By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Micronutrients are referred to as trace minerals, which occurred in the earth more than 13 million years ago.

These are natural products that are created by the actions of the earth that have profound values for our pets and their owners.

The micronutrients that I was introduced to over 30 years ago are present here in Southern California. They occur in a chelated form, which means if the body needs the micronutrient, the body will absorb it. If the body contains enough of the micronutrient, then the body will not absorb it.

These micronutrients not only aid in digestion and help create more complete absorption of normal foods, vitamins, supplements, but also aids naturally in removing toxins, pathogens and many other harmful elements in diets for both you and your pet.

The best micronutrient deposits occur in a special type of clay referred to as montmorillinite.

Some of these products originate in a sedimentary basin.

When a special type of composition water covers this basin, a wonderful healing quality develops if there is proper heating.

Studies have indicated, that in these hydrolyzed basins, geochemical and hydrothermal events that have occurred heat up these sedimentary basins.

One such area has occurred within the San Andreas Fault, which at its base has a Farenheit temperature of 880 degrees.

This micronutrient deposit once, exposed to this kind of heat, loses a molecule of water, and causes the micronutrients to develop a negative ion. This exposure is referred to as a hydro-thermal event.

Other equally important deposits that are sun blessed occur in Death Valley with deposits of volcanic ash.

Trace minerals naturally are present in soil, water and in the air.

They help transport oxygen into the bloodstream, providing and aiding in the creation of healthy bones, teeth, nails, hair coat and tissue.

Much more is thought to known about vitamins by the scientific world than they know about micronutrient requirements.

Since these micronutrients are still thought to be abundant in our soils, Herbivores are thought to supply their bodies with micronutrients from the plants they eat and the water they drink.

Carnivores are thought to receive enough micronutrients from eating flesh of those animals who also thought they were absorbing adequate micro nutrients. The carnivores also ate certain plants while drinking water.

Unfortunately, if there less than adequate micronutrients in the soil, the value of good nutrition for you and your pet has been impaired due to the absence of the micronutrient or due to overworked agricultural soils.

Prime examples of an absence of a micronutrient not occurring in the soil, was recognized in the late 1930’s.

It was discovered, that many people living in and around the Great Lakes, had an iodine deficiency caused by foods grown in the region from soils that contained very little if any iodine. That deficiency in iodine manifested itself in people, by causing an enlargement of their thyroid referred to as goiter.

Leslies Salt Company added iodine to their salt and referred to it as iodized.

Areas in the Mid West have a deficiency in copper which has caused a large increase in aneurisms which is a bulging of an artery wall which can lead to a rupture and certain death.

When man decides to raise pigs on cement and not let them eat off the soil, the pigs often develop a disease called “thumps”. This is an iron deficiency anemia, which occurs when there is no access to soils containing iron.

The scientific world has determined that it is necessary to provide a number of micronutrients in dogs and cats to avoid major diseases.

Note: A list of those micronutrients can be identified in my November 1985 article appearing in Pet Age magazine.

In 1931, the Ford Foundation reported that modern day farming techniques account for loss of many nutrients in food you eat.

“Due to intensive farming practices, poor crop management, increasing uses of pesticides, erosion and other abusive factors, the crops that are produced from these soils, are seriously depleted of nutrients” says the report.

This was the same time I was working with dogs, cats, birds, horses and people, trying to identifying these depletions, and have them all ingest a trace mineral that contained the micronutrients they needed, that no longer appear in the food they are eating.

Even 30 years ago this was so important and now 30 years later, it is vitally important. We really do not know how many of our animals and our ailments are due to a micronutrient deficiency.

Are you and your pet eating healthy foods grown in deficient soil?

Of further interest, Dr. Ershoff researched this particular micronutrient deposit here in Southern California.

He was working at CAL-TECH, when NASA was seeking answers to the detrimental effects of loss of bone density in the astronauts that were in space for a prolonged period of time.

This particular deposit was very high in chelated calcium and when used in the astronauts, there was no loss of bone density.

I have used this same product for many years in both dogs and cats.

In dogs I found this trace mineral to aid in treating, food and inhalant allergies, flea allergies, hepatitis, malabsorption due to enzymes deficiencies and just an in ability to absorb nutrients and endocrine immune imbalances including many other clinical disorders.

In cats, I found this trace mineral to help in aiding the healing of feline acne, flea allergies, milliary dermatitis, hepatitis, malabsorption, including the retro viruses of feline leukemia, feline aids and feline infectious peritonitis.

This is not to say the trace mineral product will control their problem, but it is say, included with proper therapy most of these diseases can be controlled.

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These are only my thoughts which I hope you might find of value.

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