By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Why has this occurred to me or my pet? If this is a reality, I understand what needs to be done, but why did it happen? If we are lucky enough to survive a fatal disease, what made it happen? What was the cause of this, and what is the guarantee, that this disease will not come back? Everyone knows the statistics of patient with severe allergies, auto-immunity and cancer. But why be a statistic? Because the healthcare profession has no idea why you and your pet are failing, does not mean that there is not an answer. You are looking for alternatives to standard, accepted medicine that only has statistics and those that cannot be a statistic.

There is a better way, but only if you and your family and your pets have decided that your healthcare professional has done the best that can be done, and this must be fate. If this is what you believe then so be it, but this is really wrong. Why should you or your pet die out of blind ignorance and loyalty. This is the best that can be done. WRONG!

With all the organizations that are doing everything they can, to provide a wonderful experience to a child or an adult, before they die, is very important, but what is more important, is that there may be a way to stop their dying.

Please look at my syndrome, which has made a huge health difference, even though it is not understood. How many times do you need to die with millions of others, before you can realize that there is a way to avoid death, particularly, if you can identify a health problem before it has happened?

There is a huge amount of information on this website that can make the difference between living and dying.

With all the fund raisers, marches and benefits, the money needs to look in a different direction. The researchers may know what the electron is saying to the neutron, or what the sequence of enzymatic reactions is occurring, but what about "Holistic". Why not put the patient back together? Everyone may have a "tree", but no one has the "forest".

Please help me somehow gets this simple message out to the healthcare professionals and media, that hopefully are trying to educate you to controlling a terminal diseases, but realize, treating the effect is very important, but what is more important is treating the cause?

40 years ago, I have found a cause that is been tested and verified, but not understood. Can you imagine that this information has been available this long? Can you imagine how many animals and people have died by the book? When will we be able to stop this?

I have, over the last 40 plus years, been able to work with over 150,000 dogs, cats, horse, bighorn sheep and humans and have made a huge difference.

I realize that my findings are not recognized by the professions, because I may only be a "plain wrap" veterinarian, and not a specialist recognized by those that think you must have their blessings to create, but I have live patients and not their statistics.

I have been told many times, that I have crawled out from under a rock, and that is OK, because it is a great rock. What you need to ask yourself, is the treatment that I am receiving, for myself or for my pet, really working?

You need to be happy with your healthcare and its future rewards health wise. If you are satisfied, that the best is being done to help you and your pet, even though it is not working, and there is a better way, then be satisfied with the security of mediocrity.

If you or your pet are confronted with a professional that says I need to do ultrasound and or x-rays, and urine and blood tests, merely to "shoot up into the air" to find a diagnosis, go elsewhere.

Most of are professionals will know in 90% of the time, what the diagnosis should be before ever seeing the patient! The tests they would subscribe would only be to support their diagnosis, and to help their patient.

My thoughts to you are this: Is your healthcare professional there to heal their wallet or their patient? You decide, and I hope your decision is the correct one, because this may determine if you or your pet live. Remember the life you save, may be yours or your pets.

Anything I can suggest to help will be available immediately, because I do know there is a better way.

How many lives need to be lost before new medicine will be initiated?

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