By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Have you ever considered that there may be a better way to handle your allergies? Do you have any auto-immune diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, Fibromyalgia, Allergies including Asthma?

Why do you think uncontrolled tissue growth {Cancer} occurs?

Why do coronary occlusion and strokes happen?

Why does auto-immunity occur?

There is a CAUSE for all this to happen. If you have this syndrome, it needs to be identified and controlled, to prevent and also help reverse the effects of this imbalance. No, this has never been discovered before, and even if it is my own research. With healthcare specialist with people and animals, I have helped 150,000 patients. This is not a research project, but rather a way for you to accomplish everything you do by having good health. If pharmaceuticals, herbals, nutritional, nutriceuticals or homeopathics fix the problem, great! This syndrome is the reason the body develops chronic problems.

This hormonal antibody imbalance is so important to your good health and well being. This syndrome needs to be identified and controlled, to make sure you live the length of time you need, to be of value to yourself and your family.

How do you tell when you or your friend might have my syndrome?Look at yourself, your friends and people in public, and no matter what their problems are, from Allergies, Obesity, Diabetes, Auto immunity or Cancer, look at their eyebrows. Look at your own, at the same time. If the lateral 3rd of the eye brows are gone, you may have this imbalance, which is an estrogen-thyroid imbalance. If you or the people you are viewing have dark circles under their eyes, they may have adrenal fatigue. My syndrome may identify why your body did not heal itself.

There are all kinds of diets, nutriceuticals, exercise and reduced stress situations that might be your answer, but if all the exercise and supplements leave as you were, why not test this syndrome? Your healthcare professional may not want to implement your imbalance, even if the tests show the imbalance. You may need to find someone else that will.

Please remember, very few laboratories have the ability to test this syndrome. It would be best to check my home page for laboratories and how the sample needs to handled, to insure the results are accurate and of value. Please remember, that my work has never been discovered before and if you are being managed by your physician in a manner that is providing you good health and longevity, this may not be a program for you.

To read more about this syndrome, go to the Published Works page and you can download MD articles on this syndrome from my Compendium for you and your healthcare professional.

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