By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

A premium calcium montmorillinite is vital for today's human and animal health.

This premium calcium montmorillinite is a natural chelated creation from the earth.

This natural product is not manmade and is mined only here in the United States

It contains a very strong and important negative ion plus 57 natural chelated micronutrients which provides for all the deficiencies that occurs in foods grown in overworked agricultural soils.

Its strong negative ion helps vitamins, nutrients and many supplements to traverse the cell membrane and help the factories of the cells called mitochondria to produce more energy and oxygen for the body to utilize.

Based upon these soil deficiencies, you can definitely eat better but you cannot eat healthier.

Have you ever wondered how many diseases in humans and animals might be caused from of a lack of a specific micronutrient that is necessary for vital biochemical reactions in the body that can no longer reach their completion?

This natural chelated calcium montmorillinite was important enough for Cal Tech to research and advised NASA to use for their astronauts when they are walking in space at negative gravity to avoid bone loss.

Many of the Asian countries have used this calcium montmorillinite as a high colonic to help reduce the absorption of toxins, harmful bacteria, heavy metals and radiation while helping any damaged mucous membrane in the area to heal.

It produces an alkaline environment throughout the body which helps reduce harmful bacterial growth including that of MRSA (resistant staphylococcus bacteria that do not respond well to antibiotics).

It will help sooth an irritated digestive tract including acid reflux, food sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.

It can be used as a preventative or a natural supplement to help an already damaged system to recover.

The use of calcium montmorillinite is becoming more important every day with the advent of exposure to radioactivity through the airport, medical facilities and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

Calcium montmorillinite was incorporated in the cement the Russians used in Chernobyl to help neutralize the radiation from their nuclear meltdown.

The use of calcium montmorillinite has been used for centuries to help treat tumors by using it orally and topically to create an alkaline environment in which the tumor has less of a chance to grow and spread.

Calcium montmorillinite has been used for many centuries to not only treat terminal spider bites but also to change the PH of the environment of the body to stop the growth of MRSA which is the flesh eating bacteria.

This calcium montmorillinite is available for humans and for animals. These products can be found at

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