By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Considering today’s available food sources, that are grown in agriculturally over worked soils in combination with the over use of petrochemical and synthetic fertilizers, it is very surprising that many litters appear to be normal.

A pregnant female must eat a food that will allow her to provide maximum nutrition not only for herself, but also for her puppies while they still exist in her uterus.

I believe that most of us feed as healthy a diet as we can find.

Many of us add fresh foods and nutrients to the diet to hopefully provide a complete and better quality food.

But is this really enough?

What few of us realize is that we are still facing the “perils of the soil”.

What does this really mean, and why is this so important for you to know especially if you have or are planning to have a litter?

Micronutrients help fund so many different biological systems in our bodies and the bodies of our animals, and when there is a deficiency in any one of micronutrients, all of our species can suffer from many different diseases including infertility, low sperm count, a reduced size of the litter and even early resorption and or early loss of part or all of the entire litter.

Calcium montmorillinite has been tested and proven to contain all the necessary micronutrients that may be deficient in our foods that come from overworked agricultural soils.

I have used calcium montmorillinite that I have with myself, my family and our family pets for over 35 years.

Because these micronutrients occur in a chelated form, the body will only absorb what the body needs.

This stops the possibility of hyper mineralization from occurring.

This is a very safe way to give this natural product to very large pregnant dog breeds without the fear of causing increased, abnormal bone growth in the puppies because, the fast growing puppies whether in the uterus or outside of mom, will only absorb the amount of chelated calcium that their normal bone growth requires.

Many times, when a dog is pregnant, they can be nauseated and that causes a reduction the amount of food they eat which in turn can reduce the nutrition going to the puppies in the uterus and can lead to a weak, or reduced litter or even a totally lost of the litter.

Many times I have found that the natural chelated kaolin would soothe her gut and she would eat more.

Over the years, using calcium montmorillinite, I have seen improved fertility, bigger litters and certainly stronger puppies at birth with less mortality upon their arrival.

Calcium montmorillinite probably contains one of the strongest negative ions of all the advertised clays.

Why is this so important?

This negative ion not only enhances the availability for absorption of foods, vitamins, supplements and glucose but also increases their ability to go through the cell wall into the factory of the cell, which is called mitochondria.

This allows the mitochondria to produce more energy and more oxygen for use in the body.

What many people in the world are also realizing is that our foods and environment are exposing not only ourselves but also our pets, to a myriad of toxins, heavy metals and radiation.

It has been proven and documented, that calcium montmorillinite will not only bind toxins and heavy metals but will also neutralize radiation.

The wonderful natural properties of a calcium montmorillinite will make huge difference for our families and our animals, especially now while being exposed to our damaged, polluted world.

My pets and my entire family have used calcium montmorillinite since I first clinically tested this naturally created product over 35 years ago.

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The above principles apply not only to people, dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish and wildlife!

These are only my thoughts based upon my clinical experiences and I hope these experiences will help all pregnancies become more successful.

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