By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

So many of our pet foods and human foods are critically flawed and only told to us when there is a major recall that is causing major diseases in our pets and often in ourselves.

Please look at the many pet foods that have been recalled for salmonella and melamine that seems to come from China and have caused the deaths of many dogs and cats, and must be a concern for our self and also our family.

To be safe for you and your pet, please read the label and if any products like food, supplements or other food snacks come from China please avoid them until we are guaranteed that they are safe, but I am not sure how you will ever be able to determine this?

I would rather battle here in my own country with products and not buy from other countries just because they import convenient food for or pet.

I would hope that if we are concerned about our pet’s foods coming from China, we should also be concerned about the similar founds we eat from their country.

All the updated findings, involving food for ourselves and our pets, report heavy metals, toxins and radiation in the foods we feed our pets and ourselves but rarely mention genetically engineered food products that are horribly damaging to our pets, ourselves, and every ones off spring.

Do you really think the label tells you the real truth, even if it says it is ”organically grown”?

The actual fact is that if the food came from genetically modified seeds you do not want to eat it, feed it to your family, or feed it to your pet!

Hopefully the day will come when you realize the catastrophic effects of a genetically modified seed.

Right now it may be a political issue for you, but please tell me why Europe is banding and listing on food labels that this is a genetically engineered product, because they already know the damage which can come from a genetically engineered food.

The time has come to listen and avoid!

My latest book, “Against the Odds” gets into the catastrophic effects that Monsanto says will keep America and all those agricultural countries like Africa, as a “greenbelt” of agriculture that may just end their civilization based upon resent Russian studies.

Yes, it is hard to know what to believe with all the nutritional information that is presented to us by those companies that only want to sell product and not provide the written fact we need to know and also apply to ourselves and our pets.

At this point in time, to buy “organic” may be fine, but if you do not know the food product has not been developed from genetically modified foods you are really looking for health problems for you, your family and your pet.

Most people say “I will trust buying organic”, but the time has come when this may be worse than buying non organic food that does not come from genetically modified seeds.

Please read my evaluation in a book referred to as “Against the Odds, Given up for Dead” by

Hopefully you will realize that I did create all the updated diets over the past 40 years to help identified food sensitivities including non meat foods, lamb and rice and eventually limited antigen diets involving only one protein and only one carbohydrate.

I created Nature’s Recipe and the diets at that time were referred to as “Limited Antigen Diets”.

I considered one protein like venison, duck, rabbit, fish or lamb and a carbohydrate which was white potato that worked well as opposed to any rice products.

Please also realize, with you or your pet, having an endocrine immune imbalance and not having it recognized by you or your veterinarian, without correcting the imbalance and only trying to do so with diet, often might lead to the day when there is no food on earth you and your pet will tolerate when you eat it.

Since my diets have been copied, which is important because my input was necessary to “correct” the pet food market, the manufacturers seem to believe that by replacing the white potato with sweet potato, would appeal more to the owners and would sell more pet food products.

Their lack of realization comes from the fact that sweet potatoes are higher in estrogen than white potatoes and is the worst thing you can do for an allergy patient whether human or animal

Carrots, apples and sweet potato chips are all high in estrogen and may cause increased allergies in those animals and humans that have a hormone antibody imbalance, and should never be offered.

Please realize that the foods we eat and feed our pets come from overworked agricultural soils that are deficient in many micronutrients which may contain damaging heavy metals, toxin and radiation.

Micronutrient deficiencies and the diseases they may cause still have not been totally researched and still seem helps us to exist in the “dark ages”.

What about the young basket ball player that died from an aortic aneurism and when it was traced to his home town, it was discovered that he and his entire town were deficient in copper which is necessary for elasticity of the arteries in the body, and his area had a fatality rate of 4 times the normal rate for aortic aneurism.

The time has come to no longer accept all the articles that seem no longer to matter.

There is so much evidence that involves the enzymatic, biochemical reactions in the body that may not occur because of deficient micronutrients.

This is of grave importance that you need to realize, because if you do not help yourself, family and pet, it will not happen.

You need to do something to replace those things in our food that no longer may be present, and at the same time also neutralize and shed improper metals and other toxins that may cause illness in our self and in our pet.

For over 35 years I have taken and researched a premium calcium montmorillinite that is a natural deposit that Mother Nature has created, to help neutralize and provide most of the nutrients that we lack in our food due to man’s overzealous need to make money from the soil even if it may be destructive to mankind and the earth.

Neutralizing radiation is becoming more important with the Fukushima radiation spill which has reached many of the fish commercially caught in our waters especially tuna which we also worry us about their increased levels of mercury and now radiation.

With the arrival of so many pieces of fishing boats, docks and debris from Japan to our Pacific shore line, we need to worry about exposure to radiation including the exposure you get from your MD, dentist and from the airport.

I have used a premium, calcium montmorillinite “Living Clay” for over 35 years to chelate out heavy metals from you, I, and your pets body, and at the same time neutralize toxins and radiation in myself and in my patients, pets and their owners.

This definitely is a product of the future and if you seem to be interested, please contact California Earth Mineral .com because this “Living Clay” will make a difference for you, your family and your pets and it has for mine.

This is where I buy my supply for myself, my family, my patients, and my pets.

This has nothing to do with sales, but is an actual better way for you, your family and your pet to survive the damage that man has done to our earth.

Believe me, there is a better way to survive and hopefully you will listen possibly not for yourself, but for your family and your pet.

For further information please read my other articles.

These are just some of my thoughts.

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