By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

Apparently in mice, oral sodium bicarbonate appears to work best when used to treat mammary gland and prostate cancer.

It will reduce the chance for the tumor to spread which is referred to as metastasis.

The importance of this study indicates that a primary tumor will grow and spread if an acid state exists, which rapid tissue growth will create.

Apparently with the rapid cellular growth that many tumors demonstrate, their use of glucose is increased with the increased cellular growth, and as an end product of the catabolism of the glucose, an acidity is produced which allows for the further growth and spread of the primary tumor.

The study further indicates that by ingesting sodium bicarbonate the acidity of the blood became more alkaline, but did not change the acidity in the tumor itself.

Splenic tumors have been injected with this compound, and not only did the tumor tissue regress but primary tumor spread did not occur in the mice that received this treatment.

It is further thought, that the increased alkaline PH reduces the release of a lysosomal enzyme (protease) called cathepsin B, which seems to be the reason its excess production causes the primary cancer to spread.

Much more needs to be researched in animal and humans before this product is injected into the tumor tissue or given intravenously.

My interest lies with the use of a premium calcium montmorillinite clay because it is not only more alkaline (PH of 8.3) than sodium bicarbonate (PH of 8.0), but it also provides antibacterial effects, neutralization of toxins and radiation, and chelates toxic heavy metals out of the body.

It is important to ingest this premium calcium montmorillinite twice daily and also make a paste, and apply it to the actual surface of tumor when possible for at least 7 to 10 days if the tumor is readily visualized on the surface of the body.

So far, many of these tumors appear to be shrinking in size.

This increased alkalinity of the blood does appear to help stop the tumor from growing and spreading.

If the location of the tumor lends itself to wrapping, then the paste may be applied to the area once a day and the area can be wrapped with a plastic cling wrap or a comparable material.

If the tumor is visible on the surface of the body, however is not responding to the paste itself, it is possible to mix this special calcium montmorillinite with DMSO which is a universal carrier. This term universal carrier means that the DMSO will take this special calcium montmorillinite directly into the tumor tissue without injecting the material or placing a tube into the tumor and injecting the material that way.

I did this several years ago using a mixture of Prednisolone with DMSO for mast cells very successfully.

This is my own finding that definitely needs to be researched but unfortunately over the years I have been limited by my own ability to fund my studies myself without any outside sources of revenue.

The Gerson Institute, for many years has used this premium calcium montmorillinite as a poultice for various tumors in people and plastic wrapped their patients very successfully with internal forms of cancer with only this "premium living clay".

Just remember, this still may be in the experimental stages for many of us present day, but in all reality, this has been done for hundreds of years previously.

Many years ago, Mahatma Gandhi did these packs or poultices for humans, with internal organ cancers, very successfully.

The premium calcium montmorillinite that I use and the Gerson Institute uses, comes from California Earth Minerals and they can be contacted by going to

My search continues as a healer, to find the cause for all diseases, including those that are life threatening, with little hope of recovery.

Kangen water which can create natural alkaline water appears to be another way to help the body prevent and fight off the effects of cancer and other environmental or man induced toxins that may occur in municipal and well water.

Please read more about this alkaline water in the article What is Kangen Water?.

These are just some more of my thoughts.

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