learned professionals at the University of Tennessee can rise above the status quo and maybe listen to alternative sources in their 'quest for the cures'. They should at least heed Shakespeare…

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”