25 Years Later

By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

It has been nearly 25 years since I wrote about my findings in the November Issue, 1985 of PET AGE MAGAZINE, about TRACE MINERALS. Ever since that time, I have realized that micronutrients play a tremendous roll in the development of modern day diseases.

I think this really is the tip of the "iceberg" as to identifying the medical diseases we are seeing today, caused by deficient nutrients that no longer come to ourselves or to our animals in the foods we eat and the foods we feed them. Micronutrient deficiencies are causing worldwide diseases in people and animals.

Their value not only lies in being present in the food and making sure the patient does not suffer from a micronutrient deficiency but also in its ability to help other vitamins, nutrients and supplements enter through the cell membrane. This occurs due to the negative ion these chelated micronutrients contain. Without them, many of the products that are ingested or produced in the body, never get through the cell membrane to enhance the production of energy and oxygen for the body to use to help fight off disease.

Since my exploring the use of micronutrients in the late 70's and early 80's, a remarkable amount of wonderful academic research has been completed on this natural, hydrothermally trace mineral, created by the earth.

Dr. Benjamin H. Ershoff, while working for Cal Tech, demonstrated to N.A.S.A. Manned Space Center, that the bone density loss, called osteoporosis, that does occur with prolonged walks in space at zero gravity does not happen if the Astronauts ingest this clay routinely. This special, natural clay, not only reversed the effects of bone loss, but stopped it from happening. Taking this clay by the astronauts is very important in their space program.

Other scientific investigations were being done by Dr. Paul A. La Chance. Using this clay in male rats, hamsters, mice, miniature pigs, kangaroos and other mammals, proving that normalization and re calcification of bone density did occur. This has already been documented and proven! Why not apply this same clay, to millions of people and animals that suffer from many types of bone density loss or an inability to absorb other forms of calcium. This special calcium montmorillinite has high levels of calcium in a form that is chelated. This means that in this chelated form, the body will absorb only what the body needs.

In my profession the use of a calcium supplements in a large breed puppy is often thought, that excess calcium may create excess bone growth with a bone malady being the end result. This will not happen with this product, as the chelated calcium will only be used, if the puppies bone growth dictates it.

Bone loss is very common with people and animals with chronic kidney disease. The kidney disease often retains phosphorus and the body tries to maintain a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio between calcium and phosphorus and to do this, the body removes the calcium from the bones and ligaments. The high level calcium contained in this micronutrient product will help stop this.

In allied species, it has been scientifically proven in research facilities in Asia, that this special calcium montmorillinite does cause elevated blood urea to be concentrated out of the blood, into the intestines for excretion.

Dr. Howard E. Lind has a huge number of successful studies showing the anti bacterial effects of this special calcium montmorillinite including its ability to neutralize toxins. These are very important for people and animals that are sensitive to certain antibiotics. At the same time, the product will help neutralize toxins that may occur in our foods or the foods we feed our animals that already contain toxic food ingredients from foreign countries. Patients suffering from Acid Reflux and or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, receive relief due to the high level of chelated calcium. Patients that are maladsorping tend to gain weight upon taking this special calcium montmorillinite.

The external use of this clay as a paste has wonderful healing effect while adding micronutrients back into the outer layer of skin referred to as keratin. Many world famous healers have used this product internally and externally for thousands of years.

Please go to the information link at www.californiaearthminerals.com and read about all the research that has been done on this wonderful special montmorillinite over the past years. I am recommending the use of this special calcium montmorillinite for everyone and for their animals. We really do not know the extent of diseases that are caused by micronutrient deficiencies.

Why not take this chelated form of this special calcium montmorillinite and determine if you or your pet are suffering from a micronutrient deficiency, induced disease.

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