By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.

The day has more than arrived when there is a definite need to identify the cause of why the immune cells have turned against the actual tissue they were supposed to protect and instead have caused autoimmunity and cancer.

There really is a cause and an answer to this question but because it has not been taught in the higher educational, medical facilities, it may not have yet been identified even though it does still exist.

Our genetics and our world have vastly changed and what may have worked medically to treat an affects many years ago, seems not to work as well as it did or possibly not at all.

General medicine for people and animals has not kept up with today’s need to find causes of catastrophic diseases as opposed to only treating their effects.

The time has come for all of us to open a new blank page in our own patient medical book in hopes of finding the cause of endocrine immune mediated autoimmunity and cancer.

There is so much information available on the internet that it is hard to know what to believe and where to begin.

Maybe my 50 years of being a healer and trying to find the cause of these catastrophic endocrine immune autoimmune and cancer will help you discover the fact that there is a better way.

What then is this better way?

This better way I have found lies with a simple comparative blood test that will identify the endocrine regulation of the immune system and will not only identify the reason the immune system is destroying self tissue but identifiable measured levels to correct this immune imbalance and stop its destruction.

To indicate that the effect is caused by an immune deficiency may not be the answer.

The immune system is mainly deregulated which relates to only one deficiency and giving a patient a medication or supplement to increase the deregulated immune system might cause further negative effects.

The only deficiency that does occur is with the B lymphocytes production of antibody and when the mucous membrane antibody called IgA is below a certain level which the B lymphocyte does not produce, oral supplements and antibiotics including homeopathic s rarely help the patient due to malabsorption from the deceased IgA.

What can you do to change to change this deregulated, deficient immune system?

The answer is quite simple.

A simple blood test, sent to a competent laboratory that will keep the serum refrigerated, will provide accurate results because unfortunately once the blood sample is taken, it must be spun down and refrigerated immediately and kept in a refrigerated state while being processed otherwise all the hormone antibody results will be erroneously high.

Over the years, I have had double samples sent to different human and veterinary laboratories and found that all the reported results will be erroneously high unless the serum sample is kept refrigerated before it is processed.

When I was given the opportunity to lecture to the MD’s at the Broda Barnes MD Research Foundation, they had all realized that many of the blood test results they received were flawed and their diagnosis needed to be based upon their clinical observation of their patient and not the test results they received from their prospective laboratory.

If you as a human or a pet owner are facing problems with allergies, autoimmunity or cancer, this is a simple blood test that can be performed and included with the blood draw done for other tests sent into the laboratory.

My website has the protocol for humans and for animals and also tells you where to send your blood sample for a proper laboratory analysis.

If I might help you decide on a proper protocol after the blood tests results arrive, I am allowed to make suggestions that you and your health care professional can decide to implement or not.

Please check out my Consultation page.

I personally believe this particular test is vital to do with all chronic diseases even though my findings have rarely been used before or accepted.

This endocrine immune imbalance syndrome is caused by a cortisol imbalance that leads to elevated adrenal estrogen and bound thyroid with a deregulated immune system which may lead to an antibody deficiency.

Hopefully you can start to realize that all these chronic ongoing diseases may come from an inability of the endocrine system to regulate the immune system and is the cause of these ongoing chronic medical effects.

The worlds is afraid of elevated estrogen whether it comes from the body or the environment, however the laboratories are only doing partial tests for estrogen being produced by the ovaries in females only and only estradiol in males whether human or animal.

What about adrenal estrogen that is thought to be negligible which it is not?

The past medical history of a man with prostate cancer related to his MD that men have very little estrogen because they have no ovaries.

The gentleman was tested for estradiol which was within the normal range but when he was tested for total estrogen including adrenal estrogen, his normal range should be 80 to 120, and he was 585.

This was the reason for the uncontrolled tissue growth in his prostate.

Exposing estrogen to normal tissue has identified the fact that that normal tissue will grow more quickly.

Excess estrogen has also been touted for causing inflammation of all the lining cells of all the arteries in the body called endothelial cells and when woman are estrogen dominant from the adrenal gland and do not realize this, they often experience migraine headaches and epileptic seizures when their ovarian estrogen is added to their adrenal estrogen.

So why not do this simple test and see if you or your pet may have an endocrine immune mediated problem and be able to realistically identify the cause.

There have been so many wonderful benefits and marches that have raised millions of dollars to find the cause of autoimmunity and cancer and yet so much of these monies are given to help researchers develop vaccines and pills to halt these medical effects when the answer is identifying the cause and thereby correcting the effect.

Why not have your health care professional include this simple blood test that identifies the cause and not just the effect of a catastrophic disorders while looking for other negative health effects?

If elevated total estrogen causes inflammation of the cells that line the arteries which obviously can initiate an early clotting process, why not realize this may be the reason for coronary occlusion causing heart attacks and strokes?

What about MS, MD, immune mediated arthritis, autism, allergy, autoimmunity, cancer etc.

Please realize that there is a cause that must to be realized, because the life you save may be your own, a member of your family or your pet.

Please think outside the box and realize medicine is an ongoing profession only trying to keep up with the world and only help, but we need your input to make sure this happens and we can help you, your family and your pet achieve the healthy life we all dream about.

These are just some of my thoughts.

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