By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

There has always been a fear of using cortisone. What is not realized, is that cortisol, is a natural secretion in the body, from the middle layer adrenal cortex, and is probably the most important regulatory hormone in the body. Even though this hormone is so important, it is the most feared, when given to patient. I do think you will find the reason for this is that it is used incorrectly.

When the cortisol level is either elevated, bound or deficient, the pituitary gland over stimulates the adrenal cortex, and may cause an elevation in estrogen and androgen. The estrogen not only binds the availability of thyroid hormone, but also deregulates the immune system. With thyroid binding, any cortisol or estrogen may remain elevated because they are not being broken down in 24 hours because the liver is not at maximum metabolism, nor are the kidneys for maximum excretion. This may cause a buildup of both hormones, or may cause a reduced production of hormone due to decreased metabolism in that gland.

I think you can see why the possible use of thyroid hormone might not only help the liver to breakdown the elevated estrogen and cortisol along with the kidneys increased ability to excrete, but may cause an increase in hormones in those glands that are not able to produce enough hormone due to the thyroid binding or blockage.

By carefully taking the heart rate in animals and the heart rate and blood pressure in people, you may be able to normalize the cortisol and estrogen, without using a steroid supplement.

Do my endocrine immune panel first, to see if there is an imbalance. If there is an imbalance, then thyroid replacement can be carefully applied. If the patient's condition improves, then rerun the blood test to see if more or less thyroid supplement is indicated. This may be away to re-establish, not only normal hormones, but also re-regulate the immune system.

If the results are negative, then cortisol replacement is indicated. In people and dogs, long term cortisol replacement should not be done without the use of thyroid hormone. This to guarantee that the cortisone is broken down in 24 hours, with no remaining residue.

Canines need a T4 supplement, and people need a T3 T4 supplement. Without this combination, many bad side effects may occur due to the leftover cortisone residue.

This should make you aware of why any hormone, including estrogen, may damage a patient due its residue that remains at the end of the day, which might lead to some major side effects including cancer.

If this endocrine immune panel has been done the cortisol level still remains high in the face high estrogen, this is an inactive cortisol. Even though it is inactive, as far as performing its duties, this inactive cortisol can still cause all the bad side effects that occur with too much active cortisol, without fulfilling its roll, in the body.

Your healthcare professional must realize this and if active cortisone is given, it must be given in a reduced state; otherwise the combination of active and inactive cortisone will definitely cause more side effects.

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