By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

The ability to maximize your muscular size has been looked at forever. There are so many supplements and healthcare nutraceuticals that make all these claims, on how to enhance your musculature.

Some products seem to help, and others do not.

Have you ever thought why those parts of your body have not reached the proportions you expected and what you were told those products would do to help you reach those proportions?

We have all been there and possibly are there right now.

We have all looked at our genetics and the physical genetic classification that we possess, but are these classifications really what we think we have to live with?

I really do not believe this has to be the case!

Just because your parents passed on to you your physical genetic classification as an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph, does not always mean that this is the body you need to settle for and live in, because even with doing arduous exercise and the best nutrition and supplementation, you may feel like you will never achieve your goals.

We all know that anabolic steroids will make you bigger, and you can bask in their results before you succumb to their serious side effects. Have your friends take pictures of you, while you still are basking in this damaging falsehood before a serious side effect occurs!

If you believe an excess of steroids will enhance muscle growth, did you ever wonder what a decrease in natural steroids produced by the body would effect muscle growth?

Did you ever think that you may have a hormonal antibody imbalance, that unidentified, might keep you in your parent's physical genetic classification no matter how hard you work out, and no matter what you eat or what vitamins and supplements you take?

Yes, there is a syndrome, called Atypical Cortisol Estrogen Imbalance Syndrome (ACEIS) or as the public refers to it as Plechner’s Syndrome that once identified, will allow you not only maximum growth, but also will provide you with the maximum availability of foods and supplements.

If this is the case, you will not be able to achieve your muscular goals without identifying this syndrome and getting it corrected.

This is Plechner's Syndrome.

It is very easily measured with a simple blood test, and easily corrected, so that you can get maximum efficiency and gain from your nutrients, supplements and exercise.

Did you know that with this syndrome, the natural steroid deficiency will also lead to an elevated estrogen and a reduction in the antibody production in the gut, thus disallowing proper absorption?

This elevated adrenal estrogen also deregulates your immune system which will not protect you from many simple diseases while also binding your thyroid receptor sites.

Hopefully you are now realizing with these imbalances, enhanced muscle growth is almost impossible without first correcting the hormone antibody imbalance.

Obviously without knowing this, all the vitamins and supplements recommended may not be absorbed properly, and you will never achieve your muscular goals.

Unfortunately this malabsorption also includes the foods that you are eating which also never reach your muscles for proper maintenance and growth.

The field of muscle building is now looking at estrogen binders because there is a realization that elevated estrogens may cause problems for body builders when it comes to building their muscles.

Why not first find out if you have this syndrome, and if you do, your health care professional can help correct your problem and once corrected all of the muscle building programs, nutrients and supplements will finally help you create those results that you have tried so hard to achieve?

What does this mean to you?

This means to you, that your muscles will not grow effectively, even with the best nutrition, supplements and exercise programs and you will never reach your potential.

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These are just some of my thoughts.

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