By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to use this natural compound as a wonderful additive to enhance the health of many birds, including chickens.

I had a bird of prey center set up for the US Wildlife Service plus the Department of Fish and Game here in the state of California, in the Santa Monica Mountains for many years, including the treatment of many other native wild birds and mammals. My preserve was called Stone Wood Meadows and was located at the base of Cold Canyon in the hills of Malibu. Cold creek ran through the property and also provided 10,000 acres of habitant release. Stone Wood Meadows set a coastal standard for wildlife over recreation in the coastal zone in the State of California.

As a veterinary student, graduating from The University of California at Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, I was treated to some wonderful classes in avian medicine, which I found very fascinating. My future work involved providing better nutrition and health for all avian species with the use of this special calcium montmorillinite.

My clinical studies, using this special calcium Montmorillinite, created the following:

1. Definite egg shell thickness.

2. Better egg production.

3. Less infant mortality.

4. Better absorption of nutrients, due to the negative ion effect that takes the nutrients, vitamin and supplements directly through the cell wall to the mitochondria for increased energy and increased oxygen.

5. This particular special calcium Montmorillinite, also will bind numerous toxins that all birds may be exposed to when free ranging.

6. Of particular value, is this natural compound that controls bacterial infections due to its desiccating properties. This also helps with organic raised birds not to have to use synthetic antibiotics in their food and water.

7. What I also have seen clinically, is a reduction of feather picking that need not happen to any bird, particularly show birds.

8. Further clinical observations, that I have seen, are definite increases in feather production and color.

Over the past 30 years, I have helped enhance the health of all species of birds and mammals, using this special natural calcium Montmorillinite.

When there are definite trace mineral deficiencies in our overworked agricultural soils, you can only feed your birds better but not healthier, based upon the soil deficiencies that also occur in their feeds.

My last concern with feeding any bird for hobbies or for commercial use is that from an organic standpoint, Genetically Modified seeds are not used, as they can lead to some horrible end results.

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